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Legacy Virus

A deadly disease that attacked the mutant gene, causing its host's powers to flare out of control before death occurs. It was originally engineered by Stryfe, who gave it to Mister Sinister in a cannister that was supposed to contain the genetic material of Cyclops and Jean Grey. The virus is actually based on one that was used 2000 years in the future by Apocalypse against the human population. Stryfe's version targetted only mutants, with the sole exception of geneticist Moira MacTaggert who presumably contracted the disease because of her long-term exposure to it during the course of her research. A cure was ultimately discovered by the Beast, and released into the atmosphere by the sacrifice of Colossus.


(1) The ability to screen the physical body from the effects of gravity and thus rise off the ground.

(2) The ability to fly.

life essence

See astral body, death.


(1) Generic term used to describe any of a number of dimensions characterized by a static or unchanging quality. Properly, this term is used to describe True Limbo and its associated pocket dimensions (see below).

(2) True Limbo is a dimension that is unique in that it exists outside the timestream and thus possesses no time. Reality in Limbo is comprised of a single, ever-changing moment in which everything that ever was, is, and could be coexist. Humans within Limbo might imagine that time passes there, since they are conditioned to think in such a way, but they cannot age or die there. In order to time travel without aging, it is necessary to pass through Limbo. The dimension was originally ruled by Belasco who was later overthrown by his protégé, Magik (Illyana Rasputin). After the loss of Magik's powers, Belasco reclaimed his kingdom, but was later ousted by Magik (Amanda Sefton).


Life Model Decoy, an android duplicate of a person

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