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I love the Young Avengers. This property has so much potential for Marvel. I kind of like this in and out approach that they are taking to the Young Avengers, it feels calculated to me. While I would love to have an on going YA title, taking care of the characters and story lines they are attached to insures quality. I read Children's Crusade #1 and I'm so excited for the rest of the story line to unfold.


I am so psyched about Avengers: Children's Crusade. Young Avengers when launched in 05(when I 15.) was the first book that actually got me hooked on comics. I had been reading Cap since Brubaker's relaunch and Incredible Hulk on and off but Young Avengers was the book that pulled me in. After it ended there were alot of mini-series books and one-shots that were handled well, but that I feel never were reable to capture as strongly the tone of the original book. If Children's Crusade explores youth, relationships and choices in the same context and emotional resonance then it's totally worth it. I've also heard that Marvel is looking through their properties to develop in TV series format and if anyone who cares and could make it happen is reading this: I propose a Young Avengers TV series. It read like a really cool prime-time teen drama anyway. Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung have created some of the most interesting and relatable characters I've ever seen or read in any medium and I think the Young Avengers would transfer nicely into TV series or mini-series. Just sayin'.