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I am a MU fan, comic collector and Hulk fan.  I've always maintained that Young Justice is way,way, way better  than A Assmble & A-TEMH.  It's not even close.  YJ has better story lines, better music, better animation, better & more sinister plot lines...- that toon is top notch.  Even though I like AAsmble & A -TEMH, they still kinda play to kids too much--with the loud haranguing music played whenever the Avengers are on the move.  Again YJ is definately one of the best action adventure toons out there & they trump these Avengers cartoons.


ok, if they are bringing THANOS to the set then next season better be young justice worthy, because that cat is a heavy hitter from way back. I gotta say that I didn't like hyperion hitting the hulk, even though it didn't seem to bother hulk. it just didn't look right, I MEAN HE IS THE STRONGEST THERE IS. but these last episodes are the way it should have been all along, this is what the avengers deserve.