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Seeing Mystique as a LEGO? One more thing off the bucket list!


I've run into a problem or maybe I did something wrong. Get to the fight with Sandman and I'm unable to have Bruce Banner climb the tower. Tried looking at videos posted and they show Sandman throw sand or what ever at the tower breaking the hand railing allowing Spidey to put up a web. Well whenever I approach Sandman he throws the sand and then the railing doesn't beak leaving me unable to finish. Kind of frustrated since I shelled out cash for this and I can't even get past the first level. I've quit and reloaded the game and quit the game entirely out to windows and restarted and theres no change. Please someone help!!



Im sorry i do not know whats wrong it works on my windows 7 . You probably just bought a faulty game. Try to get a refund or just buy another copy. Or your computer is broken try using a different one. Hope I can help ??