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All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#10: Shadowoman to Tara

Last Updated: 10/24/06


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Cover by Keu Cha


First Appearance: (As Shadowoman) Quasar #45 (1993); (as Sepulcre) Secret Defenders #22 (1994)
Origin: Secret Defenders #16 & 22 (1994)
Significant Issues: With Shock Troop, aided Quasar vs Anti-Bodies (Quasar #45-46, 1993); with Shock Troop, responded to summons by Doctor Strange (Quasar #50, 1993); joined Secret Defenders, vs Malachi & Strange (Secret Defenders #15-17, 1994); with Secret Defenders, vs Swarm (Secret Defenders #18-19, 1994); encountered dark side of Doctor Druid's soul, became Sepulcre (Secret Defenders #20-22, 1994); with Secret Defenders, vs Slorioth & Doctor Druid, became Shadowoman again, disbanded Secret Defenders (Secret Defenders #23-25, 1995); aided Julia Carpenter in rescuing Jessica Drew from Void-Eater (Sensational Spider-Man '96 Annual, 1996)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #369 (1990)
Significant Issues: Accessed Earth-616 via interdimensional nexus (Incredible Hulk #369, 1990); nearly banished back to native Strange Matter Dimension by Doctor Strange, secretly attached piece of himself to Hulk when Hulk entered Strange Matter Dimension to rescue Strange, fully merged with Hulk within Strange’s Sanctum Santorum (Incredible Hulk #370, 1990); merged with Hulk, rampaged through streets of New York until confronted by Namor & forced to retreat from Hulk’s body when faced with Bruce Banner’s dormant "savage" Hulk personality (Incredible Hulk #371, 1990); returned to Earth & conspired with Lucien Aster to bring about return of Wild One (Incredible Hulk Annual #18, 1992); defeated Hulk & Strange before escaping with Namor in his custody (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #2, 1992); traveled to city under Atlantic Ocean where Olympian god Neptune had imprisoned Wild One’s body millennia ago, used dagger empowered with cosmic energy to spill blood of Silver Surfer & bring about Wild One’s return (Silver Surfer Annual #5, 1992); joined forces with Defenders when he realized Wild One was not going to honor his end of their agreement, nearly attempted to attack Strange after Wild One’s defeat (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #2, 1992)

Shapandar, Karima

First Appearance and Origin: X-Men Unlimited #27 (2000)
Significant Issues: Saved Neal Shaara from street thugs, aided him in searching for his brother, fell in love with Neal, captured by Bastion, transformed into Omega Prime Sentinel, sent Neal away before Sentinel programming activated (X-Men Unlimited #27, 2000); in stasis, transported by Magistrates to Genosha (Excalibur #2-3, 2004); humanity restored by Xavier & Magneto, aided them in defeating Magistrates (Excalibur #4, 2004); with Xavier & others, captured by Stripmine & Appraiser, examined by Dark Beast, freed, arrested Dark Beast & others, prevented their subsequent escape attempt (Excalibur #5-8, 2004-2005); opposed Mystique’s attempted assassination of Xavier (Mystique #23, 2005); with Callisto, vs Sugar-Man, began struggling with full extent of her new existence (Excalibur #10, 2005); with Callisto & Shola Inkosi, alongside Archangel, Husk & Askari, opposed attempted invasion of Zanzibar by Viper & Weaponeers (Excalibur #11-13, 2005); during "House of M," was an Omega Sentinel in the employ of Lord Magneto sent to arrest Captain Britain/Brian Braddock for apparent high treason (Uncanny X-Men #464-465, 2005); captured by Pan’s forces, experimented on, liberated by X-Men, repaired by Beast, reactivated (X-Men #188-190, 2006)


First Appearance: (Cameo) New Mutants #99 (1991), (fully) New Mutants #100 (1991)
Origin: New Mutants #100 (1991)
Significant Issues: Traveled to Earth-616, joined X-Force (New Mutants #99-100, 1991); with X-Force, vs Alliance of Evil (New Mutants Annual #7, 1991); with X-Force, alongside New Warriors, investigated Harness & Piecemeal, alongside Muir Island X-Men & X-Factor, vs Proteus (New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); with X-Force, vs Mutant Liberation Front, cut off Reaper’s hand (X-Force #1, 1991); trained against Feral (X-Force #2, 1991); with X-Force, alongside Spider-Man & Siryn, vs Black Tom & Juggernaut (X-Force #3/Spider-Man #16/X-Force #4, 1991); alongside Wolverine, vs Vid Kids (Wolverine #54, 1992); with X-Force, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (X-Force #6-10, 1992); vs Deadpool (X-Force #11, 1992); with X-Force, vs Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. (X-Force #11-13, 1992); with X-Force, vs X-Ternals (X-Force #14-15, 1992); with X-Force, vs X-Men & X-Factor, captured & held in Xavier's Mansion (Uncanny X-Men #294-296/X-Factor #84-86/X-Men #14-16/X-Force #16-18, 1992); with X-Force, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. & War Machine on Graymalkin (X-Force #19-22, 1993); with X-Force, vs X-Ternals (X-Force #23, 1993); with X-Force, vs Friends of Humanity (X-Force #24, 1993); with X-Force, vs Exodus (X-Force #25, 1993); resisted teammates’ flirtations, with X-Force, vs Mutant Liberation Front, cut off Reaper’s hand again (X-Force #26-28, 1993); with X-Force, alongside X-Treme, vs Martin Henry Strong (X-Force Annual #2, 1994); formed friendship with Rictor, vs Arcade, Imperial Protectorate, & X-Treme (X-Force #29-30, 1994); with X-Force, alongside New Warriors, vs Upstarts & Gamesmaster (X-Force #32-33/New Warriors #45-46, 1994); warned Rictor of family trouble (X-Force #34, 1994); with X-Force, vs Nimrod (X-Force #35-36, 1994); attended Cyclops & Jean Grey’s wedding (X-Men #30/X-Men: The Wedding Album, 1994); with X-Force, alongside X-Factor & Excalibur, vs Phalanx (X-Factor #106/X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); with X-Force, aided Prosh (X-Force #39, 1994); with X-Force, moved into Murderworld, vs Feral (X-Force #40-41, 1994); with X-Force, vs Reignfire (X-Force #43, 1994); X-Force's Murderworld base destroyed (X-Men: Prime, 1995); with X-Force, moved into Xavier's mansion, Rictor left (X-Force #44, 1995); alongside Cable & Domino, vs Genoshan Magistrates (Cable #22, 1995); studied by Beast, Siryn saw Benjamin Russell’s file (X-Force #44-48, 1995); with X-Force, alongside Impossible Man, vs Barrachus the Kalinator (X-Force and Cable '95, 1995); with X-Force, kidnapped & mind-controlled by Sebastian Shaw to oppose Cable (X-Force #49-50, 1995); began losing warrior instinct, with X-Force, vs Selene & X-Ternals, police revealed Benjamin Russell’s criminal records (X-Force #51-54, 1996); with X-Force, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. to rescue Cyclops (X-Force #55, 1996); Gamesmaster toyed with Shatterstar’s mind at Weisman Institute (X-Force #56, 1996); with X-Force, attempted to safeguard X-Man from Mr Sinister (X-Force #57-58/X-Man #18, 1996); with X-Force, down time with X-Men (X-Men '96 Annual, 1996); aided Beast/Dark Beast after explosion (Uncanny X-Men #331, 1996); with X-Force, trained in Danger Room, vs Shi’ar squad (X-Force and Cable '96, 1996); with X-Force, alongside Rictor, vs Gog & Magog, kidnapped & killed by Mojo, essence combined with Russell’s by Spiral to save his life (X-Force #59-61, 1996); with X-Force, vs Malekith in Asgard (X-Force and Cable '97 Annual, 1997); with X-Force, vs Clear-Cut, Mindmeld, & Shinobi Shaw (X-Force #62, 1997); with X-Force, alongside Nathaniel Richards, stormed Doctor Doom’s castle, vs Baron Strucker in past (X-Force #63-64, 1997); with X-Force, vs Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Force #65-68, 1997); returned to Mexico with Rictor (X-Force #69-70, 1997); forced by Arcade to battle Domino (X-Force #76, 1998); with Rictor, vs Martin Henry Strong & Vershiagen (X-Force '99 Annual, 1999); obtained Five Fingers of Annihilation, vs Spiral & Pierce, fought on Earth-2055 alongside alternate X-Force (X-Force: Shatterstar #1-4, 2005); with X-Force, alongside Wolverine, MLF, Thing & Human Torch, vs Skornn (X-Force #1-6, 2005); with X-Force, investigated Black Box (Cable & Deadpool #18, 2005); alongside Domino, with Caliban's aid, freed 198 from O*N*E camp, alongside them, opposed by Bishop, Sabra & Micromax, critically injured Micromax (Civil War: X-Men #1-4, 2006)

Shi'ar Death Commandos

First Appearance: (Unidentified, cameo) Uncanny X-Men #466 (2006); (unidentified, fully) Uncanny X-Men #467 (2006); (identified) Uncanny X-Men #468 (2006)
Significant Issues: Slaughtered Grey family despite opposition from X-Men, branded Rachel with deathmark (Uncanny X-Men #466-467, 2006); vs X-Men, slew Elaine Grey, defeated & incarcerated (Uncanny X-Men #468, 2006); escaped imprisonment, opposed by Bishop & Charlotte Jones, teleported out, attacked Rachel, opposed by X-Men & O*N*E Sentinel, defeated (Uncanny X-Men #470, 2006)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #135 (1965)
Significant Issues: Nick Fury became director, first defeat of Hydra (Strange Tales #135-141, 1965-1966); first clashes with A.I.M. (Strange Tales #146-149, 1966); halted attempt by Baron Strucker to release Death Spore (Strange Tales #150-158, 1966-1967); Bobbi Morse became Huntress to expose corruption within organization (Marvel Super Action #1, 1976); first team of Super-Agents revealed (Captain America #217, 1978); nearly bought out Stark International (Iron Man #129, 1979); Karl Delandan exposed by Mockingbird (Marvel Team-Up #95, 1980); infiltration by Deltite exposed, organization disbanded (Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-6, 1988); new team assembled to oppose Death's Head Commandos (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-6, 1989); S.H.I.E.L.D. Central destroyed by Hydra (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #25-26, 1991); agents replaced by Deltite discovered, brainwashing removed (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #42-47, 1992-1993); origins of organization & appointment of Rick Stoner revealed (Fury #1, 1994); budgets slashed, Mikel Fury joined (Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-4, 1995); Fury seemingly killed by Punisher/Frank Castle (Double Edge: Omega, 1995); Fury discovered alive (Fury/Agent 13 #1-2, 1998); first appearance of Elite Agents (Captain America 2000 Annual, 2000); Nick Fury authorized rogue mission, removed as director, Maria Hill appointed (Secret War #1-5, 2004-2005); Scorpion recruited as agent (Amazing Fantasy #7-12, 2005); Clay Quartermain given command of Howling Commandos (Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1-6, 2005-2006)


First Appearance: New Warriors #2 (1990)
Origin: New Warriors #2 (1990), New Warriors #23-24 (1992), Night Thrasher #13-14 (1994)
Significant Issues: Formed vigilante partnership with brother Midnight’s Fire & lover Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher, took down Korean street gang’s protection racket, shut down Steel Waves’ drug dealing business, barely survived battle with Steel Waves’ employer Tommy Ng/Scorch, met Taylor’s guardians Andrew Chord & Tai, targeted another Korean gang protection racket, shot by gangster when bust went wrong, taken into hiding by Fire, legs paralyzed by wounds, learned Fire had become corrupt as leader of Concrete Dragons street gang, witnessed Fire’s defeat by Night Thrasher, disowned Fire & testified against him (New Warriors #2/Night Thrasher #13-14, 1990/1994); approached by Taylor in hopes of reconciling, helped him resist attack by Primus (New Warriors #3, 1990); convinced Taylor to help her protect Father Michael Janes from the Bengal, targeted by Punisher because of her gang ties, defended by Taylor, made peace with Punisher & Bengal (New Warriors #7-9, 1991); alongside Warriors, attacked by White Queen’s Hellions (New Warriors #10, 1991); began working with Warriors, clashed with X-Force, alongside X-Force & New Warriors, vs Piecemeal & Proteus (New Mutants Annual #7/New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); spurred Taylor to mend fences with Nova (New Warriors #14, 1991); alongside Warriors & Captain America, vs Drug Lords (Captain America: Drug War #1, 1994); alongside Warriors, vs Psionex, alongside Warriors, Mathemanic, Impulse, Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer, vs Terrax, declined invitation to move in with Taylor, feuded with Tai (New Warriors #15-17, 1991); alongside Warriors, met Rage while teaming with Avengers vs Hate-Monger & Sons of the Serpent (Avengers #341-342, 1991); tried to comfort Night Thrasher when he blamed himself for Nova’s capture by Secret Empire (Amazing Spider-Man #357, 1992); discovered Taylor Foundation was corrupt, witnessed Chord’s attempted suicide (New Warriors #18, 1991); alongside Warriors, captured & tortured by Gideon (New Warriors #19, 1992); added taser device to crutches, alongside Warriors, vs Cybersamurai, sided with most other Warriors against Taylor when he decided to cooperate with Yakuza criminals for information (New Warriors #20, 1992); visited Chord, confronted Tai, learned that Chord & Miyami were parents & Tai was grandmother, learned Tai murdered Miyami, narrowly survived Tai’s attempt to kill her, learned Tai forced Chord to kill Taylor’s parents, helped recruit Rage, alongside Warriors, vs Midnight’s Fire & Folding Circle, teamed with Warriors to thwart Tai’s schemes, Tai slain by Taylor (New Warriors #21-25, 1992); informed Reed Richards of how Taylor Foundation had stolen his unstable molecules patent to manufacture her costuming, offered to give up her costume, allowed to keep it by Richards (New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); alongside New Warriors & Spider-Man, vs forces of Sphinx & Justin Hammer to rescue Speedball (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); obtained more unstable molecule clothing from Richards, visited Chord & Taylor, encouraged Taylor to visit Chord (New Warriors #26, 1992); alongside Warriors, among heroes gathered to oppose Magus & dopplegangers (Infinity War #1-2/Fantastic Four #367-368/New Warriors #27, 1992); alongside Warriors & Turbo, vs Cardinal, Sea Urchin & smugglers (New Warriors #28, 1992); helped Chord manipulate Taylor into uncovering & neutralizing Taylor Foundation corruption, alongside Taylor, vs Poison Memories, helped Taylor & Chord begin to reconcile with her & each other (Night Thrasher: Four Control #1 & 3-4, 1992-1993); secretly assisted Concrete Dragons (Night Thrasher #3, 1993); alongside Warriors, intervened in Trans-Sabal’s civil conflict, faced Force of Nature as both foes & allies (New Warriors #29-30, 1992); among Darkforce wielders abducted & controlled by Darkling, vs Warriors, Avengers & others, mobility temporarily restored by Darkling, freed from Darkling’s control & helped defeat him, appearance & powers slightly altered by increased Darkforce exposure (New Warriors #33-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); recuperated at Taylor’s home (New Warriors #35, 1993); alongside Darkhawk & Warriors, defeated Tomorrow Man (Darkhawk #26-29, 1993); alongside Warriors, among heroes recruited by Goddess (Infinity Crusade #1-3 & 5-6/Thor #464/Web of Spider-Man #104/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #55, 1993); Warriors’ families attacked & abducted by Poison Memories, alongside Warriors, vs Memories (New Warriors #37-38/Night Thrasher #1, 1993); impersonated by Chagrin, denied her recent involvement with Concrete Dragons, unwittingly manipulated by Gai No Don into heading to Madripoor alongside Taylor after Midnight’s Fire, vs Aardwolf & Folding Circle, connection to Dragons exposed, largely estranged from Taylor as a result, helped save Aardwolf from Folding Circle, vs Midnight’s Fire to protect Taylor, broke up with Taylor (Night Thrasher #2-4, 1993); first approached by Bandit (Night Thrasher #5, 1993); alongside Warriors, Firelord & Air-Walker, vs Super-Nova, helped restore Nova’s powers & rebuild destroyed world Xandar (New Warriors #40-42, 1993); stalked, harassed & abducted by Bandit, learned Bandit was Taylor’s half-brother, involved in clashes between Taylor & Bandit (Night Thrasher #7-8, 1994); attended Nova’s birthday party (Nova #1, 1994); alongside Warriors, attended Vance’s release from prison, helped drive off anti-Vance protesters, given new costume & equipment by Taylor, alongside Warriors & X-Force, opposed Gamesmaster’s Younghunt (New Warriors #43-46/X-Force #33, 1994); began secret romance with Bandit, sent back in time by Sphinx, learned new applications of powers, encountered & killed alternate timeline five-year old Tai, restored to present day, alongside Warriors, vs Sphnix, addressed by Mad Thinker & Primus, quit Warriors & left alongside Bandit (New Warriors #47/Night Thrasher #11-12/New Warriors #50-51, 1994); continued romance with Bandit unaware that Bandit was continuing anti-Taylor vendetta, further estranged from Taylor after learning he was doing business with Scorch, manipulated by Bandit into attacking Taylor & Scorch, convinced by Taylor to relent, further estranged from Taylor (Night Thrasher #13-14, 1994); tentative attempt at reconciliation with Taylor spoiled when Taylor left to confront Hulk (Night Thrasher #15, 1994)

Silver Dagger

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #1 (1974)
Origin: Doctor Strange #5 (1974)
Significant Issues: Isaiah Curwen was Cardinal in Vatican, passed over as Pope, read every book on Black Arts in Vatican library, believed God meant him to kill magicians, sought Ancient One but learned Doctor Strange had taken his place (Doctor Strange #5, 1974); Silver Dagger attacked Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, hypnotized & kidnapped Clea, stabbed Strange in the back, Strange entered Orb of Agamotto, met Agamotto in caterpillar form (Doctor Strange #1, 1974); Silver Dagger tortured Clea, decapitated Doctor Strange mannequin (Doctor Strange #2, 1974); Doctor Strange surrendered to Death, reborn as Sorcerer Supreme (Doctor Strange #4, 1974); Doctor Strange merged with Clea, escaped, forced Silver Dagger to face Eye of Agamotto, Silver Dagger drawn into Agamotto’s dimension (Doctor Strange #5, 1974); Silver Dagger gained demon knowledge, stole Clea’s soul, enslaved Marie Leveau, returned to Earth, vs Spider-Man & Ms Marvel, stabbed by Leveau, returned to Orb (Marvel Team-Up #76-77, 1978-1979); Silver Dagger gave his left eye to Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #7, 1989); revealed that Silver Dagger replaced his eye with original Eye of Agamotto, concealed it with a crystal eye (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #32, 1991); Silver Dagger assembled Sword of the Lord, attacked Jack Russell, killed Braineaters, bitten by Werewolf, viewed as tainted by Sword (Marvel Comics Presents #54-59, 1990); Silver Dagger attacked Doctor Strange to regain his eye, was returned to Orb by Agamotto (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #32, 1991); Silver Dagger used seven daggers to attack Doctor Strange & others, ended up stabbing himself (Over The Edge #2, 1995); "The Tribulations Are Now" first mentioned (Marvel Comics Presents #54, 1990); Silver Dagger seen at Bar with No Name (Deadpool #68, 2002)


First Appearance: Captain America #290 (1983)
Origin: Captain America #298 (1984), Captain America #350 (1989), Captain America #369 (1990), Captain America #15 (2006)
Significant Issues: Born to Red Skull & peasant washerwoman on Isle of Exiles, mother died in childbirth, Skull angered by birth of daughter rather than son, took Sinthia to throw her into sea (Captain America #298/Captain America #350/Captain America #15, 1984/1989/2006); Susan Scarbo convinced Skull to spare Sinthia, assumed raising of Sinthia in misery, anger & hate (Captain America #15, 2006); seen by Skull for only five minutes a week (Captain America #369, 1990); "beast of a girl" at nine years old (Captain America #15, 2006); artificially aged (Captain America #298/Captain America #350/Captain America #15, 1984/1989/2006); Skull aged four orphans to create Sisters of Sin (Captain America #298, 1984); contacted Helmut Zemo (Captain America #290, 1984); trained Zemo, alongside Zemo, abducted Dave Cox, turned him into Slayer (Captain America #293, 1984); kidnapped Bernie Rosenthal (Captain America #295, 1984); with Sisters of Sin, abducted Falcon (Captain America #296, 1984); seemingly killed Zemo (Captain America #299, 1984); Red Skull died (Captain America #300, 1984); Arnim Zola transferred Red Skull’s consciousness into Captain America clone body (Captain America #350, 1989); alongside Sisters, returned to their true ages by Deus Machina (Captain America #301, 1985); now called Sin, one of Mother Night’s sadistic counselors at the youth camp for runaways, recruited teen Captain America to camp, camp broken up by Captain America (Captain America #355-357, 1989); became Red Skull division chief (Captain America #394, 1991); brainwashed by S.H.I.E.L.D. to think she was Erica Holstein, freed by Crossbones from S.H.I.E.L.D. facility (Captain America #9, 2005); deprogrammed by Crossbones (Captain America #15, 2006); alongside Crossbones, on killing spree, discovered R.A.I.D. facilities, learned Lukin’s name from captured S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, commandeered a plane to London seeking revenge, discovered Red Skull’s mind had taken over Lukin’s body, reunited with father as one of his top agents, undertook new mission (Captain America #16-21, 2006)


First Appearance: Spider-Woman #37 (1981)
Origin: X-Force #31 (1994)
Significant Issues: Alongside Black Tom & Juggernaut, vs Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew & X-Men (Spider-Woman #37-38, 1981), at Cassidy Keep with Tom & Juggernaut (X-Men Forever #3, 2001); reconciled with Banshee (Uncanny X-Men #148, 1981); lived on Muir Island, romantically involved with Multiple Man, joined Fallen Angels, vs Coconut Grove (Fallen Angels #1-8, 1987); influenced by Shadow King, with Muir Island X-Men, vs X-Force & New Warriors (Uncanny X-Men Annual #15, 1991); with Muir Islan X-Men, alongside X-Force, X-Factor, & New Warriors, vs Proteus (X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); under Shadow King’s influence, with Muir Island X-Men, vs X-Men & X-Factor (Uncanny X-Men #278/X-Factor #69/Uncanny X-Men #280, 1991); alongside X-Force & Spider-Man, vs Black Tom & Juggernaut (X-Force #3/Spider-Man #16/X-Force #4, 1991); joined X-Force (X-Force #5, 1991); vs the Kinsmen (Marvel Comics Presents #43, 1992); with X-Force, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (X-Force #6-9, 1992); knocked out by Deadpool (X-Force #10, 1992); with X-Force, vs Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. (X-Force #11-13, 1992); with X-Force, vs Crule & Gideon, settled at Camp Verde (X-Force #14-15, 1992); with X-Force, vs X-Men & X-Factor, confronted Multiple Man about past relationship (Uncanny X-Men #294-296/X-Factor #84-86/X-Men #14-16/X-Force #16-19, 1992); with X-Force, vs X-Ternals (X-Force #20-23, 1993); with X-Force, vs Friends of Humanity (X-Force #24, 1993); with X-Force, vs Exodus (X-Force #25, 1993); began drinking, Warpath began covering for her (X-Force #26, 1993); with X-Force, vs Mutant Liberation Front, briefly used as hostage (X-Force #27-28, 1993); with X-Force, alongside X-Treme, vs Martin Henry Strong (X-Force Annual #2, 1993); aided Cable in retrieval of Time Displacement Core (Cable #5, 1993); continued to drink, Warpath attempted to console her (X-Force #29-30, 1993); injured by Stryfe-possessed Cable (Cable #7-8, 1993); returned to Ireland, made peace with Tom (X-Force #31, 1994); with X-Force, alongside New Warriors, vs Upstarts & Gamesmaster (X-Force #32-33/New Warriors #46, 1994); attended wedding of Cyclops & Jean Grey (X-Men #30, 1994); made peace with Banshee (X-Force #34, 1994); with X-Force, vs Nimrod, made efforts to stop drinking (X-Force #35-36, 1994); alongside Cannonball, aided Cable & Domino (Cable #14-15, 1994); alongside Banshee & Deadpool, vs Black Tom, Juggernaut, & Daniel Peyer (Deadpool #1-4, 1994); with X-Force, alongside X-Factor & Excalibur, vs Phalanx (X-Factor #106/X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); with X-Force, aided Prosh (X-Force #39, 1994); with X-Force moved into Murderworld, vs Feral (X-Force #40-41, 1994); visited Banshee (X-Force #42, 1994); with X-Force, vs Reignfire (X-Force #43, 1994); experienced strange vision encouraging her to let go of dead mother (X-Force Annual #3, 1994); X-Force's Murderworld base destroyed (X-Men: Prime, 1995); delivered news to Storm (Uncanny X-Men #322, 1995); appointed X-Force’s team captain, infiltrated & held captive at Weisman Institute, rescued by Deadpool, memory of event erased (Cable #22/X-Force #44-47, 1995); with X-Force, mind-controlled by Sebastian Shaw to oppose Cable (X-Force #48-50,1995); with X-Force, vs Impossible Man & Kalinator (X-Force and Cable '95, 1995); with X-Force, gauged threat of X-Man (Cable #29, 1995); with X-Force, vs Blob (X-Force #51, 1996); with X-Force, vs Selene & X-Ternals (X-Force #55-56, 1996); with X-Force, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. to rescue Cyclops (X-Force #57, 1996); freed Deadpool from Weisman Institute (X-Force #58, 1996); delivered news to X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #335, 1994); with X-Force, attempted to safeguard X-Man from Mr Sinister (X-Force #57-58/X-Man #18, 1995); with X-Force, down time with X-Men (X-Men '96, 1996); with X-Force, vs Pulse & Shi’ar (X-Force and Cable '96, 1996); with X-Force, vs Mojo (X-Force #59-61, 1996); aided Deadpool (Deadpool #2-5, 1997); with X-Force, vs Malekith in Asgard (X-Force and Cable '97 Annual, 1997); with X-Force, alongside Nathaniel Richards, infiltrated Doctor Doom's castle, vs Baron Strucker in past (X-Force #63-64, 1997); grew jealous of Risque, supported Warpath (X-Force #65-66, 1997); with X-Force, alongside Mutant Liberation Front, vs Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Force #67-69, 1997); with X-Force, went road-tripping (X-Force #70, 1997); refused to aid Deadpool (Deadpool #12, 1998); with X-Force, vs mob (X-Force #71, 1998); aided Warpath, vs Edwin Martynec, revived Warpath (X-Force #72-74, 1998); with X-Force, vs Selene & Colossal Man (X-Force #75, 1998); with X-Force, went bowling (X-Force #76, 1998); with X-Force, aided mutant child in Almost Reno (X-Force #77, 1998); with X-Force, vs Reignfire (X-Force #78-80, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Pele, vs Vanisher & Lava Men (X-Force #81, 1998); with X-Force, vs Gryphon (X-Force #82, 1998); bid a silent farewell by Deadpool (Deadpool #22, 1998); with X-Force, vs M.U.S.E. (X-Force #83, 1998); with X-Force, vs the Sword (X-Force #84, 1998); worked to reconcile with Banshee & improve their relationship (Generation X #43-44, 1998); with X-Force, vs Pandemonia (X-Force #85, 1998); with X-Force, vs Damocles Foundation (X-Force #86, 1999); with X-Force, hung out at Xavier's Mansion (X-Men Unlimited #23, 1999); with X-Force, opposed Crimson Cowl’s weather machine (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); with X-Force, vs New Hellions & Armageddon Man, vocal cords severed by Feral (X-Force #87-90, 1999); contemplated suicide, attended Alcoholics Anonymous instead, bid farewell to Warpath, went to stay with aunt (X-Force #91, 1999); phoned by Deadpool, unable to speak to him (Deadpool #38, 2000); with Aunt Tori, necklace placed on her by Ophelia (X-Force #99, 2000); possessed, left aunt’s (X-Force #100, 2000); powers restored by Watchtower with thanks to Deadpool (Wolverine #154-155, 2000); vs Copycat (Deadpool #56, 2001); attended Deadpool’s funeral (Deadpool #61, 2001); consoled Deadpool (Deadpool #69, 2002); gathered information for Domino (Domino #3, 2003); with X-Corporation, vs Weapon XII (New X-Men #128 & 130-131, 2002); aided Deadpool in finding Cable across various timelines (Cable & Deadpool #15-18, 2005); joined X-Factor Investigations, vs Singularity Investigations (X-Factor #1-3, 2005); beaten by assassin, captured by Doctor Leery (X-Factor #4-5, 2006); recuperated, learned of Banshee’s death, refused to believe it (X-Factor #6-7, 2006); learned about "M-Day" from Spider-Man, confronted X-Men (X-Factor #8, 2006); renewed relationship with Madrox (X-Factor #9, 2006)

Six Pack

First Appearance: (As Wild Pack) X-Force #8 (1992); (as Six Pack) Cable: Blood & Metal #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Early formation revealed (X-Force #1, 1991); hired by A.I.M. to raid Hydra base (X-Force #8, 1992); hired by Tolliver for Iranian mission, encountered Stryfe in Afghanistan (Cable: Blood & Metal #1, 1992); abandoned by Cable during destruction of Stryfe's Uruguayan citadel (Cable: Blood & Metal #2, 1992)); members reunited (Cable #4, 1993); reorganized by Bridge (Cable & Deadpool #7, 2004); attacked Cable (Cable & Deadpool #8, 2004); on behalf of Cable, vs X-Men (Cable & Deadpool #9-10, 2005); temporarily absorbed into Cable's psyche (Cable & Deadpool #11-12, 2005)


First Appearance: (As Gypsy Moth) Spider-Woman #10 (1979); (as Skein, in shadow) Thunderbolts #65 (2002); (as Skein, fully) Thunderbolts #67 (2002)
Origin: Spider-Woman #48 (1983), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #4 (1983)
Significant Issues: Raised by Balkan Gypsies in Europe, spent much of her youth alone refining her mental powers, once wove gossamer wings into her back, seduced in her late teens by Jason Reed and taken back to America as his mistress, began to feel neglected and like a prisoner, suspected Reed was cheating on her, spied on Hollywood parties and terrorized socialites in costumed guise as Gypsy Moth (Spider-Woman #48 & Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #4, 1983); spotted in flight by Spider-Woman, flew away before curious Spider-Woman could catch up to her, terrorized guests of a high society party party at a Bel Air estate, spurned Spider-Woman’s efforts to befriend her, attacked Spider Woman, shot down by Jerry Hunt, carried to safety by Spider-Woman, allowed by Spider-Woman to escape (Spider-Woman #10, 1979); had another aerial skirmish with Spider-Woman just before Drew was teleported away to Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); got her U.S. citizenship and a place in Reed’s will, inherited Reed’s fortune after his sudden death, used wealth to start a hedonistic cult revolving around drug abuse and decadent sensuality, worshipped by her cultists as the Sybarite (Spider-Woman #48 & Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #4, 1983); received gifts from her followers amassed via robbery sprees, drugged Spider-Woman’s friend Lindsay McCabe at one of her parties, had Spider-Woman captured when she tried to intercept one of their drug purchases, fought and defeated by Spider-Woman, disappeared (Spider-Woman #48, 1983); captured and imprisoned by Locksmith and his assistant Ticktock alongside other "freaks" such as Dansen Macabre, Needle and Tatterdemalion, teamed with Spider-Woman, Tigra and Poltergeist to escape, defeat Locksmith and free the other prisoners, partied at Spider-Woman’s home with Drew, Shroud, Werewolf and other former prisoners (Spider-Woman #50, 1983); left party abruptly after spell cast by Magnus clouded the guests’ memories of their ties with Jessica Drew (Avengers #240, 1984); joined Shroud, Werewolf, Dansen Macabre, Needle, Tatterdemalion, Ticktock and others in forming the criminal Night Shift gang, fought off Power Broker’s mutates in the Los Angeles sewers with aid of Captain America, Night Shift teamed with Captain America to raid Power Broker’s estate (Captain America #330-331, 1987); present in Tower of Shadows when Moon Knight declined Night Shift membership (Solo Avengers #3, 1988); learned teammate Digger had been captured by ex-Avengers member Mockingbird, attacked Avengers Compound alongside Night Shift in hopes of forcing Digger’s release, battled Hawkeye and other Avengers, Night Shift defeated by Avengers and freed by Shroud (West Coast Avengers #40, 1989); briefly joined Superia’s Femizons during their ocean cruise, witnessed Anaconda-Quicksand brawl, attended onboard Power Pageant, helped capture infiltrators Captain America and Paladin, informed of Superia’s plans for a female supremacist society (Captain America #388-391, 1991); alongside Hangman-led Night Shift, sabotaged Demon That Devoured Hollywood film and tried to produce Night Shift Takes Hollywood film, Night Shift’s powers enhanced by Hangman’s demonic patron Satannish, Night Shift battled Avengers but turned against Hangman and Satannish upon learning the bargain might cost them their souls, Satannish driven off, Night Shift captured by Avengers (Avengers West Coast #76-79, 1991-1992); joined Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil, helped recruit Cardinal, fought Thunderbolts, helped capture Plantman, discovered Cowl’s plans to enslave her Masters and others using bio-toxin, persuaded by Hawkeye to join Thunderbolts alongside other defecting Masters, adopted new identity as Skein (Thunderbolts #64-65, 2002); alongside Thunberbolts, vs Silver Sable’s Wild Pack, joined forces with Sable, revealed she owned a chain of sex clubs, admitting she had joined both Masters and Thunderbolts largely for kicks, expressed interest in having sex with a superhero, fought Cowl’s Masters alongside Thunderbolts and Silver Sable, captured, escaped, participated in capture of Cowl and her Masters, subdued Amazon when she tried to desert the team during conflict with elite S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, helped defeat S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Thunderbolts #67, 69 & 71, 2002); at some point during conflict with Masters and S.H.I.E.L.D., whisked away to die battling Thanos alongside Thunderbolts and most of the world’s other heroes, then resurrected alongside Thunderbolts and other heroes by repentant Thanos, then restored to the time and place from which they had originally been taken (Marvel Universe: The End #5-6, 2003); alongside Thunderbolts, opposed the potentially world-ending menace of the V Battalion’s malfunctioning Vanguard craft, helped the Thunderbolts survive the Vanguard crisis (Thunderbolts #73-74, 2002); alongside Hawkeye’s and Zemo’s Thunderbolts, helped save world from all-consuming void, attended Canary Islands gathering of Thunderbolts, went skinny-dipping, romantically rejected by Songbird, encouraged by Blackheath to depart, returned to her apartment in Hamburg (Thunderbolts #75, 2003); identified by O.N.E. as one of the few mutants in the world who retained their powers following "M-Day" (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Factor #7 (1986)
Origin: X-Factor #16 (1987)
Significant Issues: Abused by father, saw father kill her mother, discovered her force field power & used it to ward off father, ran away from home (X-Factor #16, 1987); tried to warn dangerously radioactive Bulk & Glowworm away from Morlock tunnels (X-Factor #7, 1986); befriended Rusty Collins & helped him escape Freedom Force with the aid of X-Factor, among Morlock refugees who found shelter with X-Factor during the Marauders' massacre of Morlocks (X-Factor #8-11/Power Pack #27, 1986); breakfast with X-Factor & Morlocks (X-Factor #12, 1987); played ball, defended Ape when Boom-Boom mocked him (X-Factor #13, 1987); burned popcorn with Rusty, tricked Boom Boom into attending training, grumbled about senior X-Factor members’ seeming worship of Professor Xavier (X-Factor #14, 1987); learned Angel lost his wings, tried to console Artie, stuck up for Boom-Boom after Masque attacked her, helped surviving Morlocks move back into Alley, stayed with X-Factor as trainee, practiced power control with Beast (X-Factor #15, 1987); aided Rusty in conflict with Masque, began developing more control over force field, began romance with Rusty (X-Factor #16, 1987); shaken by Angel’s seeming demise, feared Cyclops was having a breakdown, spied on Cameron Hodge (X-Factor #17, 1987); helped Rusty thaw Iceman, romance with Rusty, had Leech break up Scott & Jean fighting (X-Factor #18, 1987); with Rusty, tried to reassure Leech that X-Factor might teach him control of his powers (X-Factor #19, 1987); with trainees, tore down anti-mutant posters, aided Rusty against muggers, cleared ice away from Central Park (X-Factor #20, 1987); helped X-Factor investigate tip that later led to the Hulk (Incredible Hulk #336, 1987); with trainees, vs Beast in chess game, captured & tortured by Cameron Hodge & the Right, escaped, helped X-Factor defeat Right (X-Factor #21-23, 1987); with trainees, participated in X-Factor press conference, gave Christmas gifts to sick kids at Roosevelt Hospital (X-Factor #27, 1988); with trainees, helped free X-Factor’s new sentient headquarters Ship from Apocalypse's control (X-Factor #28, 1988); with trainees, learned X-Men's history (X-Factor Annual #3, 1988); witnessed X-Factor’s press conference & battle with Infectia’s Anti-Bodies (X-Factor #29, 1988); with trainees, played ball with Iceman, met Infectia, helped Beast protect Iceman from Infectia (X-Factor #30-31, 1988); with trainees, helped X-Factor defeat alien Xartans disguised as Avengers (X-Factor #32, 1988); with trainees, helped X-Factor defeat Alliance of Evil (X-Factor #33, 1988); sadly parted from Rusty after he turned himself in to face charges against him, sent to Phillips Academy boarding school with Boom-Boom & Rictor, dealt with snobbish Phillips students, quit Phillips, with trainees, alongside Wiz Kid, rescued Artie, Leech, & other mutant children from demons, broke Rusty out of prison to assist them, formed X-Terminators team, vs N’astirh’s demons, rescued babies, teamed with New Mutants to help ward off demonic invasion (X-Terminators #1-4/New Mutants #72-74, 1988-1989); with X-Terminators, alongside New Mutants & Sub-Mariner, vs sea monster, X-Terminators merged with New Mutants (New Mutants #76, 1989); trained with new teammates (X-Factor #41, 1989); helped battle Hela-possessed Moonstar, tried to prevent Freedom Force from unjustly arresting Rusty, captured alongside Rusty by Freedom Force (New Mutants #77-78 & 80-82, 1989); with Rusty, broke out of prison in attempt to recapture escaping criminal Vulture, hoped to use resultant publicity to expose government’s exploitation of mutant children, with Rusty, hurt while defeating criminals Vulture & Nitro, recaptured by Freedom Force & framed as supposed accomplices of Vulture & Nitro, freed by terrorist Mutant Liberation Front, joined MLF (New Mutants #85-87, 1990); with MLF, plotted Genoshan terrorism (New Mutants #100, 1991); with MLF, invaded L'Museum D'Orsay in Paris to steal a sword, forced by Cable to flee, vs Cable & Six Pack (Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2, 1992); with Rusty, stole artifact for MLF leader Stryfe (X-Men #13, 1992); with MLF, vs X-Men, X-Factor & X-Force, broke Boom-Boom’s jaw, captured alongside Rusty, revealed to have been brainwashed by MLF (X-Men #15, 1992); with Rusty, abducted by Friends of Humanity, rescued by X-Force, alongside X-Force, visited Magneto’s Avalon headquarters, cured of MLF brainwashing by Magneto, joined Magneto’s Acolytes (X-Force #24-25, 1993); with Rusty, onboard Avalon, confronted by invading X-Men & Quicksilver regarding their alliance with Magneto, rendered unconscious (X-Men #25, 1993); with Acolytes, vs Omega Red & Cable (Cable #10-11, 1994); with Acolytes, tried Neophyte for treason (Uncanny X-Men #315, 1994); began to regret joining the Acolytes, saw Rusty killed & Avalon destroyed by Holocaust, survived falling back to Earth alongside Phoenix/Jean Grey, left Acolytes (X-Men #42-44, 1995); retired from adventuring & cut herself off from the mutant community, attended college in Boulder, Colorado as a bio-science student, roomed with Des & Lucy, reluctantly hosted members of X-Force when they were passing through, aided X-Force in battle against Reignfire & Locus, disrupted Locus’s teleportation power resulting in them both being sent to Malhela Mountain Range in Latveria, enthralled by Pandemonia, alongside Locus, X-Force & Jennifer Kale, defeated Pandemonia (X-Force #78-80 & 85, 1998 & 1999); became field agent of X-Corporation’s Los Angeles office under Sunspot, alongside X-Men & Sunspot, vs Elias Bogan & his minions (X-Treme X-Men #42-45, 2004); revealed to have retained powers after "M-Day" (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006); joined "198" refugee camp, among refugees swayed by Apocalypse’s offer to become their supposedly benevolent savior, among refugees stricken by Famine who imbibed Apocalypse’s blood potion & fell under his sway, tried to dissuade X-Men from opposing Apocalypse (X-Men #183-184, 2006)


First Appearance: Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #243 (1977)
Significant Issues: Hired by Kharkov to assassinate prominent British collectors & steal their prize possessions, fought repeatedly with Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), killed Kharkov after he tried to double cross him, knocked into sea by Captain Britain, appeared to be eaten by sharks (Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #243-247, 1977); hired by Vixen to slay S.T.R.I.K.E.’s Psi-Division, nearly killed them all, stopped by Captain Britain (Daredevils #3-4, 1981); took over Crazy Gang, lured Captain Britain into trap, captured him & handed him over to Viper, betrayed, stole Captain Britain’s costume & learned the hard way that Braddock could control it at a distance (Captain Britain #2-3, 1985); working for Vixen, vs neophyte Captain Britain Betsy Braddock, blinded her, killed by Brian for hurting Betsy (Captain Britain #13, 1986)


First Appearance and Origin: Slingers #0 (1998)
Significant Issues: Spider-Man acted as Dusk (Peter Parker: Spider Man #90-92, 1998); Prodigy suit used by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #256-258, 1998); Hornet suit used by Spider-Man (Sensational Spider-Man #27-28, 1998); Ricochet costume worn by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #434-435, 1998); Cassie resurrected (Slingers #1, 1998); vs Maggia under Grand Royale (Slingers #2-3, 1999); Black Marvel bombed Grand Royale (Slingers #4-5, 1999); Griz came after Hornet (Slingers #7-8, 1999); Orphan-Maker attacked Ricochet (Slingers #9, 1999); vs Mephisto (Slingers #10-12, 1999); during Coterie's "Contest of Champions," played basketball vs New Warriors, lost (Contest of Champions II #3, 1999); Spider-Man met Negative Zone’s Dusk (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #13-14, 2000); Hornet killed by Hydra-controlled Wolverine (Wolverine #23, 2005); Ricochet moved to Los Angeles, joined Losers, opposed Runaways (Runaways #1-6, 2005); Prodigy arrested by Iron Man after opposing Hero Registration Act (Civil War: Front Line #2, 2006)


First Appearance: Power Pack #1 (1984)
Significant Issues: Queen Mother Maraud sent some of her clan to Earth to steal matter-antimatter conversion process, Snarks fatally wound Aelfyre Whitemane who passed on his Kymellian powers to Power children, Power Pack rescue kidnapped parents & prevented Snarks obtaining process before Kymellians arrived to drive them off (Power Pack #1-4, 1984); Maraud sent Jakal to kidnap Power Pack, Jakal failed & captured (Power Pack #15-17, 1985); Hadj retrieved Jakal, captured Power Pack, Jakal given their powers, Maraud moved on throne, Power Pack rescued Emperor Bhadsha & regained powers, Jakal gave up body to Bhadsha, Maraud exiled (Power Pack #21-25, 1986); Maraud attacked by Fantastic Four who were looking for missing Franklin Richards (Power Pack #28, 1987); Maraud obtained planet killer from Crazy Freddie, attacked Kymellia, briefly stole Power Pack’s abilities, defeated by Power Pack & Force Four (Power Pack #50-52, 1989); Snarks attacked Rick Jones (Avengers Spotlight #25, 1989); Jakal expelled Bhadsha’s mind from his body, attacked rival clans & Power Pack, defeated & deposed (Power Pack #1-4, 2000); Skratt & Jeremy attack Power Pack (Power Pack #1-4, 2005)

Sons of the Serpent

First Appearance: Avengers #32 (1966)
Significant Issues: Led by General Chen, vs Avengers (Avengers #32-33); led by Dan Dunn & Montague Hale, attempted to frame Black Panther (Avengers #73-74, 1970); as "Sons of the Shield," sought to make martyr of Captain America (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8-9, 1999); led by J.C. Pennysworth, vs Defenders (Defenders #22-25, 1975); led by Lucas Green, thwarted by Hubie Green (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); supplied by Hate-Monger, vs New Warriors & Avengers (Avengers #341-342, 1991); supplied War Machines gang, confronted by War Machine (Avengers West Coast #100, 1993); enlisted Skinhead, vs Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #1, 1994); brought down by War Machine, Hydra & A.I.M. (Marvel Comics Presents #153-155, 1994); aided Nicholas Scratch & Salem's Seven, defeated by Avengers (Avengers 2000 Annual, 2000)


First Appearance: She-Hulk #5 (2004)
Significant Issues: Defeated by New Warriors, sent to Pym Experimental Prison Number One, conspired to assist with Mad Thinker android’s planned break-out (She-Hulk #5, 2004); released into She-Hulk’s custody, turned against super-villain prison escapees when Holden Holliway’s life was jeopardized (She-Hulk #6, 2004); accompanied She-Hulk to Living Tribunal’s Star Chamber when She-Hulk served as Magistrati (She-Hulk #7, 2004); accompanied She-Hulk to Planet Skardon when She-Hulk defeated Champion of the Universe for control of planet (She-Hulk #8, 2004); returned to Earth with She-Hulk & placed in care of Awesome Andy when She-Hulk reverted to her Jennifer Walters form (She-Hulk #9, 2005); present in Excelsior Apartments when Titania destroyed building in search of She-Hulk (She-Hulk #11, 2005); ran away with Mad Thinker android’s disembodied head in midst of chaos caused by Titania (She-Hulk #12, 2005); future counterpart served as She-Hulk’s defense attorney in case before Time Variance Authority (She-Hulk #3, 2006)


First Appearance: Spaceknights #1 (2000)
Significant Issues: Excalibur ambushed, Artour reported dead, Spaceknights ordered to Trion, Axadar rejected Balin (Spaceknights #1, 2000); attacked by Wraithknights on Trion, Lightningbolt slain (Spaceknights #2, 2000); Spaceknights attacked by Wraithknights & Deathwing (Spaceknights #3, 2000); Spaceknights disobeyed orders to pursue Wraithknights (Spaceknights #4, 2001); Axadar chose Tristan, Spaceknights repelled Wraith forces (Spaceknights #5, 2001)

Speed Demon

First Appearance: (As Whizzer) Avengers #69 (1969); (as Speed Demon) Amazing Spider-Man #222 (1981)
Origin: Avengers #70 (1969), Amazing Spider-Man #222 (1981)
Significant Issues: Formulated speed-enhancing chemical with Grandmaster’s aid, joined Grandmaster’s Squadron Sinister as Whizzer (Avengers #70/Amazing Spider-Man #222, 1969/1981); with Squadron Sinister, vs Avengers in Grandmaster’s Game of the Galaxies, vs Goliath at Big Ben until struck down by Black Knight (Avengers #69-70, 1969); with Squadron Sinister, sold out Earth to alien Nebulon & tried to help him flood it, betrayed by Nighthawk & defeated by Defenders, Squadron seemingly destroyed (Defenders #13-14, 1974); with Squadron Sinister, vs Defenders, defeated (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); stripped of memories of his super-criminal career by Doctor Strange, worked at Hudson Pharmaceuticals as a pharmaceutical formulizer as Harvey James, regained memories of his criminal career, attacked Avengers, defeated (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); laid low, improved speed formula, engaged in New York crime spree as Speed Demon, robbed Metropolitan Museum & other locations of jewels & art treasures to decorate his penthouse, made front page news eluding Spider-Man while robbing Willoughby’s camera store, captured by Spider-Man while trying to rob Bloomingdale’s (Amazing Spider-Man #222, 1981); engaged in new robbery spree while battling pursuers Spider-Man & Human Torch, captured by novice hero Frog-Man due to a lucky fluke (Marvel Team-Up #121, 1982); formed mercenary Sinister Syndicate with Beetle, Boomerang, Hydro Man & Rhino, Syndicate hired by Jack O’ Lantern/Jason Macendale to eliminate Silver Sable, Syndicate routed by Spider-Man, Silver Sable & Sandman (Amazing Spider-Man #280-281/Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #17-18, 1986/1993); with Syndicate, alongside Doctor Octopus, worked with Gregari’s rebels to help overthrow tyrannical king of Belgriun, hailed as heroes by people of Belgriun, secretly looted Belgriun treasury, opposed by Spider-Man, Silver Sable & Sandman, defeated, escaped, lost loot during escape (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #17-18, 2000); tried to ransom a figurine back to its owner, defeated by Rocket Racer (Marvel Tales #242, 1990); participated in Vault breakout, opposed by Avengers & Freedom Force (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); participated in Runner’s race to the Moon, outpaced Black Racer & Super Sabre but was beaten by Quicksilver, the Earth-712 Whizzer, Makkari & "Buried Alien" (Quasar #17, 1990); alongside Sinister Syndicate, robbed Federal Reserve & defeated Spider-Man, turned on Syndicate leader Beetle when they learned he had promised their loot to the Kingpin, insisted alongside other Syndicate members that they assist Beetle in planning their jobs from now on, tried to seduce Boomerang’s girlfriend Leila Davis, robbed Fort Knox shipment with Syndicate, aided in Syndicate’s failed attempt to free Boomerang from custody, participated in Syndicate’s assassination of Dr. Jared Goulding, declared continued loyalty to Beetle alongside Hydro-Man since they felt his Syndicate leadership was too lucrative to lose even if they didn’t like or trust him, alongside Beetle & Hydro-Man, vs traitors Leila, Rhino & Boomerang, fled while Spider-Man captured Beetle, Boomerang & Leila (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #1-4, 1991); sought revenge on Rocket Racer, defeated (Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991); alongside former Syndicate partners & other Hammer super-agents, vs Spider-Man & New Warriors on Hammer’s behalf, reluctantly teamed with Warriors & Spider-Man vs Sphinx, felled by Sphinx (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); played cards with Beetle & Mister Hyde (Sleepwalker #20, 1993); alongside dozens of other super-criminals, attended A.I.M. weapons expo, vs Captain America, collided with Blizzard during scuffle (Captain America #411-413, 1993); reportedly captured by bounty hunter Random (X-Factor #102, 1994); with Beetle, Hydro-Man & Scorpia, vs Deathlok/Michael Collins & Spider-Man on behalf of Silvermane’s Maggia crime family (Spider-Man: The Power of Terror # 1-2, 1995); associated with hired killer Blockade (Cable #55, 1998); as Hammer agent, alongside Blizzard, Hydro-Man & Whiplash, vs Beetle & Thunderbolts, escaped (Thunderbolts #35-37, 2000); participated in Madripoor’s Blood Sport tournament, defeated by Wolverine (Wolverine #167, 2001); attended Venom symbiote auction (Marvel Knights Spider-Man #6, 2004); helped Thunderbolts defeat Wrecking Crew, joined Thunderbolts as double agent of Hydra leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, helped Thunderbolts, Mr. Fantastic, Namor & Spider-Man save United Nations from Great Game players, began hitting on new teammate Joystick incessantly, led Blizzard & Joystick in playing hooky at Big Apple strip club, secretly snuck out of club to aid MACH-4 in battle with Fathom Five, openly joined Thunderbolts in defending Manhattan from Fathom Five & Strucker’s Hydra army, exposed as Strucker’s double agent, reluctantly risked own life to help prevent a nuclear disaster, became celebrity hero alongside other Thunderbolts due to victory over Hydra (New Thunderbolts #2-6, 2005); as Whizzer, partnered with Shocker in multi-million-dollar heist, opposed by Blizzard, defeated him & hung him from a bridge, stole the loot from Shocker & turned it over to MACH-4 to serve as Thunderbolts funding (New Thunderbolts #7-8, 2005); with Thunderbolts, vs Namor’s Atlantean troops, rejected yet again by Joystick (New Thunderbolts #9, 2005); with Thunderbolts, manipulated by Purple Man into battling Songbird & Swordsman/Andreas Von Strucker (New Thunderbolts #10, 2005); participated in human underground resistance movement in the mutant-dominated "House of M" alternate reality (New Thunderbolts #11, 2005); with Thunderbolts, helped free Manhattan from Purple Man’s control (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005); with Thunderbolts, ambushed Avengers & handed them a humiliating defeat, speed began increasing (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005); continued committing secret thefts as Whizzer for his own profit by robbing those he felt deserved it or could afford to lose it, robbed Nighthawk’s company Richmond Enterprises, realized his speed had been increasing since the Hydra battle, sparred with Joystick, suffered groin injury at hands of Joystick, with Thunderbolts, vs Nighthawk, robbery sideline exposed to fellow Thunderbolts, rejoined Squadron Sinister as Whizzer, turned against Squadron alongside Nighthawk when he decided their goals were too altruistic, fired from Thunderbolts as Speed Demon by Songbird, returned to Squadron as Whizzer under the leadership of their patron Grandmaster (New Thunderbolts #15-16, 2006); as Speed Demon, helped Squadron investigate Church of the Universal Wellspring and its energy source, vs Church’s warrior monks, crippled & stripped of his powers by Joystick (Thunderbolts #102, 2006)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 (1988)
Origin: Speedball #1 (1988), New Warriors Annual #1 (1991)
Significant Issues: As a baby, was baby-sat by young Peter Parker, picked up words such as "ball" & "speed" from Peter, accompanied Peter in appearing on Wally Wisecard’s "Kids Sure Are Goofy" TV show (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11, 1991); worked at Hammond Research Lab as teenager, gained super-powers in lab accident, stopped thieves from robbing lab, suspected as accomplice by Officer Al LaGuardia, (Speedball #1, 1988); rescued parents from Johnny Roarke, picked up "Speedball" alias from comment by Roarke, dubbed "Masked Marvel" by Springdale public (Speedball #1, 1988); subdued criminal Crooked Face (Marvel Age Annual #4, 1988); visited Manhattan, helped Spider-Man & Daredevil defeat High Evolutionary’s Purifiers (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22, 1988); saved mother from disgruntled would-be actor (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22, 1988); learned Benson’s cat Niels had been transformed by kinetic energy as well, tasked with catching Niels, defeated Sticker (Speedball #2, 1988); met new student Teri Cooper, helped police capture Graffiti Guerillas (Speedball #2, 1988); captured Leaper Logan (Speedball #3, 1988); teased by David Bealer, supported by Teri, helped martial arts movie star Chick Harris capture "Proletariat" terrorists who tried to hold Harris & Springdale’s students for ransom, discovered he was bulletproof during fight, ignored Harris’s offer of work in movies (Speedball #3, 1988); accidentally discovered skeleton of mother’s old boyfriend Alexander Bow alongside fellow students, Baldwin family hounded by media & public regarding Bow case, supported by Officer Burnatt, helped expose Otto Clase as Bow’s apparent killer by capturing Clase’s cat burglar accomplice Fred Caskey when he tried to retrieve evidence (Speedball #4, 1988); tried & failed to capture Basher before police apprehended him (Speedball #5, 1989); alongside Officer Burnatt, vs Two-Legged Rat (Speedball #5, 1989); helped "Freak of Science" Rico escape Huggins & Bliss (Speedball #5, 1989); defeated Bug-Eyed Voice (Speedball #6, 1989); rescued Niels from catlike aliens (Speedball #6, 1989); defeated Harlequin Hitmen before they could kill his father, saw Hitmen unmasked as his parents’ old friends Herb & Sheila Hollister (Speedball #7, 1989); stayed off track team to avoid revealing powers, tried to warn Coach Putnam some of team were using performance-enhancing drugs, helped police capture drug dealer supplying students (Speedball #7, 1989); alongside Blue Shield, Gladiatrix & Mechanaut, tried out for Avengers membership on Avengers Island, tryout session cut short when applicants mistakenly battled Soviet Super-Soldiers who were seeking asylum, advised by Captain America to practice skills further & reapply later (Captain America #352, 1989); helped police capture Bonehead (Speedball #8, 1989); met wealthy new student Monica Deluise, asked Monica out to prom, double-dated with David & Teri, saved Monica from would-be kidnappers, met Monica’s father Senator Deluise (Speedball #8, 1989); informed by parents of their past with Alexander Bow, helped parents expose Nathan Boder as Bow’s real killer (Speedball #9, 1989); vs giant animals created by corrupt scientist Clyde, Clyde seemingly slain (Speedball #10, 1989); vs Feathered Felon (Marvel Comics Presents #14, 1989); rescued classmate "Pulitizer" Patty O’Donnels from embezzler Louie Perlongetti (Marvel Super-Heroes #1, 1990); failed to prevent "Phantom" & "Guardian" from killing each other in culmination of their lifelong feud over a coveted childhood toy, "the Evilizer" (Marvel Super-Heroes #2, 1990); befriended & romanced dying Hammond test subject Shara from tiny African nation of Kwarrai after she was accidentally exposed to radioactive vibranium by her scientist father, shared his secret identity with Shara, tried to stop Shara when she went on vibranium-powered rampage as Vibrania after earthquake destroyed Kwarri, saw Shara/Vibrania sacrifice her life to save him (Marvel Super-Heroes #4, 1990); vs Jolly Roger (Marvel Super-Heroes #5, 1991); captured Bouncer (Marvel Super-Heroes #6, 1991); vs dice-masked criminals as they fought among themselves (Marvel Comics Presents #56, 1990); studied & socialized with classmate Jack, saved mother from Absorbing Man (Marvel Super-Heroes #14, 1993); suffered humiliating defeat by Doctor Octopus in Chicago (Marvel Comics Presents #127, 1993); alongside other teen heroes, vs Terrax, joined them in founding New Warriors (New Warriors #1, 1990); with New Warriors, alongside Thor, vs Juggernaut (Thor #411-412, 1989); defeated Edgar Marlopolis a.k.a. the Dude in the Really Rad Armor (Marvel Comics Presents #85, 1991); as Robbie, interned at Damage Control, as Speedball, tried to aid She-Hulk (Damage Control #2-4, 1989-1990); with Warriors, vs Concrete Dragons street gang (New Warriors #2, 1990); with Warriors, confronted Mad Thinker & Primus (New Warriors #3, 1990); with Warriors, arrived too late to assist Namor & others in thwarting eco-terrorists Force (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #5, 1990); with Warriors, vs Psionex (New Warriors #4, 1990); with Warriors, vs Star Thief & Stane agents (New Warriors #5-6, 1990); with Warriors, dealt with blizzard conjured by Avant Guard (Web of Spider-Man #75, 1991); told father he had been acting out in vain attempt to distract parents from fighting with each other, shared secret identity with Warriors, with Warriors, visited Brazil & confronted Project: Earth, rescued mother & revealed secret identity to her, defeated Force of Nature (New Warriors #7-9, 1991); with Warriors, vs White Queen’s Hellions (New Warriors #10, 1991); non-powered teenager as Baldwin in temporary Sphinx-created Earth-9105 (New Warriors #13, 1991); with Warriors, attended grand opening of Avengers Headquarters (Avengers #332-333, 1991); with Warriors, clashed with X-Force, alongside them, Muir Island X-Men & X-Factor, vs Piecemeal & Proteus (New Mutants Annual #7/New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); fed Niels, recalled their shared origins (New Warriors Annual #1, 1991); with Warriors, tested powers, took experimental Genetech serum to help monitor his kinetic field, sought huge impact to activate his kinetic field but kept getting rescued by Spider-Man, Beast, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman & Counterweight, belatedly discovered that serum had temporarily negated his powers & that any great impact would have injured or killed him (New Warriors Annual #1, 1991); encountered Impossible Man (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #2, 1991); with Warriors, alongside other heroes, opposed Edifice Rex (Damage Control #1-2 & 4, 1991); captured Class Clown (Marvel Comics Presents #96, 1991); with Warriors, manipulated into battling Fantastic Four by Puppet Master (Fantastic Four #356, 1991); alongside Namorita & Darkhawk, vs Sea Urchin’s smugglers (New Warriors #14, 1991); with Warriors, alongside Captain America, vs Drug Lords (Captain America: Drug War #1, 1994); with Warriors, vs Psionex, alongside Mathemanic, Impulse, Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer, vs Terrax, learned how to throw super-kinetic punch during battle (New Warriors #15-17, 1991); among heroes assembled to confront Neutron Bum, met Slapstick (Slapstick #4, 1993); witnessed Chord’s attempted suicide (New Warriors #18, 1991); with Warriors, captured & tortured by Gideon (New Warriors #19, 1992); with Warriors, vs Cybersamurai, voted against Night Thrasher’s plan to cooperate with Yakuza criminals for information (New Warriors #20, 1992); with Warriors, recruited Rage & Darkhawk, stole Avengers quinjet, followed Night Thrasher to Cambodia, vs Folding Circle & Tai (New Warriors #21-25, 1992); captured by Sphinx for scientific study, rescued by New Warriors & Spider-Man, learned he could drain kinetic energy from other sources (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); learned his parents were getting divorced & mother was moving to Manhattan (New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); with Rage, helped "Pulitzer" Patty nail smugglers (Marvel Comics Presents#122, 1993); invited Rage to join Warriors, gave him new costume (New Warriors #26, 1992); with Warriors, attended gathering at Four Freedoms Plaza to discuss opposing Magis (Infinity War #1-3/Alpha Flight #110/Fantastic Four #367-368/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Wonder Man #13, 1992); delivered pizza for heroes’ gathering, intervened in Rage’s battle with his evil doppelganger Enraged, declared public enemy in Springdale after his evil doppelganger Blackball terrorized city, escaped police task force led by father, rescued mother from Blackball, secret identity discovered by father (New Warriors #27, 1992); with Warriors, further involvement in opposing Magus (Infinity War #3-4/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41 & 43-44, 1992); offered to help Night Thrasher investigate subversion of Taylor Foundation (Night Thrasher: Four Control #2, 1992); with Warriors, vs Force of Nature & others during Trans-Sabal civil war, discussed war on TV (New Warriors #29-30, 1992); told parents he had decided to live with mother in Manhattan, argued with father, chatted with Rage (New Warriors #31, 1993); watched mother’s debut on Secret Hospital soap opera, met her co-star Mary Jane Watson-Parker & her husband Peter Parker, with Warriors, alongside other heroes, vs corrupting Darkforce unleashed by Darkling, secret identity discovered by Carlton Lafroyge (New Warriors #32-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); admired Brittany Hope, refused to fight school bully Chuck Farley despite provocation, impressed Brittany, asked her out on date & she accepted (New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); with Warriors, alongside Darkhawk, vs Tomorrow Man (Darkhawk #26-29, 1993); blackmailed by Carlton LaFroyge regarding his secret identity as Speedball (New Warriors #35-36, 1993); went Christmas shopping with Rage, with Warriors, celebrated Christmas (Marvel Holiday Special #1, 1993); among heroes assembled to oppose Goddess (Infinity Crusade #1-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18-20/Darkhawk #30/Alpha Flight #127/Web of Spider-Man #104-106, 1993); failed to talk Carlton out of forcing himself into Warriors business as Hindsight Lad, father abducted by Poison Memories, with Warriors, rescued father & other hostages & defeated Poison Memories (New Warriors #37-38/Night Thrasher #1, 1993); began to reconcile with father while helping him repair his house, comforted Rage following death of Granny Staples (New Warriors #39, 1993); with Warriors, vs Asylum, seemingly destroyed Asylum, alongside Firelord & Air-Walker, helped restore Xandar (New Warriors #40-42, 1993); celebrated Nova’s birthday (Nova #1, 1994); with Warriors, attended Vance’s release from prison & helped drive off anti-Vance protesters (New Warriors #43, 1994); present while Hindsight Lad helped Nova research Tailhook (Nova #2, 1994); with Warriors, discussed Justice’s seeming resignation from team (New Warriors #44, 1994); with Warriors, alongside X-Force, opposed Upstarts' "Younghunt," altered his costume (X-Force #32-33/New Warriors #45-46, 1994); learned he might have to repeat sophomore year of high school, provoked by Chuck Farley again, stalked Farley as Speedball with intent of attacking him, learned Farley was troubled teen with dead mother & abusive father, felt sorry for Farley & decided not to attack him after all (New Warriors Annual #4, 1994); sparred with Night Thrasher, gave him relationship advice (Night Thrasher #7, 1994); with Warriors, opposed & destroyed controversial dam project in Nadua, vs Iron Man & Thunderstrike (Iron Man #302-304, 1994); went to movies with Mickey Musashi, with Warriors, scattered through time by Sphinx, stranded in kinetic energy dimension that spawned his powers, gained strange new insights into his powers (New Warriors #47-49, 1994); replaced on Earth by Speedball imposter Darrion Grobe who helped Warriors defeat Sphinx (New Warriors #50, 1994); with Warriors, alongside Slapstick, Grobe vs Doctor Yesterday (Marvel Comics Presents #159-163, 1994); Grobe spied on by Primus, Grobe helped reorganize Warriors, with Warriors, Grobe addressed by Mad Thinker & Primus (New Warriors #51, 1994); with Warriors, Grobe tested powers, Grobe helped bring in Psionex (New Warriors #52, 1994); with Warriors, Grobe vs Consortium (Nova #14, 1995); with Warriors, alongside Cardinal, Grobe vs Undertow & their Soldiers of Misfortune, unable to prevent Undertow’s abduction of Namorita (New Warriors #54-56, 1994-1995); alongside Darkhawk, Nova & Spider-Man, Grobe clashed with Hostiles & Metahumes (Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies #1-4, 1995); with Warriors, Grobe condemned Night Thrasher’s absentee leadership, forced Night Thrasher & Rage out of group as a result, Grobe vs Namor (New Warriors #57, 1995); Grobe played video games with Rage (Night Thrasher #16, 1994); alongside Savage Steel, Damek the Earth Shaker, Nova, Spider-Man & Darkhawk, Grobe vs Mahari alien invasion (Darkhawk #50, 1995); with Warriors, Grobe helped Night Thrasher seek missing Rage (Night Thrasher #20, 1995); with Warriors, alongside Batal & Sabra, Grobe helped protect peace conference (New Warriors #59-59, 1995); with Warriors, alongside Nova Omega, Grobe vs Volx (New Warriors #60, 1995); Grobe warned of his impending demise by Rina Patel, with Warriors, Grobe helped pursue Spidercide, recruited Scarlet Spider & captured Helix (New Warriors #61-62/Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage - Alpha/Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); with Warriors, Grobe helped protect Mary Jane Watson-Parker from Jackal-controlled Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #228/Web of Spider-Man #129, 1995); Grobe refused to believe Rina’s premonitions of his death despite her proving her powers as Timeslip, with Warriors, Grobe vs Eugenix & mistakenly vs Psionex (New Warriors #63-64, 1995); Grobe dreamed of past life, with Warriors, Grobe vs Soldiers of Misfortune (New Warriors #65, 1995); with Warriors, Grobe met Phil Urich/Green Goblin (Green Goblin #2, 1995); Grobe defeated Clyde & gang of Speedball’s other old Springdale foes with aid of Niels while visiting Speedball’s father in Springdale, Grobe shared Speedball’s secret identity with Doctor Benson, Grobe adopted Niels, true Speedball glimpsed by Grobe in kinetic energy dimension (New Warriors #66, 1995); Grobe brought Niels to Manhattan, became friendly with Rina, struggled with malfunctioning powers, with Warriors, rescued mother from Scarlet Spider imposter (New Warriors #67/Web of Scarlet Spider #4, 1996); with Warriors, alongside Laura Dunham, Grobe played Risk board game, Grobe identified as dangerous temporal anomaly by Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians & Warriors fought over Grobe until Grobe caused temporal inversion that made it so fight never happened, Sphinx also targeted Grobe as dangerous temporal anomaly, Grobe slain by Sphinx despite resistance from Warriors & Nova Omega, Grobe realized who & what he was as he died, Grobe’s origins & past uncovered by Timeslip, Timeslip prevented Grobe’s father from altering timestream, true Speedball released from kinetic energy dimension & reunited with Warriors (New Warriors #68-71, 1996); reunited with Rage & Night Thrasher (New Warriors #72, 1996); attended Warriors meeting, learned Volx had killed & impersonated Warrors reservist & alternate Turbo Mike Jeffries (New Warriors #73, 1996); with Warriors, alongside Saal, defeated Volx, became close to Timeslip (New Warriors #74-75, 1996); with Warriors, offered novice heroine Ultra Girl guidance, alongside her, vs Effex (Ultra Girl #2-3, 1996-1997); with Warriors, captured crack dealers & reacted to news of Thunderbolts’ debut (Thunderbolts #1, 1997); with Warriors, alongside Thunderbolts, Heroes for Hire, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Swordsman & Magdalene, vs Elements of Doom (Thunderbolts #8, 1997); with Warriors, acted as backup for Avengers during conflict with Taskmaster & Albino (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1, 1998); with Warriors, alongside other heroes, battled & defeated by Aria-possessed Wolverine (Wolverine #134, 1999); with Warriors, alongside Avengers, shut down A.I.M. warehouse despite interference of Lord Templar (Avengers #13, 1999); attended Warriors' disbanding (Nova #1, 1999); reunited with Warriors to capture Skrull posing as superhuman policeman, romanced by Namorita to spite Nova (Nova #3, 1999); planned to reassemble Warriors (New Warriors #0, 1999); apprehended Boomerang, adopted new costume, began reassembling Warriors, turned down by various past members & other heroes, convinced Nova, Namorita & Turbo to rejoin along with new recruits Aegis & Bolt/Chris Bradley, with Warriors, defeated Blastaar (New Warriors #1, 1999); with Warriors, defeated Slingers during "contest of champions" organized by alien Coterie (Contest of Champions II #3, 1999); began television internship, with Warriors, vs Eugenix (New Warriors #2, 1999); with Warriors, encountered Generation X students in their civilian identities (Generation X #59, 2000); with Warriors, vs high-tech street gangs (New Warriors #3, 1999); with Warriors, vs Heavy Mettle, moved into Brooklyn firehouse headquarters (New Warriors #4, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Avengers, celebrated Christmas (Ant-Man’s Big Christmas #1, 2000); Warriors began using Hoverpod, with Warriors,alongside Generation X, vs Biohazard (New Warriors #5, 2000); with Warriors, captured Mutant Force, alongside Nova, started planning New Warriors movie (New Warriors #6, 2000); with Warriors, captured Heavy Mettle with aid of repentant Firestrike (New Warriors #7, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Iron Fist, vs Junzo Moto & Hand, rescued Iron Fist (New Warriors #8, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Wolverine, vs Reanimator (Wolverine #149, 2000); with Warriors, vs Blizzard until sentient Iron Man armor intervened, vs rogue sentient armor after Blizzard’s defeat (New Warriors #9, 2000); gave up on Warriors movie project after prospective producers tried to turn it into cutesy animated version, decided to concentrate less on public relations & showbiz aspirations (New Warriors #10, 2000); teamed with disapproving Iron Man to stop bank robbery (Iron Man #33, 2000); with Warriors, alongside other heroes, helped battle invading aliens (Maximum Security #1 & 3, 2000 & 2001); with Warriors, alongside most of Earth’s other heroes, abducted by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); with Warriors, helped protect civilians during disasters caused by universe-merging machinations of mad scholar from divergent cosmos (Avengers/JLA #4, 2004); alongside Jessica Drew & Jessica Jones, targeted MGH drug ring (Alias #20-21, 2003); as participant in New Warriors reality TV series, vs Tiger Shark, Armadillo, Super Apes, Mad Thinker’s Intellectual Robots & Corruptor (New Warriors #1-6, 2005-2006); visited Madison to promote New Warriors show, thanked admirer Squirrel Girl for her devoted fandom & for stopping the Bug-Eyed Voice from attacking him, gave Squirrel Girl parting kiss (I ? Marvel: Masked Intentions #1, 2006); with Warriors during taping of their reality TV show, tried to arrest Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Nitro & Speedfreek in Stamford, Nitro caused explosion that seemingly slew Warriors, villains & hundreds of civilians (Civil War #1, 2006); found alive but powerless, arrested, held indefinitely without legal counsel, secret identity exposed to press by S.H.I.E.L.D., blamed for Stamford disaster & became one of the most hated men in America, offered deal to get out of prison by becoming government-registered superhero & working for S.H.I.E.L.D. as trainer of other super-agents & hunter of unlicensed heroes, turned down deal, beaten by guards, transferred into general population of maximum security prison, beaten & abused by fellow inmates such as Toomey, advised by lawyer Jennifer Walters to take government’s deal, refused deal since it would constitute admission of guilt, got new cellmate Hickey, nearly beat Toomey in boxing match until one of Toomey’s confederates wounded him with shiv, powers showed signs of returning, disowned by father, visited by mother, disowned by mother after he refused to express remorse or make deal with government, transferred to Negative Zone Prison: Alpha a.k.a. "Fantasy Island", letters home incinerated, agreed to appear before Congress at suggestion of Reed Richards in hopes of making his case to public, shot by protester en route to Congress (Civil War: Front Line #1-7, 2006)


First Appearance: Spellbinders #1 (2005)
Significant Issues: Francis Foley & David Knox attempted to summon fulcrum, Kim Vesco returned to Salem (Spellbinders #1, 2005); Francis attempted to convince classmates that Kim was fulcrum (Spellbinders #2, 2005); Francis convinced rival covens to join forces to rescue Kim from mystery assailant (Spellbinders #3, 2005); rival covens brought Kim to Pillar of Smoke to determine whether she was a witch, Barrow defeated covens before destroying & ingesting Pillar of Smoke (Spellbinders #4, 2005); with Pillar of Smoke’s power internalized, Barrow set out to channel power of Salem’s entire witch population into himself so he could resurrect Sally Sherman, Kim discovered she was a necromancer (Spellbinders #5, 2005); Kim created doorway to realm of the dead so that resurrected Sally could reenter, Barrow unwillingly forced to follow Sally as his lifeforce was anchored to her, Barrow destroyed by order of Asrokhel (Spellbinders #6, 2005)


First Appearance: (Mut) Nova #6 (1977); (Kerim) New Warriors #4 (1990); (merged) New Warriors #50 (1994)
Origin: Fantastic Four #212 (1979), Marvel Two-in-One #91 (1982), New Warriors #12 (1994)
Significant Issues: Opposed Condor & Nova (Nova #6-7 & 10-11, 1977); captured Inhuman royal family (Fantastic Four Annual #12, 1977); took control of Nova ship (Nova #24-25, 1979); gained Galactus-level powers (Fantastic Four #206, 208 & 212-213, 1979); encountered past self (Marvel Two-in-One #91, 1982); forced to destroy Ka stone (Thing #34, 1986); Meryet recreated Ka stone (New Warriors #4-10, 1990-1991); created alternate timeline where Sphinxes ruled (New Warriors #11-13, 1991); Caretakers of Arcturus’ role revealed (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #27, 1991); Anath-Na Mut created power-studying facility (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); Anath-Na vs Meryet, merged with each other (New Warriors #47-50/Night Thrasher #11-12, 1994); merged Sphinx killed Speedball duplicate to save timeline (New Warriors #68-69 & 71, 1996); Sphinx resurrected as Anath-Na Mut (Nova #3-6, 1999); in Negative Zone Vault (Fantastic Four: Foes #1 & 5-6, 2005)

Spider Society

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #30 (2001)
Significant Issues: Ezekiel Sims first confronted Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #30, 2001); Ezekiel closed down Sims Corporation (Amazing Spider-Man #35, 2001); Ezekiel died (Amazing Spider-Man #508, 2004); Araña became Spider Society's new Hunter (Amazing Fantasy #1, 2004); Araña & Miguel prevented Wasps from initiating new Hunter (Amazing Fantasy #6, 2004); Wasp's hired teenage assassin Amun (Araña #2, 2005); Miguel & Nina killed, Nina resurrected, Wasps' chosen Hunter blocked from initiation again, Anya quit Spider Society (Spider-Man/Araña: The Hunter Revealed #1, 2006)

Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)

First Appearance: (Cameo) Spectacular Spider-Man #263 (1998); (fully) Amazing Spider-Man #441 (1998)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #441 (1998)
Significant Issues: Attended Gathering of the Five ceremony, attained power (Amazing Spider-Man #441, 1998); acted as superhero dressed as Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #1, 1999); vs Shadrac, revealed identity to Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #2, 1999); called self Spider-Woman for the first time, first encountered Spider-Woman/Charlotte Witter, powers siphoned (Amazing Spider-Man #5, 1999); powers regained from Witter along with powers of other Spider-Women (Spider-Woman #1, 1999); moved in with Jamesons (Spider-Woman #3, 1999); appeared to have killed Flesh & Bones (Spider-Woman #4, 1999); vs Shadow Casters, sent to private high school, met Cheryl Lansing (Spider-Woman #5-6, 1999); saved world from alien invasion ((Spider-Woman #7-8, 2000); vs Charlotte Witter again, Charlotte's link to the Gathering of the Five severed (Spider-Woman #9, 2000); vs psychic projection of Rhino/Doc Ock/Venom amalgam (Spider-Woman #10-11, 2000); faced cloistered werewolf in New Orleans (Spider-Woman #12-13, 2000); suspended from school, secret identity revealed to Cheryl Lansing (Spider-Woman #15, 2000); sewn inside Skin by Miss Itch & Mr Scratch, escaped (Spider-Woman #16, 2000); origins of Flesh, Bones, Miss Itch & Mr Scratch revealed (Spider-Woman #17-18, 2000); rescued by Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew from abuse by drug dealing boyfriend (Alias #16 & 18-21, 2003)

Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter)

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #5 (1999)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #6 (1999)
Significant Issues: Attacked Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter, & Mattie Franklin (Amazing Spider-Man #5, 1999); attacked Mattie Franklin in Black Cat’s apartment, forced to retreat by Spider-Man & Black Cat (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #5, 1999); revealed to be pawn of Doctor Octopus, briefly incapacitated Spider-Man in Doctor Octopus’ underwater lair (Amazing Spider-Man #6, 1999); began kidnapping men upon which to feed, rendered unconscious when Mattie Franklin absorbed her powers (Spider-Woman #1, 1999); reunited with Doctor Octopus, used still-existing psychic link to control Mattie Franklin’s psionic spider legs until Madame Web severed link (Spider-Woman #2, 1999); placed in Madame Web’s care & slowly regained dormant powers (Spider-Woman #3, 1999); escaped Madame Web’s custody (Spider-Woman #8, 2000); used psychic powers to learn Spider-Man’s true identity, attacked Peter Parker & his family at his apartment (Amazing Spider-Man #14, 2000); tracked down & defeated by Spider-Man, Mattie Franklin, & Madame Web, placed in Madame Web’s custody after her powers were rendered dormant again (Spider-Woman #9, 2000)


First Appearance: Longshot #1 (1985)
Origin: X-Factor Annual #7 (1992)
Significant Issues: captured past self Ricochet Rita (Longshot #2 & 4-6, 1985); as Rita, aided X-Babies (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12/Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, 1988/1999); past as Rita confirmed (X-Factor Annual #7, 1992); pursued Longshot for Mojo (Longshot #1, 3-6, 1985-1986); Body Shoppe used to transform Lady Deathstrike (Uncanny X-Men #205, 1986); joined Freedom Force (Uncanny X-Men #206, 1986); captured Rachel in Body Shoppe (Uncanny X-Men #209, 1986); with Freedom Force, vs Avengers (Avengers Annual #15/West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); created Psylocke’s bionic eyes (New Mutants Annual #2, 1986); re-encountered Longshot with X-Men (Uncanny X-Men Annual #10, 1986); with Freedom Force, vs X-Men, New Mutants & X-Factor (Uncanny X-Men #225/New Mutants #65/X-Factor #30-31, 1988); interfered in Psylocke/Kwannon reprogramming (Uncanny X-Men #256, 1989); with Freedom Force, vs Firestar & Arms of Salvation (Marvel Comics Presents #82-87, 1991); with Mojo, filmed X-Men documentary (Marvel Comics Presents #89, 1991); opposed Mojo at the Crunch (Wolverine #51-53, 1992); attacked Arize, joined Mojoverse rebellion (X-Factor Annual #7, 1992); role in Kwannon/Psylocke switch revealed (X-Men #31-32, 1994); aided Shatterstar (X-Force #60-61, 1996); acquired Coy Manh twins, worked with Viper (X-Force #62/Beast #1-3, 1997); spurned rebellion, served Mojo II (Marvel Fanfare #4-5, 1996-1997); opposed Crimson Dawn (Excalibur #107-110, 1997); created "evil Babies" (X-Babies Reborn #1, 2000); captured Exiles (Exiles #19, 2002); acquired mystical anti-Skornn sword (X-Force: Shatterstar #1-4, 2005); led Mojo to X-Men via Nocturne (Uncanny X-Men #460-461, 2005)

Spirits of Vengeance

First Appearance: (Wallow) Ghost Rider #87 (1997); (Pao Fu) Ghost Rider #88 (1997); (Verminus Rex & Doghead) Ghost Rider #89 (1997); (as group) Ghost Rider #90 (1997)
Origin: Ghost Rider #87-90 (1997)
Significant Issues: Recruitment of Wallow (Ghost Rider #87, 1997); transformation & recruitment of Pao Fu (Ghost Rider #88, 1997); recruitment of Verminus Rex, transformation & recruitment of Doghead (Ghost Rider #89, 1997); rampage by united Spirits of Vengeance, attack on Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #90, 1997); arrangement between Blackheart & Ghost Rider for leadership of Spirits of Vengeance (Ghost Rider #91-92, 1997-1998); freed from Blackheart's services (Ghost Rider #93, 1998)


First Appearance: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #97 (1984)
Origin: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #98 (1985)
Significant Issues: Discovered video radiation scan analyzer recorded Cloak’s unique energy (Peter Parker: Tthe Spectacular Spider-Man #97, 1984); duplicated Cloak’s energy, machine overheated creating circle of darkness, entered hole & emerged in polka-dot dimension, returned to lab as living embodiment of spotted dimension, decided to test powers before informing Kingpin (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #98, 1985); as Spot, defended Kingpin’s skyscraper, laughed at by Spider-Man, opposed him, forced Spider-Man & Black Cat to retreat (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #99, 1985); tricked by Spider-Man into removing most of his spots thus allowing Spider-Man to hit him, opted to give up being a super-villain (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #100, 1985); hung out at Bar with No Name (Marvel: Year in Review, 1992); recruited by Grizzly for Spider-Man Revenge Squad/Legion of Losers alongside Gibbon & Kangaroo, robbed bank, broke with Grizzly & Gibbon, defeated by Grizzly & Gibbon who pulled his arms & legs, yanking him out of spotted dimension (Spectacular Spider-Man #245-246, 1997); used by Gideon Trust to power Negative Zone portal (Fantastic Four #38, 2001); Negative Zone portal destroyed (Fantastic Four #44, 2001); as Ohnn, imprisoned in The Cage, became Tombstone’s cellmate, paroled, teleported Tombstone away, had neck broken by Tombstone (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16-17, 2002); murdered by Elektra & the Hand, resurrected as Hand slave, participated in attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier causing it to crash, defeated by Wolverine (Wolverine #26-28, 2005)

Squadron Sinister

First Appearance: Avengers #69 (1969)
Origin: Avengers #70 (1969)
Significant Issues: Squadron founders empowered and assembled by Grandmaster, pitted against Avengers in Grandmaster’s Game of the Galaxies, defeated by Avengers and Black Knight (Avengers #69-70, 1969); Dr. Kinji Obatu resumed Doctor Spectrum identity and fought Iron Man/Tony Stark, Obatu simultaneously fought an inner struggle with the prism’s internal consciousness Krimonn for control of their joint actions, prism possessed alternate Iron Man Eddie March and battled Thor, prism-possessed March defeated by Thor and gravely injured, prism re-bonded with Obatu, Obatu defeated and prism smashed by Iron Man/Tony Stark (Iron Man #63-66, 1973-1974); reformed prism found by Detroit sanitation worker Bob Farmer and donated to celebrity evangelist Billy Roberts, Roberts bonded with gem and became new Doctor Spectrum (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); Squadron sold out Earth to alien Nebulon and tried to help him flood it, prism’s consciousness seemingly rendered dormant by Nebulon, Squadron betrayed by Nighthawk and defeated by Defenders, Squadron seemingly destroyed (Defenders #13-14, 1974); survived with Nebulon’s aid, laid low, attacked by Defenders, captured Defenders, attacked hospitalized Nighthawk, defeated by Defenders, Spectrum’s prism smashed by Hulk (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); Squadron stripped of memories of their super-criminal careers by Doctor Strange and pursued various civilian occupations (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); Obatu incarcerated in his native land, escaped, allied with witch doctor W’Sulli and W’Sulli’s vampiric zuvembie pawn, abducted Black Panther and other prominent black people in America, brought them home as peace offering to his nation’s dictator, scheme foiled through combined efforts of Brother Voodoo, Thing and Black Panther, Obatu and W’Sulli slain by their zuvembie after losing control of it (Marvel Two-In-One #41, 1978); Hyperion worked at Arnold Columbo Health Spa in Queens as "Mr. Kant", Whizzer worked at Hudson Pharmaceuticals as Harvey James, Roberts resumed his evangelism, prism restored by Hank Pym, Krimonn’s consciousness within reawakened, prism possessed Wasp and battled Avengers in hopes of possessing Thor, Squadron’s memories restored in the process of treating Wasp’s condition, Hyperion battled Avengers and Ms. Marvel alongside Thundra before Vision talked Hyperion into reconsidering his vendetta against humanity, Whizzer defeated by Avengers, Roberts briefly reclaimed prism and fought Avengers before it possessed Thor, prism-possessed Thor battled Avengers, prism seemingly destroyed (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); scientist Alice Nugent worked as Hank Pym’s lab assistant (Iron Man #194, 1985); Nugent employed Pym at Nugent Technologies, witnessed abductions of Pym and other Avengers by Ultron (Avengers #19-20, 1999); divorced Des Moines factory worker Martha Gomes briefly empowered as new Doctor Spectrum, Gomes used as pawn against Thunderbolts by Purple Man, Gomes embarked on crime spree, Gomes defeated and captured by Thunderbolts when her power prism went dormant, power prism usurped by Alice Nugent as new Doctor Spectrum (New Thunderbolts #12-13 & 15, 2005-2006); Nugent joined forces with new Microverse-spawned Hyperion to reform Squadron Sinister under Grandmaster’s direction, Squadron plotted to become benevolent global dictators as Supreme Power, tried to recruit Whizzer/Speed Demon and Nighthawk back into the group, battled Nighthawk & Thunderbolts, convinced Whizzer/Speed Demon to rejoin (New Thunderbolts #15-16, 2006); convinced Nighthawk to rejoin, investigated Church of the Universal Wellspring in hopes of mastering its seemingly limitless energy source, fought Church’s warrior monks, Speed Demon crippled and stripped of his powers by Joystick (Thunderbolts #102, 2006)


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #410 (2002)
Significant Issues: Harassed by bullies, contemplated revenge by shooting them, invited by Xavier to enroll at Xavier Institute, accepted, met Beast (Uncanny X-Men #410, 2002); en route to Institute, saved Juggernaut from drowning (Uncanny X-Men #412, 2002); befriended Carter Ghazikhanian (Uncanny X-Men #413, 2002); began bonding with Juggernaut (Uncanny X-Men #416, 2003); played football with Juggernaut, Carter & Wolf Cub (Chamber #4, 2003); played baseball with Juggernaut & Carter (Uncanny X-Men #417-418, 2003); went swimming with Juggernaut & Carter, sought to stop children torturing animals (X-Men Unlimited #44, 2003); played catch with Juggernaut, witnessed X-Men’s clash with Alpha Flight over Alpha's intent to return him home, situation defused after he agreed to leave (Uncanny X-Men #421-422, 2003); abused by father (Uncanny X-Men #430, 2003); attacked by bully, inspired by Juggernaut, fought back & savagely beat bully (Uncanny X-Men #431, 2003); visited by Juggernaut, witnessed Juggernaut’s attack on his father, caught in battle between Juggernaut & Alpha Flight, mother injured, begged Juggernaut to stop (Uncanny X-Men #432-434, 2003-2004); mother made impassioned plea in Juggernaut’s favor (Uncanny X-Men #436, 2004); with mother, returned to Institute, became roommates with Jay Guthrie (X-Men #157-158, 2004); studied for math test, made deal with Juggernaut to pass test (X-Men Unlimited #4, 2004); embarrassed by mother’s intent to ask Juggernaut on a date (X-Men #161, 2004); witnessed Juggernaut with Brotherhood, angrily confronted him, brutally killed by Black Tom (X-Men #162, 2004); body discovered by X-Men (X-Men #163, 2004)

Stacy X

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #399 (2001)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #400 (2001)
Significant Issues: Worked as prostitute at X-Ranch, attacked by Church of Humanity, rescued by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #399, 2001); with X-Men, vs Church of Humanity, captured & tortured by Supreme Pontiff, rescued by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #400, 2001); seduced U.S. president, clashed with Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #401, 2002); with X-Men, investigated Vanisher (Uncanny X-Men Annual 2001, 2001); with X-Men, investigated X-Corps, vs rogue members, defeated Blob (Uncanny X-Men #402-406, 2002); used powers to ease pain of dying mutant (Uncanny X-Men #408, 2002); used powers to distract Vanisher while Archangel bought his company to end his illegal drug dealing (Uncanny X-Men #409, 2002); with X-Men, alongside M & Juggernaut, vs Black Tom (Uncanny X-Men #410-412, 2002); verbally clashed with Husk over Archangel (Uncanny X-Men #413, 2002); returned to X-Ranch to recover personal effects (Uncanny X-Men #416, 2003); attempted to seduce Nightcrawler (Uncanny X-Men #417, 2003); left farewell video for Archangel (Uncanny X-Men #422, 2003); revealed to have been depowered on "M-Day", returned to work as a street prostitute, interviewed by Sally Floyd (Generation M #2, 2006)

Stained Glass Scarlet

First Appearance and Origin: Moon Knight #14 (1981)
Significant Issues: Killed son (Moon Knight #14, 1981); became vigilante (Moon Knight #24, 1982); set fire to New York, threw herself into river (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #26-30, 1991); aided Moon Knight vs Black Spectre (Moon Knight #2-4, 1998)

Stankowicz, Fabian

First Appearance: (As Mechano-Marauder) Avengers #217 (1982); (as Mecho-Marauder) Marvel Two-in-One #96 (1983); (as Mechanaut) Captain America #352 (1989)
Origin: Avengers #217 (1982)
Significant Issues: As Mechano-Marauder, vs Iron Man (Avengers #217, 1982); vs prospective Avengers members (Avengers #221, 1982); as Mecho-Marauder, made attempt on the Thing, beaten by Spider-Man (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1983); appeared on David Letterman show, attempted to defeat Avengers on television (Avengers #239, 1984); as Mechanaut, applied for Avengers membership (Captain America #352, 1989); invited to serve in Avengers support crew (Avengers #354, 1989); developed drug problem (Captain America #372, 1990); recovered from drug abuse (Captain America #380, 1990); quit Avengers, went to work for Captain America (Captain America #422, 1993); helped Captain America invade A.I.M. Island (Captain America #440-441, 1995); designed Protectorate, set free from their control by Jarvis (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999)


First Appearance: Marvel Preview #4 (1976)
Origin: Marvel Preview #4 & 11 (1976 & 1977)
Significant Issues: Jason of Spartoi left empire in exile, later travelled back in time & sired Peter Quill (Inhumans #4, 2000); Peter Quill born, mother killed by aliens, Peter became astronaut & then Star-Lord (Marvel Preview #4, 1976); traveled to father’s time, freed Kip & Sandy from Slavers, followed Slaver’s trail to his uncle Gareth, slew Gareth, reunited with father (Marvel Preview #11, 1977); Ship shot down by Lorq fighters, took humanoid form to heal Quill, together they protected Trinity-That-Is-One from Lorq (Marvel Preview #14, 1978); stopped Haalmhad from destroying planet Cymoril (Marvel Preview #15, 1978); encountered Redstone’s Beastmen (Marvel Preview #18, 1979); on space ark, encountered Noah & Aletha (Marvel Super Special #10, 1979); tried to protect Master of the Sun from Ariguans (Marvel Spotlight #6, 1980); on planet Heaven, failed to prevent death of Thorn (Marvel Spotlight #7, 1980); encountered living planet Symbion (Marvel Premiere #61, 1981); returned to ask father to travel with him through the stars (Starlord Special Edition #1, 1982); separated from Ship (Star-Lord #2, 1997); defeated Fallen One but with massive collateral damage, renounced Star-Lord name, imprisoned on Kyln, encountered Gladiator & Thanos, conscripted into Imperial Guard by Gladiator after Fallen One escaped again (Thanos #8-12, 2004); joined Nova’s forces against Annihilation Wave (Annihilation: Nova #1-4/Annihilation #1, 2006)


First Appearance: (Cameo) Quasar #48 (1993); (fully) Quasar #53 (1993)
Significant Issues: Vessel first sighted (Quasar #48, 1993); arrived at Earth (Quasar #53, 1993); abducted Kayla Ballantine (Starblast #1, 1994); robot vs Northstar, Nova & Hulk (Secret Defenders #11, 1994); Xlyym vs Fantastic Four & Namor, executed by Tamara Rahn (Namor #46-47/Fantastic Four #385-386, 1994); vs Quasar & allies, invaded New Universe, Skeletron stranded in New Universe (Starblast #2-4/Quasar #54-56, 1994); exiled to Earth, vs Winter Guard (Maximum Security #1, 2000)


First Appearance and Origin: Starlord #1 (1996)
Significant Issues: Born, trained, assigned to Bovric, met Ship/’Rora, discovered by Harith Damyish, adopted Starlord persona & drove off Damyish & Colonel Castonis (Starlord #1, 1996); created massive ice/rock meteor via Element Gun, sent it to crash into Damyish’s estate to recover ‘Rora’s Widget, saved R’ralmians from erupting volcano, learned eruption caused by material drawn off by Element Gun to form asteroid, learned of Hamyish’s plot to use Viz Glazgon’s Iforani to conquer Carinian Cluster (Starlord #2, 1997); met with Glazgon, revealed Hamyish’s telepathic power, arranged destruction of blackmail material Hamyish was holding over Glazgon, Glazgon imprisoned Hamyish, planned continued adventures with ‘Rora (Starlord #3, 1997)


First Appearance: (As Lang) Marvel Premiere #47 (1979); (as Ant-Girl) Young Avengers #2 (2005); (as Giant Girl) Young Avengers #4 (2005); (as Stature) Young Avengers #6 (2005)
Significant Issues: Reunited with father after his release from prison, diagnosed with fatal congenital heart condition which prompted father to rescue Doctor Erica Sondheim in search of cure (Marvel Premiere #47, 1979); played with ants that came to warn father about trouble involving Microns (Micronauts #40, 1980); attended Third Annual Stark International Employee Appreciation Party with father (Iron Man #137, 1980); prepared breakfast for father before he set out to find killer of his former fellow inmate Gus Sweezer (Marvel Team-Up #103, 1981); played with Denise Pithins, daughter of Stark International Human Relations Director Artemus Pithins (Iron Man #155, 1982); cleaned her room with father prior to his adventure in Microverse with Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #87, 1982); accompanied father to Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders where he teamed up with Hawkeye against Taskmaster (Avengers #223, 1982); moved with father to Chula Vista, California, where he founded Electrolang, Inc. (Iron Man #224, 1987); greeted Tony Stark when he came to visit her father (Iron Man #225, 1987); made arrangements to stay with next-door neighbors when father was on contracting job for Electrolang (Iron Man #233, 1988); accidentally dropped late grandmother’s diamond ring down bathroom drain forcing father to descend into sewers as Ant-Man to retrieve it (Marvel Comics Presents #11, 1989); became concerned about Tony Stark’s condition when she heard on Channel 6 News he had been shot (Iron Man #243, 1989); watched TV news coverage of hydrogen bomb planted by terrorists at Stark research facility as it was defused by father (Marvel Comics Presents #81, 1991); moved back to New York with father & visited Four Freedom’s Plaza where father had been hired as technician, met Kristoff Vernard (Fantastic Four #403, 1995); discovered Zarkko the Tomorrow Man had infiltrated Four Freedom’s Plaza disguised as Kristoff’s manservant, captured by Zarkko, rescued by Lyja as Fantastic Four defeated Zarkko (Fantastic Four #404-405, 1995); watched TV as Fantastic Four set out to find presumed deceased Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four #407, 1995); convinced father he was still of use to Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four Unlimited #12, 1995); became concerned about Human Torch when he used Time Platform to join Fantastic Four on mission in distant alternate future timeline (Fantastic Four #408, 1996); became concerned about fate of Kristoff when Fantastic Four returned from mission & he did not appear to return with them, later became put-off by Kristoff’s Doom-like armor (Fantastic Four #409, 1996); alongside Kristoff, pondered over how to handle Donald Halberg - a classmate who was physically abused by his father (Fantastic Four #410-411, 1996); alongside Kristoff, attacked by psychic construct in image of Kang the Conqueror which was created by Onslaught within Four Freedom’s Plaza (Fantastic Four #416, 1996); parted ways with Kristoff & left Four Freedom’s Plaza when it was believed that Fantastic Four had been killed by Onslaught (Tales of the Marvel Universe, 1997); joined father at his new job with Oracle, Inc., absorbed by Super-Adaptoid android while exploring Oracle’s basements, defeated Super-Adaptoid from within (Heroes for Hire #7 & 9-10, 1998); picked up from school by father when he received message from Captain America about participation on Avengers mission (Avengers #26, 2000); forced to live with mother & new step-father when family court judge awarded sole custody to mother (Avengers #62, 2003); visited father at Avengers Mansion for weekend (Avengers #73, 2003); abducted by serial killer Charles Cooley, rescued by father & Jack of Hearts (Avengers #76, 2003); attempted to run away from home after father's death, discovered she had size-altering powers, joined Young Avengers, started brief romantic relationship with Iron Lad, with Young Avengers, defeated Kang (Young Avengers #1-6, 2005); with Young Avengers, defeated Mr. Hyde (Young Avengers #7-8, 2005-2006); with Young Avengers, protected teammate Hulkling from custody of Skrull & Kree empires while trying to avert a second Kree-Skrull War (Young Avengers #9-12, 2006); with Young Avengers, joined Captain America’s superhuman resistance movement after nearly being captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents under authority of Superhuman Registration Act (Civil War #2-3, 2006); with Young Avengers, allied with Runaways to infiltrate superhuman prison the Cube (Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways #1-4, 2006); after death of Goliath, defected from Captain America’s resistance movement to register with government (Civil War #4, 2006)

Steel Raven

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #150 (1994)
Significant Issues: Abducted Jessie & delivered him to Fortress, ambushed Daredevil, sent to locate Typhoid Mary (Marvel Comics Presents #150, 1994); confronted & offered to join forces with Typhoid Mary (Marvel Comics Presents #151, 1994); trained New Genix (Marvel Comics Presents #175, 1995)

Steel Serpent

First Appearance: (Seen) Iron Fist #1 (1975); (identified) Marvel Team-Up #63 (1977)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #64 (1977)
Significant Issues: Exiled from K’un-Lun after trying to take Iron Fist power from Shou-Lao (Marvel Team-Up #64, 1977); having learned Daniel Rand had claimed Iron Fist, contacted Rand’s enemy Ward Meachum to get information (Iron Fist #1, 1975); ambushed Iron Fist, drained some of his powers (Iron Fist #14, 1977); ambushed Iron Fist again, stole more of his power (Iron Fist #15, 1977); drained remainder of Iron Fist's power, vs Spider-Man, Iron Fist reclaimed power as it consumed Davos (Marvel Team-Up #63-64, 1977); with help of Contemplator, spirit manipulated Iron Fist into gathering Anomaly Gem (Marvel Comic Presents #125-132, 1993); fully assembled Anomaly Gem reconstituted Davos, stole power from Iron Fist again, entered K’un-Lun, power reclaimed by Iron Fist, Davos exiled again (Iron Fist #1-2, 1996); captured by Hand, residual Iron Fist power stolen by Junzo Muto (New Warriors #5, 2000)

Steel Spider

First Appearance: (As "Doctor Octopus") Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #72 (1982); (as Spider-Kid) Amazing Spider-Man #263 (1985); (as Steel Spider) Spider-Man Unlimited #5 (1994)
Origin: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #72 (1982)
Significant Issues: Founded Super Villain Society, went on minor crime spree as Doctor Octopus (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #72, 1982); rebuilt arms, reoutfitted as "the Spectacular Spider-Kid" (Amazing Spider-Man #263, 1985); as Spider-Kid, joined Toad & Frog-Man to form Misfits (Amazing Spider-Man #266, 1985); sought revenge for Jane Lane's shooting as the Steel Spider (Spider-Man Unlimited #5, 1994); vs Master of Vengeance (Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1, 1995); reportedly helped oppose Sentinel attack on Manhattan (Green Goblin #12, 1996)


First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Team-Up #19 (1974)
Significant Issues: Transformed himself into dinosaur man, vs Spider-Man & Ka-Zar in Savage Land, vs Spider-Man & Black Panther in New York, fell into sea & believed drowned (Marvel Team-Up #19, 1974); washed ashore, revived, reanimated dinosaur skeletons, vs Lizard & Spider-Man, entered suspended animation in Central Park due to cold weather (Amazing Spider-Man #165-166, 1977); having been an amnesiac human vagrant, turned back into dinosaur man again by nuclear blaster, vs Spider-Man & others for blaster (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #1-4, 1993); tried to return to Savage Land, took refuge from Antarctic cold in S.H.I.E.L.D. observation post, vs Thunderstrike, Black Panther & Black Widow, frozen (Thunderstrike #20, 1995); thawed out in Savage Land, vs Spider-Man & others, alongside them, vs Roxxon (Sensational Spider-Man #13-15, 1997); found Rock of Life, used it to put New York in touch with animal sides, vs Spider-Man (Sensational Spider-Man #23-27, 2006)

Stoker, Olivier

First Appearance: Gambit #1 (1997)
Significant Issues: Witnessed Anielle's fall, alongside Sybil, went to Miami to find Anielle (Gambit #1, 1997); invaded Vatican owned safehouse (Gambit #2, 1997); kidnapped Katrina, began to corrupt her faith (Gambit #3, 1997); transformed Katrina into Black Kat, confronted Gambit at the Vatican, disappeared with Anielle (Gambit #4, 1997)

Strange, Victor

First Appearance: (As Strange) Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #10 (1989); (as Baron Blood) Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #15 (1990); (as Khiron) Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #56 (1993)
Origin: Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #11 (1989); Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #14 (1990)
Significant Issues: Struck by car & killed after argument with brother Stephen, body frozen by Stephen in hopes of one day reviving him (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #11, 1989); revivification attempted by Stephen, unwittingly turned into vampire, years later electricity to cryogenic chamber cut off, awakened, summoned to New Orleans by Marie Laveau, fled with Morbius in pursuit (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #14, 1990); reached Stephen’s Sanctum in New York (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #10, 1989); once again drawn to Laveau, dubbed Baron Blood, used to resurrected Varnae (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #14-18, 1990); moved in with Morgana Blessing (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #21, 1990); became vigilante, fed off criminals, shown consequences of actions by Stephen when his victims arose as vampires (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #29, 1991); tried to help Stephen battle Mephista (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #30, 1991); encountered Cagliostro (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme Annual #2, 1992); continuing vigilante activities drew press attention, confronted by Stephen using possessed Wong, shown he had accidentally attacked an innocent, staked himself (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #56, 1993)


First Appearance: Avengers #83 (2004)
Origin: New Invaders #9 (2005)
Significant Issues: With Invaders, alongside Atlantean forces, overthrew Mazikhandarian government, vs Avengers (Avengers #83-84, 2004); with Invaders, vs Avengers (New Invaders #0, 2004); met Jim Hammond, given suit to control powers (New Invaders #1, 2004); with Invaders, vs Axis Mundi (New Invaders #2-3, 2004); with Invaders, helped rescue Spitfire from Baroness Blood (New Invaders #5, 2005); Red Skull programming revived (New Invaders #8, 2005); drained of excess energy by Jim Hammond, rendered inactive (New Invaders #9, 2005)

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