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I really love this show. I taught myself how to read by reading The Avengers comic books as a child. So getting to see these childhood heroes like Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Nick Fury, brought to life, it is just amazing. And I look forward to seeing how the rest of the team, such as The Scarlett Witch, Vision, and the others are eventually brought on board.


here's what i'm hoping we'll get to explore in season 2:

- Deathlok as part of Coulson's team

- Interesting villains that broke out of The Fridge

- Skye's parentage revealed

- The mysterious alien "message/scripture". First appeared in episode 7 "The Hub", then we didn't see it shown up until season finale when Garrett and later Coulson wrote on the wall. 

- GH325

Appearances i hope we'll get to see:

- Sharon Carter (Agent 13)

- Jim Rhodes

- Samuel Sterns (from Incredible Hulk) being the villain known as "The Leader"

- Thunderbolt Ross

- The scientist team from Thor (Jane Foster, Eric Selvig, Darcy & her bf/intern)

- ....surprise me. 

Season 2 will have an arc that will stand on its own, i'm sure. At the same time, though, i think the show will give some tidbits on Age of Ultron, perhaps the second half of the season. 

Can't wait for this fall...San Diego Comic Con will reveal future Marvel films, updates of Ant-Man, Daredevil, a trailer/clip for upcoming films (there's a reason why Age of Ultron started filming since February, right?), and of course, news on Agents of SHIELD season 2!