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An ethereal substance whose source and properties remain unknown from which astral bodies and other astral phenomena are formed. All of the matter of the astral plane is composed of ectoplasm, but it has not been proven that astral bodies draw their substance from there.

See also astral body, astral plane, ghost.

Elders of The Universe

Sentient beings who originated in one of the galaxies that was the first to form after the creation of the universe, and who survived the death of that galaxy.

See separate entry.


A certain humanoid being native to the Asgardian realms of Alfheim and Svartalfheim, and possibly other extradimensional worlds as well.

See Asgard.


Having the capability to share the emotions of another through psionic means.


The state of sharing the emotions of another.


The universal tendency for energy in a closed system to wear down. On a universe-wide scale, entropy is the ultimate degradation of matter and energy to an inert uniform state incapable of sustaining life.


Extrasensory Perception. The psionic powers of telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance.


A person who possesses ESP. The spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. has employed an Esper Division.

Essex Factor

Discovered by Doctor Nathaniel Essex, the Essex Factor is used to describe those individuals who have an active gene in their DNA which is related to having the potential for superhuman abilities.


(1) Forever lasting.

(2) A member of an evolutionary offshoot of humanity created through experiments by the alien Celestials.

See separate profile, and also compare with deviant.


Exoskeleton is the out covering of the body of insect or crustaceans protecting their inner organs from harm. S.H.I.E.L.D. and other Defense organizations have create such synthetic skeleton to protect and enhance the wearer form potential harm of sharp weapons and in many cases even bullets and bomb blast.


Mutant who is virtually immortal.


(1) A being from a different dimension.

(2) Of or having to do with a different dimension other than Earth-616.


Anything which is native to the past or future but not naturally found in the present.


(1) A being from a different world in the same dimension.

(2) Of or having to do with a different world in the same dimension.

Eye of Agamotto

Magical amulet which enables its wielder to read minds, teleport and emit flashes of light.

See separate profile.

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