Marvel's Iron Man 3 - Featurette 4
Who is the Mandarin? Learn more about Tony Stark's new foe from Marvel's "Iron Man 3," in theaters and IMAX 3D May 3, directly from stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Kingsley as well as producer Kevin Feige!
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Marvel's Iron Man 3 - TV Spot 8
Robert Downey, Jr. returns as Tony Stark in Marvel's "Iron Man 3," hitting theaters in just three days on May 3!
Marvel's Iron Man 3 - TV Spot 11
Tony Stark's back on the big screen in Marvel's "Iron Man 3," now in theaters and IMAX 3D!
Marvel's Iron Man 3 - TV Spot 1
Tony Stark gives the Mandarin a piece of his mind in a new TV spot for Marvel's "Iron Man 3," in theaters & IMAX 3D May 3!
Marvel's Iron Man 3 - Featurette 3
Learn more about the mysterious Extremis tech in a new featurette for Marvel's "Iron Man 3" featuring stars Robert Downey, Jr. and James Badge Dale along with director Shane Black, and don't miss Tony Stark's next adventure in theaters and IMAX 3D May 3!


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