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Advanced Idea Mechanics. Former subversive arm of Hydra, now technology supplier.

See separate profile and also Hydra.

abstract entry

An identity for those cosmic beings that extend beyond normal alien and human life, often taking the characteristics of a single concept. Such beings include Eternity, Lord Chaos, and Master Order.


Any article used or carried by someone other than weaponry or transportation.


An artificially-created alloy of iron that is the most impervious substance known on Earth, with the exception of the unknown Adamantium-Vibranium alloy of which Captain America's shield is composed. Others who have utilized Adamantium include Wolverine, Anaconda, Sabretooth, TESS-One, Mimic, Bullseye, Moon Knight, Doctor Octopus, Cyber, Lady Deathstrike, Albert & Elsie-Dee, Kane,and Hammerhead.


Dallas penthouse of the mutant inventor Forge.


Past and/or present involvement with a team, group, or organisation.


(1) A being who originates elsewhere.

(2) Of or having to do with a different place.


The main tunnel inhabited by the Manhattan Morlocks.

See separate profile and also Hill, The.

altered human

An identity for those super-powered beings who received their powers after starting life as normal. These powers are given through accident or direct application. Such beings include the members of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Daredevil.

alternate dimension

Any of infinity dimensions besides the Prime Dimension, in this case Earth-616. An alternate dimension can be created by someone going back in time and changing something. Since the past cannot be altered, this splits that reality, creating a new dimension. Alternate Dimensions are in orbit of one another and occasionally get closer than usual.

Alternate Earth

A world resembling Earth in physical characteristics, natural phenomena, life forms, and, to some extent, history, which exists in the equivalent space to Earth's in another dimension. An alternate Earth may either be a divergent Earth or a parallel Earth.

Compare with alternate world, divergent Earth, and parallel Earth.

alternate future

One of the possible future realities deriving from the present reality through a specific sequence of events. One cannot tell which alternate future will become one's present reality until the point of divergence has passed. At that point, one's reality diverges into more than one, and versions of one's self will exist in each resulting alternate future. Hence, one's divergent self will experience one of the alternate futures as their present reality, while another of his divergent selves will experience a different alternate future as theirs.

Compare with divergence and divergent Earth.

alternate world

A world in another dimension which exists in the equivalent space to a world in this dimension. Some alternate worlds which are not alternate Earths may exist in the equivalent space to Earth's in other dimensions.


Capable of breathing and existing in air or in water.

Compare with Homo mermanus.


An artificial being designed to resemble a human being in as many ways as possible, and whose physiology and life functions replicate and mimic those of human beings as closely as possible. An android has all the same organs, tissue, bone, flesh, and blood as a human being, except they are synthetic.

Compare with clone, cyborg, robot, and synthezoid.


1. Of or relating to the period before the Biblical flood.

2. Antiquated; from or belonging to a much earlier time.


A theoretical particle carrying a force that repels gravity.


Matter composed of particles that are the counterparts of the particles composing positive matter (the matter of which this universe is composed), but have opposite charges; e.g., anti-protons instead of protons, and positrons instead of electrons. Should positive matter come in contact with an equal amount of anti-matter, both will be annihilated and converted to energy.

anti-matter universe

A universe composed of anti-matter rather than matter (as in our universe) existing in another dimension. The only one known anti-matter universe to date is the Negative Zone.


A small otherdimensional planetary body that is home of the Asgardian gods of Norse legend.

See separate profile.


Citizen of Asgard. Of or relating to Asgard: its people, language, or culture.

See separate profile.

Asteroid M

An asteroid that was converted by Magneto to serve as an orbital base. It was destroyed when the Acolyte Fabian Cortez set off the nuclear missiles that Magnus had placed around it, and much of it burned up as it fell into Earth's atmosphere.

astral body

The sheath or form that contains a living being's life essence, consciousness, spirit, or soul. The astral body is a manifestation of the life essence composed of ectoplasm - an invisible, intangible substance whose source and properties remain unknown. While all living beings have astral bodies, certain adepts, such as Doctor Strange using psychic, psionic, or magical means can separate their astral bodies from their physical bodies without harm. However, the physical body may die if not reunited with the astral body within a certain time period. The astral body is also sometimes called astral form, astral self, and spirit form.

astral plane

An alternate universe in an equivalent space to our own where all matter is composed of ectoplasm. On the astral plane, the life energies and consciousnesses of other beings are discernable to adepts. Adepts can reach the astral plane by psychic, psionic, or magical means. The astral plane is also sometimes called astral dimension, astral realm, spirit realm, or spirit world.

astral projection

The ability to project one's astral body from one's physical body by psychic, psionic, or magical means.

See astral body.


A small sunken continent that is the home of the Atlantean race.

See separate profile and also compare with Homo mermanus.


Citizen of Atlantis. Of or relating to Atlantis: its people, language, or culture.

See separate profile.


An orbital space-station created by Magneto from the remnants of Cable's Graymalkin station and stolen Shi'ar technology. It served as the Acolytes' base until it was destroyed by the battle between Exodus and Holocaust.

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