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Did any one else notice the only human charecter in the Movie is?

wonder if we going some were else?


Look there are so many ways to create a story see Sherlock(BBC) and Sherlock Homes (Warner Bros) we might even get a better one Star Treck but yes I worry it may leed to Transformers ok 

Thanos may arrive and sort it all out I mean inteligance agencies have been known to get it wrong

and remember people the Gen pop in some locals is not marvel savy they may not be up to working out origins and charecter conections 

also and i have herd this before the mouse is not always nice to different,

a potential story arc with a gay daughter for example and humans are always the good guys no nasty habits like killing for revenge in there back catalogue so Marvel may be blameless in this case


interesting / Brave?

Very Big steps away from Marvel Comic character Back History.

Could work but why now?

we have already seen Thanos 

any ideas about the switch?

Joss Whedon seemed to have played a strait bat with Avengers 

Could this be a split ie to teams/characters/franchises etc never set to cross paths?

Avengers one way and Guardians and the other could be a Multivers concept even

I will bite tong transforms like and hope we get a Star treck moment 

But I have to say i have a bad feeling


Agreed this is typical hollywood changing things and doing whatever they want, but this is also marvel who has no problem making changes to characters all the time Ie thors a woman now captain america is now ThE going to be The falcon, thanos should be in this movie not ronin but as you point out hes being saved for A3. This movie will still rock marvel has been very strategic with there plans they want to keep us on the hook as long as possible

rj155500 member

So Gamora and Drax origin stories apparently don't matter anymore, all because Marvel doesn't want to "blow their wad" with Thanos until Avengers 3?  I am not cool with that. 



Hold fir on the Hollywood in Uk we say USA alters every thing so carfull 

I have heard people talking and their big worry is the mouse.

the mouse is dark and light and has no shades of grey



Slow down its a clip

the intelicance agents could be wrong or it could be a reveal at a later date

dose Avengers 3 owen Thanos?

and Marvels Movie record is good so far 

but it dose looks bad from this clip



OK breath I am not sure what to think but i may not be what you think intelligence agencies can be wrong 

Thanos my reveal the truth?

But yeah it looks bad


@rj155500 I'm guessing that the audio in the TV spots has been altered to preserve the surprise of Thanos being in the movie. I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned in interviews and whatnot that Drax and Gamora's backstories involve Thanos.


@dreed88 @rj155500 

Not sure who said what when or ware but Thanos and 2 of the charecters in this movie are linked in Marvel 

Because with out him they do not exists but see the post later on for possible ideas