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Marvel Universe 

Avengers Mansion

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Marvel Universe

890 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Stark family

Tony Stark

The Avengers Mansion had three above-ground floors and three basement floors. The first three floors were open to the public and had twelve rooms to house Avengers who wished to reside in the mansion, as well as Jarvis' quarters. A portion of the mansion's third floor served as a hangar for the Avengers' Quinjets, their primary mode of transportation.

The three floors below ground were restricted to the public and had modified rooms for the Avengers' needs. Such rooms below ground were: Tony Stark's arsenal chamber, the Avengers gym, Hawkeye's test-shooting room, the training room (much like the X-Mansion's Danger Room), The cryogenic storage area, and the ultra-secure assembly room.

The Mansion was surrounded by a wall twelve feet high and one foot thick, as well as an array of high-tech security defenses. Nonetheless, those defenses were often breached by the supervillains faced by the Avengers.

First Appearance
Avengers Vol. 1, #1