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Hello Awesome Marvel Dudes (wow, lets hope this works again!). Since I last posted here, I have noticed that you guys have decided to listen to my suggestions - one of the main one's was to keep Jeph Loeb on (and you gave him a promotion and pay rise - good going Jeph!). If anything is coming up in the foreseeable future (job wise!) on the common sense front I am very available. Just thought I'd let you that I have a good feeling about this. So what the hey, I'd give it a go!


PS I haven't used any profanity in my previous entry it is just that your IT system doesn't like the last part of the original Wasp's surname. How odd!


Dear Awesome Marvel Dudes, I thought that would grab your attention, the identity of the Red Hulk was worked out ages ago by the fans (one fan in particular gave a step by step process as to who Red Hulk is). This fans name is Gary Miller and here is his theory worked out :- www.ifanboy.com/content/articles/Red_Hul... The only thing he didn't cover was the death of SHIELD Agent Clay Quartermain. My money is that Clay was killed by Doc Samson (and not Ross/Red Hulk) in his evil Samson persona (hence the reason Doc Samson's coat was found near the body). The identity of both Red Hulk's was revealed in Hulk #22. I am glad that you guys went with logic in the end and didn't pull something out of the hat at the last second. The only thing was, you did lose a lot of fan good will when you were originally supposed to reveal Red Hulk's identity in Hulk #6 then again in Incredible Hulk #600. It just came accross as being dragged on purpose just to make extra money (especially with all the variant covers). I do hope things settle down in the Hulk Universe and that Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman (who are doing Hulk #25) will continue with the Hulk title and take it to newer and better heights. I would ask that you guys keep Ross as Red Hulk and that you explore his relationship with Thundra (maybe even giving Thundra a second red-skinned daughter called Freya perhaps?). Also, I wasn't too happy with what happened to Doc Samson in Incredible Hulk #610. I was hoping with all that build up that Jeph did, that Samson would be seen as a now credible threat to ALL Hulk's. In regards to the Hulks facing Hiro Kala, I do think that is a little bit too soon. It really should have been held back for a couple of months to give the characters (and the fans wallets) a break. I can see Red Hulk joining either the Thunderbolts or one of the Avengers teams down the line. Hiro Kala becoming the Quicksilver type character in the Hulk family before he becomes a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy (eventually leading to him becoming Protector of the Universe). Lyra (She-Hulk) becoming a future leader of the Avengers in the Janet Van %@%*#&@@ mold. That my friends is just for starters. Sorry, if I rambled on just had a lot to say. One final thing before I go (please pass this up to the Disney bigwigs)please keep Jeph Loeb on staff INDEFINITELY. The man's writing isn't what it used to be but, he makes it up with being a great idea's man and new idea's are what Marvel needs to create fresh entertaining stories to keep us (the fans) happy. In the words of the legendary Stan Lee Excelsior!