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Jpcowboys member

Agent carter will be better than agents of sheild BECAUSE of the time period, i think AOS

Suffer from trying to tie in to the movies and it comes off cheap but with carter they can Carve out their own space away from the movies hopefully abc has learned from AoS mistakes, and yes DEFINITELY looking forward to other shows on netflix

davidtysonwhite9300 member

Do we really need more shows about Agents?  Just seems like we're getting more shows that are sort of in the Ballpark of superheroes, but cheaper...


8 episodes? NO! 13! (Agent 13 if you will, hehe)


@davidtysonwhite9300  Yes, but its Agent Carter! We're also getting a live action Avengers AOU, Shield S2, Ant Man, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones in the same year so it seems like theres room for everyone. 

davidtysonwhite9300 member

@cbarbian @davidtysonwhite9300 Yeah. I like the rest of those(Except for AoS, because it just really isn't very good)  I like Clark Gregg, I just think the show feels like filler.  and I like Hayley Atwell. She was a great secondary character in one Captain America movie, I just don't see why people care what Carter was up to after Cap was frozen.