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Marvel Universe 

Yankee Clipper

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Patrick Carney




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Marvel: The Lost Generation #12, 2000

Marvel: The Lost Generation #11, 2000

Patrick Carney was an award-winning baseball player of the 1950's who went on to earn an engineering degree. He was soon assigned to a top-secret government facility that was secretly holding the heroes Captain America and Bucky in suspended animation after they had grown incurably insane. (In reality, the heroes were the second to hold such titles, and later became the Grand Director and Nomad, respectively.) Shocked by the secret, Carney lamented that heroes were nevertheless needed for his generation.

Driving home that night, Carney encountered the time-traveler Cassandra Locke, who had collected information about an alien plot to subjugate Earth of her era. Locke was dying, and she passed on the information about the plot and Carney's future to him. She also left him her belt, the source of her time-traveling powers. Although he was only able to use the belt to boost his strength to superhuman levels, Carney used it to create the heroic identity of the Yankee Clipper.

With the force of Locke's commission behind him, Carney went on to become America's foremost champion. During his time, Carney met and adventured alongside heroes such as Liberty Girl the Black Fox, and he later created the First Line, a group of superhuman champions, which his younger brother joined as Kid Justice (now, Mister Justice).

During one adventure, Carney encountered Cassandra Locke once again, and the proximity of two time-traveling belts activated the capabilities of Carney's belt, propelling him 20 years into the future. Carney soon sought out his brother and other members of the First Line. The First Line member Pixie helped Carney adjust to his new time with the help of her family, the Eternals. Although tempted to resume his heroic activities, Carney preferred to allow the world at large to believe him dead.

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