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I only just got to see Thor 2 and I have to say I think it was GREAT!!!  Before Thor 2 I think I liked the Avengers movie best. But Thor 2 out did the Avengers. However, I often mused if this was real, Where Are the Avengers? Earth sure could have used Hulk's strength, and Stark's electronic gadgets were sorely needed.

But that was quite alright. As a kid when I read the comics, I was often thinking the Hulk was needed. But the main character always saved the day, just like in Thor 2. I'm eager to watch it again.

I saw a problem for me at the end. As much as I loved the comics, I did reach an age when I had to stop reading them.  That age was about when the Collector came into the Marvel Universe. I'm going to be at a loss with the Collector, Ultron, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. I have to read up on them online, some where. I hope you guys at Marvel have a site where I can learn about them? 

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to Ant-Man because I want to see Giant-Man & the Wasp. I also want to see at least 1 more Thor movie, and at least 2 more Avengers.

One of my greatest hopes is that the actors and actresses of these movies, don't consider occasional guest starring in TV like Jaimie Alexander is doing as playing Sif on MAOS, as being too low for them.

Finally, I love that Stan Lee is always in every movie when I least expect him. After all, it was our man Stan who made all this happen. And I'm proud to say I was there. I was one of the kids who eagerly went to the candy store, and gladly forked over my 7 cents for each book.