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Marvel Universe

Demon (derived from the Latin daemon, meaning spirit) is a generic name for any non-human mystical being that is superhuman in power and inclined towards acts of evil. The distinction between "demon" and "god" is somewhat blurry. Gods tend to be more benevolent, but there are some demons that are also worshiped. Gods and demons alike tend to dwell in extra-dimensional realms, have mystical powers, and have trafficked with humankind. The major distinction between the two would appear to be that of gods are slightly more evolved life form, while demons tend to be parasitic quasi-mystical beings, requiring sustenance often in the form of souls or life essences from lesser creatures (like man). Demons typically derive power in three ways: stealing it from unwilling sources; receiving spiritual energy via worship; being petitioned or invoked for power via spells. Some demons are born or created as demons, but gods or mortals can degenerate into life-preying demons. There are three general classes of demons associated with Earth, though some beings fit into multiple categories or none: the Elder Gods, Hell-lords and their minions, and extra-dimensional inhabitants.

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