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Marvel Universe 


All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#11: Stranger to Ultimo

Last Updated: 11/22/06


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Cover by Keu Cha


First Appearance: X-Men #11 (1965)
Significant Issues: Claimed & recaptured Magneto (X-Men #11 & 18, 1965 & 1966); permitted Magneto’s escape (Avengers #47, 1967); used Hulk to foster chaos (Tales to Astonish #89-91, 1967); brought Null-Life Bomb to Earth (Silver Surfer #5, 1969); Abomination vs Thor on Lab World (Thor #178, 1970); captured Over-Mind (Fantastic Four #116, 1971); impersonated by Jakar (Captain America #149-150, 1972); impersonated by Toad (Avengers #137-138, 1975); controlled Kree mining asteroid (Captain Marvel #42, 1976); vs Warlock & Gardener (Marvel Team-Up #55, 1977); destroyed Null-Life Bomb (Champions #12-13, 1977); opposed Pluto (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #5, 1980); captured S’Byll, provided with Living Tribunal "origin" (Silver Surfer #27 & 29-31, 1989); stopped Nebula (Avengers #316-318, 1990); described by Kubik (Fantastic Four Annual #23, 1990); Over-Mind attacked Laboratory World (Quasar #14-16, 1990); opposed threat of Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #3-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1, 1991-1992); allowed Bi-Beast’s escape (Incredible Hulk #412, 1993); investigated Starbrand & New Universe (Quasar #55-57/Starblast #3-4, 1994); Globe of Knowledge stolen by Jakar (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3, 1995); helped create & observed Eurth (Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #1-3, 2000); used mutants to try to hasten Earth’s evolution (X-Men Forever #5-6, 2001); opposed Thanos & Heart of the Infinite (Marvel Universe: The End #4-6, 2003)

Strong Guy

First Appearance: (As Carosella) New Mutants #29 (1985); (as Strong Guy) X-Factor #72 (1991)
Origin: X-Factor #87 (1993); X-Factor Annual #8 (1993)
Significant Issues: As youth, beaten up by Shiela McCann’s boyfriend & other bullies, mutant power activated, body distorted, struck by bus, unaware of need to quickly discharge energy left Guido permanently deformed (X-Factor #87, 1993); inadvertantly crippled Charlie Ronalds after being hit by bus (X-Factor Annual #8, 1993); met Mary Bradley while recovering in hospital, developed crush (X-Factor #104, 1994); parents killed by falling satellite, out-of-court settlement made Guido rich (X-Factor #72, 1991); lived with aunt & uncle in Rhinebeck (X-Factor #103-104, 1994); worked for Lila Cheney as doorman & bouncer, met Dazzler, Cannonball & Magik/Illyana Rasputin (New Mutants #29, 1985); found amnesiac Dazzler naked on beach outside Lila’s Malibu home, took her in (Uncanny X-Men #259, 1990); tried to help Dazzler regain memories & deal with stalker Eric Beale (Uncanny X-Men #260, 1990); accompanied Lila to X-Men Mansion, left there when she teleported away (Uncanny X-Men #273, 1991); lured to Muir Island by Shadow King, became one of his gladiators (Uncanny X-Men #278, 1991); under Shadow King’s control, alongside others, vs X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #280, 1991); recruited by Val Cooper for new X-Factor team (X-Factor #70, 1991); took codename Strong Guy at X-Factor's press launch (X-Factor #72, 1991); with X-Factor, vs Slab, accidentally demolished Washington Monument (X-Factor #74, 1992); with X-Factor, redeemed himself by defeating Slab (X-Factor #75, 1992); with X-Factor, sent to Trans-Sabal to stop Pantheon & Hulk’s incursion (X-Factor #76/Incredible Hulk #390-392, 1992); with X-Factor, vs MLF, sought to protect Dr Tucker from MLF assassination (X-Factor #77-78, 1992); with X-Factor, alongside Alpha Flight, vs zombies (Alpha Flight #107, 1992); with X-Factor, vs Mojo & Spiral (X-Factor Annual #7, 1992); helped Cal deal with schoolyard bullies, then had to stop Cal when he became a bully himself (X-Factor Annual #7, 1992); with X-Factor, alongside other heroes, opposed Magus & his doppelgangers (Infinity War#1-6/Alpha Flight #110/Fantastic Four #367-370/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Wonder Man #13-15/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8, 1992); with X-Factor, assigned to protect Marilyn Maycroft from Hell’s Belles, poisoned by Cyber, given antidote & helped capture Hell’s Belles (X-Factor #80-81, 1992); protected Marilyn as she gave testimony (X-Factor #82, 1992); befriended Genoshan X-Patriot Jo Beth (X-Factor #83, 1992); with X-Factor, pulled into events surrounding attempted assassination of Professor X by Stryfe, vs X-Force, assisted in defeat of Stryfe (Uncanny X-Men #294-295/X-Factor #84, 86/X-Men #14-15/X-Force #16-17, 1992-1993); discussed his origins with Doc Samson (X-Factor #87, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Random in defense of X-Patriots, accompanied X-Patriots to Genosha (X-Factor #88, 1993); met Jo Beth’s grandmother (X-Factor #89, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Piecemeal, learned of what would later be called the Legacy Virus, tried to rescue infected Mutate 24601 from Magistrates, vs Magistrates (X-Factor #90-91, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Charon, realized Charon was his old school friend Charlie Ronalds (X-Factor Annual #8, 1993); discovered personnel files were being accessed by outside party (X-Factor Annual #8, 1993); checked subway wreck for survivors, only found dog alive, berated by onlookers who assumed he had left humans to die in favor of canine (X-Factor Annual #8, 1993); alongside other heroes, recruited by Goddess for her attempt at "cleansing" the universe (Infinity Crusade #2-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #18-19/Web of Spider-Man #104-106/Darkhawk #30-31/Alpha Flight #127, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Acolytes, learned Val Cooper had been under their control (X-Factor #92, 1993); turned down Lila Cheney’s request to accompany her on intergalactic tour (X-Factor #93, 1993); accompanied Wolfsbane to Muir Island for treatment to try to cure her mutate programming (X-Factor #94, 1993); witnessed his friend Jamie Madrox’s duplicates becoming increasingly individualistic due to Legacy Virus infection (X-Factor #95-96, 1993); attended Haven’s lecture at behest of Madrox (X-Factor #97, 1993); took Random into custody (X-Factor #98, 1994); with X-Factor, sent to apprehend Haven, witnessed her cure Wolfsbane of mutate programming but fail to cure Madrox’s Legacy Virus, watched his friend Madrox die (X-Factor #99-100, 1994); fought & captured Fenris when they targeted Wolfsbane (New Warriors #46, 1994); with X-Factor, attended wedding of Scott Summers & Jean Grey (X-Men #30/What If..? #60/X-Men: The Wedding Album, 1994); with X-Factor, attended Madrox’s funeral, covered grief with humor (X-Factor #101, 1994); cleaned Jamie’s room, finally let himself grieve (X-Factor Annual #9, 1994); pursued Haven, vs Professor Power (X-Factor Annual #9, 1994); visited family in Rhinebeck with Wolfsbane, ran into Mary Bradley, learned she thought him a freak (X-Factor #103-104, 1994); with X-Factor, vs Mr Sinister & Nasty Boys (X-Factor #105, 1994); with X-Factor, alongside X-Force & Excalibur, opposed attempted Phalanx invasion (X-Factor #106/X-Force #38, 1994); vs Blob at Dulles Airport, suffered heart attack & collapsed, collapse mistakenly blamed on exhaustion (X-Factor #107, 1994); with X-Factor, pursued Mystique to Tel Aviv, single-handedly defeated Avalanche, encountered & tried to fight Legion, teleported away by him (X-Factor #108-109, 1994); appeared in Madripoor, encountered Lila Cheney, protected her from K’lanti pursuers, suffered major heart attack (X-Factor #110-111, 1995); comatose, underwent treatment in Hidalgo Research Institute (X-Factor #114, 1995); awoke to learn Madrox was alive, operated on to cure heart problems (X-Factor #133-135, 1997); in space with Lila, caught up in war between Jorken & Kront (Strong Guy Reborn #1, 1997); returned to Earth to stop non-existent alien invasion, alongside Beast, Madrox, & Wolfsbane, stopped Melvin J. Weals’ plan to open portal to Hell (X-Men Unlimited #21, 1998); drawn into Arena gladiatorial games, liberated by Storm (X-Treme X-Men #37-39, 2004); joined Madrox’s XXX Investigations, name changed to X-Factor Investigations at Guido’s suggestion (Madrox #1-3 & 5, 2004-2005); with X-Factor Investigations, helped defend Mutant Town in wake of "M-Day," intervened in riot started by anti-mutant "Reals" (X-Factor #1-4, 2006); investigated Mr. Tryps’ Singularity Investigations, brainwashed by Tryp, killed Professor Henry Buchanan while under his control (X-Factor #6-10, 2006); brainwashing discovered by teammates, subdued (X-Factor #11, 2006)


First Appearance: (Cameo) New Mutants #86 (1990); (fully) New Mutants #87 (1990)
Origin: Cable #6-8 (1994); Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4 (1994); Askani’Son #1-4 (1996); Cable #25 (1995)
Significant Issues: Nathan cloned, stolen by Ch’Vayre, raised by Apocalypse (Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4, 1994); rose to power, vs Clan Chosen & New Canaanites (Askani’Son #1-4, 1996); kidnapped Nathan, defeated by time-travelling Cable (Cable #25, 1995); conflict with Cable & Six Pack (Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2, 1992); brainwashed Tyler, Jenskot killed (Cable #1, 1993); became involved with Project Stepladder (X-Force #73, 1998); killed Louis Richter (X-Force #34, 1994); vs Six Pack (Cable #1-2, 1992); with MLF, vs New Mutants, recruited Rusty & Skids into MLF (New Mutants #86-87, 1990); with MLF, vs New Mutants, Wolverine, & Sunfire (New Mutants #93-94, 1990); had Camp Verde’s population killed (X-Force #73, 1998); face first shown to resemble Cable’s (New Mutants #100, 1991); with MLF, vs X-Force (X-Force #1, 1991); with MLF, vs X-Factor, killed mutant research doctor (X-Factor #77-78, 1992); reflected on schemes (X-Force #6, 1992); manipulated Kane (X-Force #9-10, 1993); unmasked before Cable (Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2, 1992); received weapon to kill Apocalypse (X-Men #13, 1993); while impersonating Cable, attempted to assassinate Xavier (Uncanny X-Men #294, 1993); has Cyclops & Jean Grey kidnapped, taunted them (X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Factor #85/X-Men #15, 1993); defeated Apocalypse (X-Force #17, 1993); on Moon, vs X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, seemingly killed, Legacy Virus released (Uncanny X-Men #296/X-Factor #86/X-Men #16/X-Force #18, 1993); possessed Cable, discovered truth, mind set adrift (Cable #6-8, 1994); bartered for Warpath’s soul (X-Force #74, 1998); in Latveria, with Dark Riders, vs Cable, X-Man, & Madelyne Pryor imposter (X-Man #46/Cable #63/X-Man #47, 1999); plotted to unleash Prime Sentinels, vs X-Men & Lady Deathstrike (X-Men Annual 2000); alongside Gambit & Bishop, vs Le Bete Noir, seemingly killed (Gambit & Bishop: Sons of The Atom Alpha & 1-6, 2001)

Stryker, William

First Appearance and Origin: Marvel Graphic Novel #5 (1982)
Significant Issues: Killed wife & child, began Stryker Crusade, employed Purifiers, captured Xavier, opposed by X-Men, shot (Marvel Graphic Novel #5, 1982); escaped from jail, kidnapped Shadowcat, sacrificed himself in Mount Haven (X-Treme X-Men #25-31, 2003); found Nimrod, orchestrated attacks on Xavier Institute students, killed by Elixir (New X-Men #20-27, 2006)


First Appearance: (As John Sublime) New X-Men Annual 2001 (2001); (as Kick) New X-Men #134 (2003); (as Michael Grand) Weapon X #26 (2004)
Origin: New X-Men #154 (2004)
Significant Issues: John Sublime worked as assistant on original Weapon X program, possessed by Sublime bacteria, went to work for Weapon Plus program, became head of Weapon Plus program, sponsored Colcord as director of new Weapon X program & tasked him with creation of Neverland concentration camp for U-Men to secretly use as mutant organ farm (Weapon X #23/Weapon X: Days of Future Now #5, 2004/2006); bought Chinese prison Feng Tu, sought to transform it into mutant organ farm, had mutant organs grafted onto host body, opposed by X-Men (New X-Men Annual 2001, 2001); Sublime’s "The 3rd Species" book implicated in shooting incidents, responded to allegations in televised debate, met with Cyclops & Emma Frost, captured them using Martha Johansson’s mutant brain, sent U-Men to attack Xavier Institute (New X-Men #118-119, 2001); U-Men defeated by Jean Grey, Cyclops & Emma Frost escaped, confronted Sublime, Frost forced to drop Sublime out office window by Johansson which killed its host body (New X-Men #120, 2001); revealed to have secretly funded Winterbrand Corporation’s Augment project (Iceman #3, 2002); as Kick, used to kill Jumbo Carnation (New X-Men #134, 2003); as Kick, taken by Quentin Quire & Omega Gang, incited them to riot at Xavier Institute, taken by Sophie of the Stepford Cuckoos to empower her enough to defeat Quire, taken by Esme to allow her to overwhelm Cuckoos’ group mind, kill Sophie, & telepathically compel Angel into shooting Emma Frost (New X-Men #135-137 & 139-141, 2003); in host body, at Weapon Plus facility in The World, taunted Fantomex with truth behind Weapon Plus (New X-Men #145, 2003); as Kick, taken by faux Magneto during his assault on New York (New X-Men #147-150, 2003-2004); as Kick, taken by Elias Bogan-influenced Empath (X-Treme X-Men #35, 2004); in host body, targeted for assassination by Weapon X (Weapon X #16, 2004); in host body, headquarters attacked by Weapon X, defended by U-Men, killed by Chamber (Weapon X #17-18, 2004); coffin exhumed by Fantomex, found only note bearing the word "Roanoke" inside (Weapon X #23, 2004); in host body, confronted by Wolverine, Fantomex, & Agent Zero at Weapon Plus facility in Roanoke, defended by U-Men, escaped (Weapon X #25, 2004); in host body, sought to obtain Sinister’s genetically-enhanced army, posed as Michael Grand & recruited Sabretooth to locate Mister Sinister, traded Weapon X’s mutant files to Sinister in exchange for mutant army (Weapon X #26-28, 2004); in host body, hunted by Fantomex & killed by him numerous times, assassinated again by Chamber, bacterial form possessed Fantomex (Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1, 2005); in future of Earth-5700, bacterial form possessed Wolverine’s body, followed Wolverine’s consciousness back into past of Earth-616 to force Wolverine into scarring Colcord during escape from Weapon X, thus ensuring Colcord would go on to create Sentinel army to decimate mutantkind in future (Weapon X: Days of Future Now #5, 2006)


First Appearance: Namor: The Sub-Mariner #36 (1993)
Origin: Namor: The Sub-Mariner #36-39 (1993)
Significant Issues: Socus sacrified Byrrah, freeing the Unforgiven Dead (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #35, 1993); Ket sacrificed Atlanteans to restore the Nereid (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #36, 1993); Ket sent the Faceless Ones to capture Namor & his allies, battled & impaled Namor, left him for dead (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #37, 1993); rallied the Unforgiven Dead to march on Atlantis (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #38, 1993); gained access to & stormed Atlantis when prince Dara was sacrificed (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #39, 1993); slain by Namor, causing the deaths of the Unforgiven Dead as well (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #40, 1993)


First Appearance: Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 Annual (1997)
Origin: Untold Tales of Spider-Man ‘97 Annual (1997); Amazing Spider-Man ’97 Annual (1997)
Significant Issues: Pressured by wife to achieve, confronted Norman Osborn with Photogenesis Project results, Osborn suppressed data which too closely resembled Goblin formula & had project scrapped (Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 Annual, 1997); opposed Don Menken over lab dismantling, accidentally ingested photogenesis formula & fell into solar lamps (Amazing Spider-Man ’97 Annual, 1997); gained powers, panicked & flew over Manhattan out of control, vs Spider-Man, Daredevil, Giant-Man, Wasp, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, & Thor, threatened to destroy Daily Bugle building, accidentally wounded Mary Kelleher, so horrified by this that he gave himself up (Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 Annual, 1997); pled guilty, wife divorced him, learned Kelleher lost arm as result of wound, served sentence as penance for harming Kelleher, defended himself with energy blast which was witnessed by Lucky Lobo who learned of Lowell’s feelings for Kelleher, released from prison after ten years, coerced into working for Lobo after he threatened Kelleher's life, with Spider-Man’s help, defeated Lobo & left New York to start new life (Amazing Spider-Man ’97 Annual, 1997)


First Appearance: (As DaCosta) Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982); (as Sunspot) New Mutants #1 (1983); (as Reignfire) X-Force #26 (1993)
Origin: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982)
Significant Issues: Mutant nature manifested, targeted by Donald Pierce, girlfriend sacrificed her life to save his, joined other young mutants in opposing Pierce, accepted Xavier’s offer of training, joined New Mutants (Marvel Graphic Novel #4, 1982); researched history of Xavier’s School, with New Mutants, partook in first Danger Room training session (New Mutants #1, 1983); with New Mutants, vs Sentinels (New Mutants #2, 1983); with New Mutants, vs X-Men, alongside X-Men, vs Brood-infected Xavier (Uncanny X-Men #167, 1983); alongside Wolfsbane, captured by mobsters, injected with teratogenetic drug that enhanced their powers, rescued by New Mutants, Cloak & Dagger and Spider-Man, drug neutralized by Cloak & Dagger (Marvel Team-Up Annual #6, 1983); with New Mutants, alongside X-Men & Starjammers, attended surprise birthday party for Kitty Pryde (Special Edition X-Men #1, 1983); with New Mutants, alongside Team America, vs Silver Samurai & Viper, escaped explosion of Viper’s base (New Mutants #5-6 & 32, 1983 & 1985); took New Mutants to visit family, with New Mutants, rescued mother from Axe, accompanied mother on expedition to Amazon, captured by Nova Romans, alongside Cannonball, forced to fight in gladiator arena, aided Senator Gallo against Senator Aquilla, alongside Magma, opposed Selene (New Mutants #7-11, 1983-1984); confronted father (New Mutants #12, 1984); with New Mutants, vs Baron Karza (X-Men and the Micronauts #1, 1984); with New Mutants, under Entity’s control, vs X-Men & Micronauts (X-Men and the Micronauts #4, 1984); with New Mutants, briefly transported to Limbo by Magik, vs S’ym (New Mutants #14/Storm and Illyana: Magik #3, 1984); with New Mutants, invaded Massachusetts Academy to rescue Kitty Pryde, vs Hellions & Sebastian Shaw (New Mutants #15-17, 1984); with New Mutants, vs Demon Bear (New Mutants #19-20, 1984); with New Mutants, met Warlock (New Mutants #21, 1984); used Danger Room to run dating scenarios (X-Men Unlimited #11, 2005); with New Mutants, attended Lila Cheney concert, helped save Cheney from Vrakanïn assassin (New Mutants Annual #1, 1984); trained with Colossus (New Mutants #22, 1984); suffered after-effects of teratogenetic drug, gained Cloak’s powers, cured (New Mutants #23-25, 1985); with New Mutants, alongside Rom, vs Hybrid (Rom Annual #3, 1984); with New Mutants, alongside other heroes, trapped in Kulan Gath’s reality warp (Uncanny X-Men #190-191, 1985); with New Mutants, played truth or dare, dared Magik to see her future self, traveled to future, met future self, aided Mikhail Rasputin in attempt to prevent Illyana contracting Legacy Virus in future, unaware that Mikhail was responsible for her infection, memories of encounter wiped (New Mutants: Truth or Death #1-3, 1997); alongside Magma, captured by Gladiators, forced to fight in Arena, opposed Shadow King-possessed Karma (New Mutants #29-31, 1985); with New Mutants, searched for Karma in Madripoor, alongside Storm, opposed Shadow King, freed Karma (New Mutants #32-34, 1985); with New Mutants, taken to Asgard, met Warriors Three, opposed Enchantress, alongside X-Men, opposed Loki, returned home (New Mutants Special Edition #1/X-Men Annual #9/Uncanny X-Men #200, 1985); objected to Magneto becoming School’s new headmaster (New Mutants #35, 1986); contemplated leaving New Mutants (New Mutants #36, 1986); sought to save trapped workers, aided by She-Hulk, went to visit mother in Rio (New Mutants #37, 1986); visited Aguilar family, attacked by mutant haters (Marvel Comics Presents #79, 1991); rejoined New Mutants, with New Mutants, sought revenge on Empath for his manipulation of Tom Corsi & Sharon Friedlander (New Mutants #43, 1986); with New Mutants, vs Legion (New Mutants #44, 1986); with New Mutants, met Hercules (New Mutants #81, 1989); alongside Wolfsbane, captured by Mojo, alongside others, transformed by Spiral, sent against New Mutants, freed by Cypher & Warlock (New Mutants Annual #2, 1986); with New Mutants, briefly became X-Men to save previous team from Mojo & Spiral (X-Men Annual #10, 1986); with New Mutants, aided X-Men in helping wounded Morlocks following Marauders’ massacre (New Mutants #46, 1986); with New Mutants, sought to save Warlock from Magus, fled from Magus into past, met Robert the Bruce in Scotland (New Mutants #46-47, 1986-1987); with New Mutants, traveled to alternate future, alongside future Cannonball & Mirage, vs Sentinels (New Mutants #48 & 50, 1987); with New Mutants, returned to own time by Magik, alongside Starjammers, vs Magus (New Mutants #50, 1987); with New Mutants, returned home by Magik (New Mutants #51, 1987); with New Mutants, encountered Impossible Man (New Mutants Annual #3, 1987); left New Mutants after accidentally injuring Cannonball, saved Chance from muggers, saved in turn by Warlock, joined Fallen Angels, met Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy, visited Ariel’s home planet, captured by Unipar’s forces, escaped, returned to Earth, alongside Warlock, left Fallen Angels (Fallen Angels #1-8, 1987); alongside Warlock, met Power Pack (Power Pack #33, 1987); alongside Warlock, returned to Xavier’s School (New Mutants #59, 1988); alongside Warlock, reunited with New Mutants in time to mourn Cypher’s death (New Mutants #60, 1988); with New Mutants, witnessed X-Men’s apparent death in Dallas (New Mutants #61, 1988); with New Mutants, attended Cypher’s funeral (New Mutants #64, 1988); with New Mutants, vs Freedom Force, sought to stop Magik killing Forge (New Mutants #65-66, 1988); with New Mutants, sang carols at Christmas (Uncanny X-Men #230, 1988); with New Mutants, alongside Power Pack, vs Bogeyman (Power Pack #40, 1988); with New Mutants, rescued Magma from High Evolutionary’s Purifiers (New Mutants Annual #4, 1988); with New Mutants, captured by Baba Yaga, rescued by Colossus (Uncanny X-Men #231, 1988); with New Mutants, sought to prevent Spyder kidnapping Lila Cheney, met & smitten by Gosamyr, rescued Lila from Spyder, witnessed Lila’s sacrifice to stop Gosamyr’s family (New Mutants #67-70, 1988); with New Mutants, vs S’ym, encountered N’astirh, witnessed demonic invasion of Manhattan, with New Mutants, alongside X-Terminators, helped repel demons (New Mutants #71/Power Pack #42/Avengers #299/X-Terminators #4/New Mutants #72-73, 1989); with New Mutants, helped Dagger locate missing Cloak (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #4, 1989); with New Mutants, alongside Power Pack, aided victims of demonic invasion (Power Pack #44, 1989); discovered School destroyed, encountered Sabretooth, opposed Magneto & Hellfire Club Inner Circle (New Mutants #74-75/Excalibur #8, 1989); with New Mutants, alongside X-Terminators & Namor, vs sea monster, invited by X-Factor to stay onboard Ship, New Mutants & X-Terminators teams merged (New Mutants #76, 1989); with New Mutants, trained onboard Ship (X-Factor #41, 1989); with New Mutants, opposed Hela-influenced Mirage (New Mutants #77, 1989); with New Mutants, vs Freedom Force, transported to Asgard by Hela-influenced Mirage (New Mutants #78, 1989); with New Mutants, alongside others, opposed Hela’s plan to use Mirage to kill Odin & rule Asgard in his place, returned home through dimension of Mindless Ones (New Mutants #79-80 & 82-87/New Mutants Annual #5, 1989 & 1989-1990/1989); with New Mutants, alongside Namorita & S.U.R.F., vs sea monster (New Mutants Annual #5, 1989); with New Mutants, reunited with X-Factor (New Mutants #88, 1990); alongside Cannonball & Warlock, met Quasar (Quasar #8, 1990); with New Mutants, vs Skrulls (New Mutants #92, 1990); alongside Cannonball & Boom-Boom, aided Cable vs Freedom Force, with New Mutants, came under Cable’s tutelage (New Mutants #89, 1990); with New Mutants, sought to rescue Rictor from Morlock tunnels, interrupted battle between Caliban & Sabretooth (New Mutants #90-91, 1990); with New Mutants, alongside others, vs Ahab (New Mutants Annual #6/X-Factor Annual #5/Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990); alongside Wolfsbane, Boom-Boom & Warlock, visited Vidiot’s dimension (New Mutants Summer Special #1, 1990); with New Mutants, alongside Sunfire & Wolverine, vs Stryfe & MLF (New Mutants #93-94, 1990); with New Mutants, alongside X-Men & X-Factor, learned of teammates’ capture by Genoshan Magistrates & Warlock’s death, vs Magistrates, captured, placed on trial, turned over to Hodge, escaped, vs Hodge, defeated him, attended Warlock’s funeral (Uncanny X-Men #270/New Mutants #95/X-Factor #60/New Mutants #96/X-Factor #61/Uncanny X-Men #272/New Mutants #97/X-Factor #62, 1990/1991); with New Mutants, vs Deadpool, told of father’s death by Gideon, unaware that Gideon himself was responsible (New Mutants #98, 1991); coerced by Gideon into leaving New Mutants to take over father’s business (New Mutants #99, 1991); alongside Gideon, sought to buy out Jankos Corporation, held hostage by Black Tom & Juggernaut, vs Black Tom, freed by Cable (X-Force #1-3/Spider-Man #16/X-Force #4, 1991); betrayed by Gideon, subjected to experiments, rescued by X-Force, joined them (X-Force #12-15 & 80, 1992 & 1998); with X-Force, witnessed attempted assassination of Xavier by Stryfe disguised as Cable, opposed X-teams attempt to bring them in for questioning over Cable’s whereabouts, first manifested ability to project beams of solar energy, defeated by X-teams, held prisoner in Danger Room, released after Stryfe revealed as culprit (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Factor #84/X-Men #14/X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Force #17/Uncanny X-Men #296/X-Force #19, 1992/1993); with X-Force, sought to reclaim Graymalkin, opposed by S.H.I.E.L.D. & War Machine (X-Force #20-22, 1993); with X-Force, confronted Externals to rescue kidnapped teammates (X-Force #23, 1993); with X-Force, rescued Rusty & Skids from Friends of Humanity (X-Force #24, 1993); confronted Cable upon his return, learned Gideon killed his father, with X-Force, reunited with Magneto, rejected his offer to join him (X-Force #25, 1993); with X-Force, alongside others, attended Illyana’s funeral, opposed Magneto, witnessed Colossus’ defection to Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); with X-Force, alongside X-Treme, vs Strong (X-Force Annual #2, 1993); with X-Force, vs Reignfire & MLF, first used powers to fly, teleported away by Locus (X-Force #27-28, 1993); captured & telepathically manipulated by Reignfire into adopting Reignfire identity himself (X-Force #79, 1998); under Reignfire’s control, attacked MLF, opposed by X-Force, revealed his identity to X-Force just prior to Legion’s reality warp (X-Force #43, 1995); telepathic link between himself & Reignfire severed by Cable, rejoined X-Force (X-Force #79/X-Men: Prime/X-Force #44, 1998/1995); began exploring newfound flight ability (X-Force #44-45, 1995); with X-Force, vs Mimic (X-Force #45-46, 1995); with X-Force, confronted Boomer about her helping supposedly reformed Sabretooth (X-Force #48, 1995); with X-Force, alongside Impossible Man & Impossible Kids, vs Barrachus the Kalinator (X-Force and Cable ’95, 1995); alongside Caliban, captured by Holocaust for Sebastian Shaw, with X-Force, brainwashed by Tessa into attacking Cable & Domino, freed by Cable (X-Force #49-50, 1995-1996); with X-Force, first met Blaquesmith (Cable #29, 1996); with X-Force, helped save Beast imposter from lab explosion (Uncanny X-Men #331, 1996); alongside Caliban, witnessed Gideon’s death, with X-Force, vs Absalom & Crule, witnessed their murder by Selene, briefly arrested as suspects over Externals’ murders (X-Force #52-54, 1996); with X-Force, attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to liberate Cyclops (X-Force #55, 1996); with X-Force, learned of Onslaught’s attack on X-Men, tasked with safeguarding X-Man, vs Mr Sinister, defeated (Uncanny X-Men #335/X-Man #18/X-Force #57, 1996); with X-Force, psychically taunted by Onslaught (X-Force #58, 1996); with X-Force, alongside alternate reality young heroes, opposed Mojo (Youngblood/X-Force & X-Force/Youngblood, 1996); with X-Force, alongside X-Men & Generation X, played baseball, encountered rogue Sentinel (X-Men ’96, 1996); with X-Force, vs Pulse (X-Force and Cable ’96, 1996); with X-Force, alongside Longshot, traveled to Mojoworld to rescue Shatterstar, opposed Mojo, saved Shatterstar (X-Force #59-61, 1996); with X-Force, sought to rescue Karma’s siblings from Shinobi Shaw, vs Clear-Cut & Mindmeld, briefly hosted Meltdown’s psyche (X-Force #62, 1997); with X-Force, alongside Moonstar, journeyed to Asgard to rescue Valkyrior from Malekith (X-Force and Cable ’97 Annual, 1997); with X-Force, alongside Nathaniel Richards, sought to safeguard Doom’s time platform from falling into wrong hands, alongside Sunspot & Caliban, kept in reserve, investigated disappearance of Castle Doom, witnessed its reappearance (X-Force #63-64, 1997); alongside Domino & Siryn, went undercover to foil MLF hostage crisis at Wakeman Oncological Research Center, alongside MLF, vs Prime Sentinels, subsequently helped rescue captured teammates (X-Force #67-70, 1997); with X-Force, rejected Cable’s offer to take team underground (X-Force #70, 1997); discovered trust fund was frozen due to lawsuit against father’s estate, alongside Moonstar & Meltdown, employed as enforcers by Richie Alegria (X-Force #71-72, 1997); reunited with former New Mutants teammates, met past selves, opposed Mikhail Rasputin’s efforts to cure past Magik of Legacy Virus (New Mutants: Truth or Death #1-3, 1997-1998); began being stalked by Reignfire (X-Force #72-73, 1997-1998); alongside Moonstar & Meltdown, learned of Warpath’s death, journeyed to Blackheart’s realm to reclaim Warpath’s soul (X-Force #74, 1998); began relationship with Meltdown despite her still being in a relationship with Cannonball, with X-Force, alongside Cannonball, vs Selene (X-Force #75, 1998); relationship with Meltdown discovered by Cannonball (X-Force #76, 1998); with X-Force, investigated town of Almost Reno (X-Force #77, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Skids, captured by Locus & Reignfire, learned of Reignfire’s origins, vs Reignfire, merged with Reignfire, opposed by X-Force, freed by molecular disruptor, defeated Reignfire, regained fortune, provided new headquarters for X-Force, took them on vacation to Hawaii (X-Force #78-80, 1998); with X-Force, in Hawaii, vs Lava Men, aided in restoration of fire goddess Pele (X-Force #81, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Jesse Bedlam, helped rescue Domino from Gryphon (X-Force #82, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Jesse Bedlam, met members of M.U.S.E., learned Bedlam’s origin (X-Force #83, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Cannonball, Argos & Arcadia, vs Sword (X-Force #84, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Bedlam, Skids, Locus & Jennifer Kale, vs Pandemonia (X-Force #85, 1999); with X-Force, alongside Champions of Los Angeles, opposed Hades’ plan to summon Titan (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring X-Force/Champions, 1998); with X-Force, returned to Almost Reno, confronted Odysseus Indigo (X-Force #86, 1999); with X-Force, in San Francisco, helped rescue those affected by tidal waves caused by Crimson Cowl’s weather modulators (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); made peace with Cannonball (X-Force #87, 1999); with X-Force, alongside Bedlam, sought to prevent New Hellions from unleashing Armageddon Man, flew Siryn to hospital after she was wounded by Feral (X-Force #88-90, 1999); with X-Force, reunited with Cable, vs Horsemen Pestilence/Caliban & War/Deathbird (Cable #73-74, 1999); with X-Force, partook in Coterie’s "Contest of Champions", defeated Iron Man, subsequently defeated by Black Widow (Contest of Champions II #1 & 4, 1999); relationship with Meltdown ended, arrested by I.N.S. agents for being an illegal immigrant, forced to leave U.S., returned to Brazil (X-Force #91-94, 1999); recruited by Selene to oppose Damocles Foundation, vs Sword, captured, offered membership in Hellfire Club by Selene, rescued by X-Force, betrayed by Selene, reluctantly accepted Selene’s offer in order to grant former girlfriend Juliana Sandoval a new lease on life (X-Force #94 & 96-100, 1999-2000); reunited with former New Mutants teammates, sought to help Wolfsbane recover necklace, vs Odessa Mafia (X-Men Unlimited #43, 2003); as head of X-Corporation L.A. Division, oversaw mutant crisis in Los Angeles (X-Treme X-Men #31, 2003); reunited with Cannonball & Magma, confronted by Rogue over heightened tensions between humans & mutants in Valle Soleada, defended by X-Corporation security (X-Treme X-Men #34-35, 2004); alongside Skids & Magma, aided Storm’s X-Men in opposing Elias Bogan, defeated by Bogan-controlled Bishop, briefly mentally enslaved by Bogan (X-Treme X-Men #42-45, 2004); alongside Storm’s X-Men, learned of apparent deaths of Jean Grey & Magneto, reunited with former New Mutants teammates, met & encouraged Elixir, vs Donald Pierce & Reavers, aided in rebuilding of Manhattan (X-Treme X-Men #46/New Mutants #13, 2004); rejoined X-Force, quit after clash between Cannonball & Cable, alongside Cannonball, briefly joined Mutant Liberation Front, allied with X-Force to oppose Skornn (X-Force #2-6, 2004); appointed Black King of Hellfire Club by its Lord Imperial Sebastian Shaw, sought to shut down international mutant slave trade network, attacked & captured by Donald Pierce, liberated by X-Men, appointed Hellfire Club’s Lord Imperial in Shaw’s stead (Uncanny X-Men #453-454, 2005); offered logistical support to X-Men during "M-Day" crisis (House of M: The Day After, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Iron Man #143 (1981)
Significant Issues: Transformed into microwave being so he could man Star Well space station, Star Well accidentally destroyed Allentown, encountered Iron Man, sacrificed himself to stop Star Well crashing into Earth (Iron Man #143-144, 1981); duplicate suit stolen & used by Mike Stone (Daredevil #224, 1985); reintegrated, alongside Iron Man, vs Stratosfire, lost powers stopping her (Iron Man Annual #9, 1987); testified on behalf of Stark at Kathy Dare pre-trial hearing (Iron Man #248, 1989); regained powers, alongside Spider-Man, Iron Man & Black Panther, thwarted Ultron, Ghost & Kingpin from stealing experimental Nuform vibranium (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11/Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991)


First Appearance: Captain America #390 (1991)
Origin: Captain America #391 (1991)
Significant Issues: Attempted blackmail from Femizon Isle, thwarted by Captain America (Captain America #390-392, 1991); attempted takeover of A.I.M., failed (Captain America #411-414, 1993); proposed alliance with Heike Zemo, made Diamondback her new Snapdragon (Captain America #431-433, 1994); invaded A.I.M. Island, killed by Red Skull (Captain America #439-441/Avengers #387-388, 1995)


First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #18 (1963)
Significant Issues: Impersonated Franklin Storm (Fantastic Four #32, 1964); investigated Kree on Earth (Captain Marvel #2-3, 1968); Kree-Skrull war (Avengers #92-94, 1971) worked for Thanos (Captain Marvel #25-27, 1973); led Rat Pack (Marvel Chillers #3 & 5-7, 1976); trapped in Van Allen belt (Marvel Team-Up #61-62, 1977) posed as Captain Hero (Power Man and Iron Fist #111-113, 121 & 125, 1984-1986); Master Khan revealed (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #25, 1992); served S’Byll (Silver Surfer #14, 20 & 25-28/Silver Surfer Annual #1, 1988-1989); assaulted Reptyl (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); impersonated Iron Fist (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #8, 10 & 14-18, 1990-1991); sought Oracle for Thanos (Secret Defenders #12-14, 1994); served Intelligentsia (Captain Marvel #8-10, 2000); posed as Lon Zelig (Fantastic Four #37, 2001); sought Dorrek VIII (Young Avengers #9-12, 2005-2006); fought against Annihilation Wave to save Zaragz’na (Annihilation: Super-Skrull #1-4, 2006); resurrected by energies of Firelord, Ravenous, Ronan (Annihilation #3, 2006)


First Appearance: Champions #14 (1977)
Origin: Champions #15 (1977)
Significant Issues: Pursued Interpol agent who stole queen bee to Los Angeles, vs Champions, left inert when Hercules threw queen into ocean & bees followed her (Champions #14-15, 1977); accidentally revived at Empire State University in New York, vs Spider-Man/Peter Parker, experimental insect repellent caused his bees to attack queen, left inert again (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #36-37, 1979); revived by nuclear blaster, vs Spider-Man/Peter Parker & others for blaster, bees again dispersed from body (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3-4, 1993); sought to destroy Rand-Meachum research facility, convinced to leave by Doctor Druid (Secret Defenders #18-19, 1994); connection to bees disrupted by Onslaught, sought to restore it, vs Spider-Man/Ben Reilly, defeated (Sensational Spider-Man #9-10, 1996); returned to Los Angeles, vs Runaways, defeated (Runaways #7, 2005)

Swordsman (Strucker)

First Appearance: (As Von Strucker) Uncanny X-Men #194 (1985); (with Andrea, as Fenris) X-Men #200 (1985); (as Swordsman) New Thunderbolts #2 (2005)
Significant Issues: Harassed a restaurant owner while on safari near Mount Kilamanjaro in Kenya, chased away by Storm (Uncanny X-Men #194, 1985); approvingly observed as Andrea shot a lion & then Storm on Serengeti Plains in revenge for Storm’s earlier interference (Uncanny X-Men #196, 1985); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, traveled to Paris, France to attack Magneto during his trial before the International Court of Justice, inadvertently destroyed riverside wall during their battle & carried away by Seine River (Uncanny X-Men #200, 1985); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, recruited into Assembly of Evil by Jester on behalf of Doctor Doom to attack Avengers, defeated by Avengers & Cloak & Dagger (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #8-9, 1989); alongside Andrea, shot down Cylla Markham’s plane from Greek island of Kyrinos (Uncanny X-Men #260, 1990); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, employed look-alikes to pose as Andrea & himself aboard yacht in Madripoor’s Buccaneer Bay while they met with Japanese crimelord Matsu'o Tsurayaba (Uncanny X-Men #268, 1990); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, attacked Mesmero, defeated by Excalibur (Excalibur #32-34, 1990-1991); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, employed Omega Red to capture Wolverine in attempt to learn location of Carbonadium Synthesizer, plot foiled by X-Men (X-Men #4, 1992); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, attended Las Vegas conference of organized crime figures in attempt to divide Kingpin’s former empire equitably (Daredevil #307-309/Nomad #4-5/Punisher War Journal #45-47, 1992); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, attended Brass Bishop’s auction of Silver & Auric, attacked by Spider-Man & Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, engaged in Upstarts’ "Younghunt" competition to capture former New Mutants & Hellions members for sport (X-Force #32/New Warriors #46, 1994); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, attempted to steal mutagen wave generator, foiled by Generation X (Generation X ’96 Annual, 1996); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, allied with Exodus’ Acolytes on Savage Land mission to obtain High Evolutionary’s Isotope E (Quicksilver #8-9, 1998); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, vs Gambit & archaeologist Sekmeht Conoway (Gambit #10, 1999); alongside Andrea, as Fenris, allied with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in plan to enslave world by using nanoprobes programmed with voice modulation software, defeated by Baron Heinrich Zemo posing as Citizen V, sister killed by same (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1-3, 2001); as Swordsman, served as unwilling pawn of Purple Man at behest of Baron Heinrich Zemo (New Thunderbolts #2-16, 2005-2006); attempted to rescue Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, vs Baron Heinrich Zemo (New Thunderbolts #17, 2006); served as member of Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #18/Thunderbolts #100-109, 2006)


First Appearance: Deadpool #1 (1997)
Origin: Deadpool #33 (1999)
Significant Issues: Attacked by mercenary Jack/Deadpool, witnessed Mercedes' death, underwent training & study to become mystic assassin (Deadpool #33, 1999); traded sarcastic remarks with Deadpool at Hellhouse (Deadpool #1, 1997); mocked Deadpool's faulty healing factor (Deadpool #3, 1997); intimidated Hellhouse denizens, accepted mob assignment for mass assassination (Deadpool #5, 1997); confronted Deadpool about Typhoid Mary (Deadpool #7, 1997); taunted Deadpool about coming battle (Deadpool #12, 1998); defeated Deadpool (Deadpool #13, 1998); declared victory at Hellhouse, met with Typhoid (Deadpool #14, 1998); paid Bullseye & Alestaire Grunch to arrange Deadpool's encounter with Mercedes Wilson (Deadpool #28, 1999); abducted Montgomery, killed Alestaire Grunch (Deadpool #30, 1999); confronted Deadpool at Wilson home, revealed truth about respective identities (Deadpool #31-33, 1999); resurrected Deadpool (Deadpool #61, 2002); hired Vigilante Deadpool to kill D.J. Deadpool, confronted Deadpool & four personality fragments, absorbed personality fragments into self, left with damaged psyche (Deadpool #63-64, 2002)


First Appearance: (As Stein) Runaways #1 (2003); (as Talkback) Runaways #6 (2003)
Origin: Runaways #1-6 (2003)
Significant Issues: With other Pride children, witnessed Rite of Blood, began investigating parents (Runaways #1-3, 2003); found parents' inventions, confronted Pride, escaped (Runaways #4, 2003); learned Fistigon gloves were bonded to his hands (Runaways #5, 2003); rescued Molly, led other Runaways to Hostel, given codename Talkback (Runaways #6, 2003); encountered Topher, brought him to Hostel, with Runaways, vs Topher (Runaways #7-10, 2003); encountered Cloak & Dagger, drawn into Darkforce Dimension, rescued (Runaways #11-12, 2004); listened as Wilder decoded Abstract, located by L.A.P.D., escaped, Hostel destroyed (Runaways #13-14, 2004); with Runaways, entered Gibborims' lair, attacked & killed by sentry, resucitated by Gertrude, gave Fistigons to Wilder, left behind (Runaways #15-16, 2004); with Runaways, defeated Pride & Gibborim, escaped, confronted by Captain America (Runaways #17, 2004); reunited with Runaways, retrieved Old Lace & Leapfrog (Runaways #18, 2004); with Runaways, defeated Wrecking Crew, witnessed future Gert's death (Runaways #1, 2005); with Runaways, vs Victor Mancha, confronted by Excelsior (Runaways #2, 2005); with Runaways, vs Excelsior (Runaways #3, 2005); with Runaways, brought Mancha to new Hostel (Runaways #4, 2005); with Runaways, vs Ultron's Doctor Doom robot (Runaways #5, 2005); with Runaways, alongside Excelsior, vs Ultron (Runaways #6, 2005); with Runaways, witnessed Victor defeat Swarm, went shopping (Runaways #7, 2005); with Runaways, vs Xavin, witnessed Karolina's departure with Xavin (Runaways #8, 2005); with Runaways, recruited by Cloak to help clear his name (Runaways #9, 2005); alongside Nico, encountered Pusher Man (Runaways #10, 2006); kissed by Nico (Runaways #11, 2006); used Staff of One, defeated false Cloak (Runaways #12, 2006); with Runaways, vs X-Men, stole Beast's glasses (X-Men/Runaways #A, 2006); argued with Nico (Runaways #14, 2006); mentally scarred by Victor, attacked by new Pride (Runaways #15, 2006); argued with Gert over Nico kiss (Runaways #16, 2006); tracked down new Pride (Runaways #17, 2006); vs Geoffrey Wilder, witnessed Gert's murder, left Runaways (Runaways #18, 2006); tracked down Lotus from new Pride (Runaways #19, 2006); found Gibborim (Runaways #20, 2006); declined Gibborims' offer, returned to Runaways (Runaways #21, 2006); with Runaways, vs new Flag Smasher, attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D., located by Young Avengers, vs Young Avengers, alongside them, vs Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, used Vision as armor, defeated Warden (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: Avengers #195 (1980)
Origin: Avengers #196 (1980)
Significant Issues: Vs Avengers (Avengers #195-196, 1980); vs Spider-Man & Ant-Man (Marvel Team-Up #103, 1981); vs Hawkeye & Ant-Man (Avengers #223, 1982); with Black Abbott, vs Spider-Man & Nomad (Marvel Team-Up #146, 1984); vs the Thing and Vance Astrovik (Thing #26, 1985); trained John Walker to fight like Captain America (Captain America #334, 1987); in Brooklyn, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #308, 1988); trained new Spymaster (Iron Man #254, 1990); competed with Tombstone, vs Daredevil & Punisher (Daredevil #292-293, 1991); attended gathering of Red Skull's operatives (Captain America #394, 1991); trained Cutthroat for Red Skull (Captain America #396, 1992); sent students against Spider-Man & Solo (Amazing Spider-Man #366-367, 1992); vs the Falcon (Captain America Annual #11, 1992); attended Chess Set's auction (Alpha Flight #121, 1992); competed for Slick Jimmy's fortune (Daredevil #317-318, 1993); attended trial of the Tinkerer (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); romanced Siren (Siren: Infinity/Siren #1-3, 1995); vs Deadpool (Deadpool #2, 1997); sought bounty on Elektra (Elektra #5 & 7, 1997); gained new powers through Albino, defeated by Hawkeye, Justice & Firestar (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman, 1998); revealed to have served in Frightful Four (Deadpool #35, 1999); impersonated Captain America for Triune Understanding (Avengers #26, 2000); sent students on mission with Deadpool (Deadpool #39-40, 2000); school broken up by Avengers (Avengers #38, 2001); vs Captain America (Captain America #44, 2001); competed in Bloodsport in Madripoor (Wolverine #167-168, 2001); returned to mercenary work, vs Sunset Bain & Triads (Taskmaster #1-4, 2002); aided Deadpool with information on Black Swan (Deadpool #68-69, 2002); reluctantly trained Agent X, aided him against army of mercenaries (Agent X #1-6, 2002-2003); alongside Deadpool & Agent X, vs Black Swan (Agent X #13-15, 2003-2004); fought Moon Knight for the new Committee (Moon Knight #3-6, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Ravonna) Avengers #23 (1965); (as Nebula/Kang Nebula) Avengers #291 (1988); (as Temptress) Fantastic Four Annual #25 (1992); (as Terminatrix) Avengers Annual #21 (1992)
Origin: Avengers #23 (1965), Avengers Annual #21 (1992), X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow Book Three - The Future (1998)
Significant Issues: Blasted by Baltag (Avengers #24, 1966); Kang contested against Immortus to save Ravonna, squandered power trying to destroy Avengers (Avengers #69-71, 1969); Grandmaster recovered Ravonna, placed doppelganger (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); Kang manipulated Hulk in unwitting effort to restore Ravonna doppelganger (Incredible Hulk #135, 1971); infiltrated Cross-Time Kangs, manipulated Avengers to explore Time Bubble, lost in temporal vortex (Avengers #291-297, 1988); manipulated Fantastic Four, Thor, & Iron Man to explore Time Bubble, possessed Human Torch & Invisible Woman, shocked back into timestream by Reed Richards’ trap (Fantastic Four #337-341, 1990); escaped timestream, attempted to conquer Earth circa 1961 A.D. & prevent heroic age, banished by Doctor Druid (Avengers Spotlight #37, 1990); manipulated Avengers & Fantastic Four to cover entrance to Chronopolis, revealed true identity, battled Kang who sacrificed himself to save her (Captain America Annual #11/Thor Annual #17/Fantastic Four Annual #25/Avengers Annual #21, 1992); took over Chronopolis, reviewed Kang’s history (Captain America Annual #11/Thor Annual #17/Fantastic Four Annual #25/Avengers Annual #21, 1992); led Anachronauts to Camelot (Avengers Annual #22, 1993); forces battled Zarrko-duped New Warriors (Darkhawk #28-29, 1993); encountered Revelation & Ravonna counterparts, executed terminal Ravonna, revived Kang long enough to defeat Alioth, traveled to 1903, married Victor Timely (Avengers: Terminatrix Objective #1-4, 1993); revived Kang, sought renewed love affair, left behind by him, apparently perished in Chronopolis’ destruction (Avengers Forever #3 & 9, 1999); Ravonna-8657 allied with Immortus behind Kang’s back (Avengers #267-269, 1986); Ravonna-9892 courted, unwittingly slain by Kang (X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow Book Three - The Future, 1998); Kang summoned compliant Ravonnas (Avengers Annual #21, 1992)


First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 #11 (1993)
Origin: Captain Marvel #30 (2002)
Significant Issues: Stayed with Supreme Intelligence after the Kree-Skrull war, learned to control Destiny Force from Supreme Intelligence then killed it (Captain Marvel #30, 2002); claimed to play a pivotal role in the Eon War of Earth-9309 (Captain Marvel #29, 2002); took over dead body of Aaron Delgado after Alchemax began tests on Virtual Unreality program, transformed it to look more like his own (Spider-Man 2099 #13, 1993); murdered Public Eye SIEGE officer in front of Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man 2099 #11, 1993); kidnapped Tyler Stone & Spider-Man 2099, knocked Jordan Boone into Innerspace (Spider-Man 2099 #12, 1993); slashed Net Prophet with Spear of Destiny, vs Spider-Man 2099 in Innerspace (Spider-Man 2099 #13, 1993); attacked Starfox of Earth-616, sent him to retrieve Rick Jones & Captain Marvel of Earth-616 (Captain Marvel #27, 2002); confronted Tyler Stone on Earth-928 (Captain Marvel #28, 2002); retrieved time platform from Alchemax, sent Captain Marvel, Starfox, Rick Jones of Earth-616 & Spider-Man 2099 to Earth-Dystopia, revealed himself as Rick Jones of alternate dimension (Captain Marvel #29, 2002); combined powerful items, impaled Rick Jones & Captain Marvel of Earth-616, turned into brick by Rick Jones of Earth-Dystopia (Captain Marvel #30, 2002)


First Appearance: Iron Man #55 (1973)
Origin: Silver Surfer #37 (1990)
Significant Issues: Acquired Cosmic Cube (Captain Marvel #25-32/Avengers #125, 1973-1974); opposed Magus (Warlock #9-11, 1975-1976); turned to granite by Warlock (Avengers Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); brought Mar-Vell to Death (Marvel Graphic Novel #1: Death of Captain Marvel, 1982); resurrected by Death (Silver Surfer #34-35 & 37-38, 1990); acquired Infinity Gems (Thanos Quest #1-2, 1990); wielded Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, 1991); opposed Magus (Infinity War #1-6, 1992); gave Ultimate Nullifier to Quasar (Quasar #39-40, 1992); apparently asked by Death to kill Warlock (Marvel Comics Presents #108-111, 1992); opposed Goddess (Infinity Crusade #1-6, 1993); ended Thor’s battle madness (Thor #470-471/Silver Surfer #88/Warlock Chronicles #8/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #25, 1994); acquired Oracle of Ancient Knowledge (Secret Defenders #11-13, 1994); revealed "the Truce" (Quasar #59, 1994); vs Tyrant (Cosmic Powers #1-6, 1994); Death sought Surfer as consort (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1, 1995); Ka-Zar-based Thanosi sought Nuwali power (Ka-Zar #1-11/Ka-Zar Annual '97/X-Man-Hulk Annual 1998, 1997-1998); Thor-based Thanosi sought Asgardian power (Deadpool #33/Thor #20-25/Thor Annual 2000, 1999-2000); Thanos opposed Walker (Captain Marvel #17-19, 2001); a Thanosi opposed Quoi & Rot (Avengers: Celestial Quest #1-8, 2001-2002); the Thanosi revealed & destroyed (Infinity Abyss #1-6, 2002-2003); wielded Heart of the Infinite (Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, 2003); aided Rigellians, opposed Hunger (Thanos #1-6, 2003-2004); visited Kyln (Thanos #7-12, 2004); investigated Annihilation Wave (Annihilation: Prologue #1/Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1-4/Annihilation #2-4, 2006); a Thanosi's manipulation of Eros revealed (She-Hulk #12-13, 2006)

That Which Endures

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers #44 (1989)
Origin: Avengers West Coast #48-49 (1989)
Significant Issues: Scarlet Witch chosen by That Which Endures to undergo assimilation as part of its attempt to transfer itself to mutants (West Coast Avengers #44, 1989); Scarlet Witch tricked into coming to Absolom College, where That Which Endures assimilated her into its consciousness (Avengers West Coast #47, 1989); possessed Scarlet Witch turns on Captain America & She-Hulk (Avengers West Coast #48, 1989); That Which Endures consciousness disrupted by Great Lakes Avenger member Mr. Immortal (Avengers West Coast #49, 1989)

Thor (Ktor)

First Appearance and Origin: Thor #384 (1987)
Significant Issues: Discovered Mjolnir, became Thor, defeated the Corp, sent Mjolnir to find true Thor (Thor #384, 1987); somehow retrieved Mjolnir, became Thor again, alongside Guardians of the Galaxy, vs Varley (Thor Annual #16, 1991); used by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man as pawn against Earth-616 Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #405, 1995); tricked by Zarrko, went back in time, vs Thunderstrike, alongside Thunderstrike & Beta Ray Bill, vs various time-displaced villains (Thor #438-441, 1991); sent through time by Demonstaff alongside other Thors, encountered true Thor (Thor Corps #1-4, 1993); alongside Firelord & Silver Surfer of Reality-691, vs Galactus (Guardians of the Galaxy #24, 1992); in at least one reality, joined new incarnation of Avengers (Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions 2001, 2002)

Those Who Sit Above In Shadow

First Appearance: X-Men and Alpha Flight #1 (1985)
Origin: Thor #84 (2004)
Significant Issues: Perpetuated Asgardian cycle of death & rebirth for untold millennia (Thor #84, 2004); Loki tried to win their favor using Firefountain to empower humans, turned down Loki’s petition after empowered humans rejected gifts, warned Loki not to seek revenge (X-Men and Alpha-Flight #1-2, 1985-1986); teleported Loki to Svartalfheim after he again meddled with Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #50, 1987); confronted by Thor who berated them for the endless rebirth cycle, later begged Thor not to end cycle after he initiated final Ragnarok, deprived of energy when Thor destroyed Fate’s tapestry & stopped cycle, apparently destroyed (Thor #84-85, 2004)


First Appearance: Spider-Man's Tangled Web #1 (2001)
Origin: Spider-Man's Tangled Web #3 (2001)
Significant Issues: Observed Spider-Man defeat the Rhino, attacked & infested Daily Bugle administrative assistant Jessica Patton (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #1, 2001); attacked Spider-Man in Peter Parker’s apartment (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #2, 2001); electrocuted while battling Spider-Man (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #3, 2001)

Thunderbird (Shaara)

First Appearance: X-Men #100 (2000)
Origin: X-Men Unlimited #27 (2000)
Significant Issues: Sought whereabouts of brother, saved from street thugs by Karima Shapandar, joined in search by her, fell in love with her, captured by Bastion, attempted transformation into Prime Sentinel activated latent mutant powers, sent away by Karima before her Sentinel programming activated, met Moira MacTaggert, joined X-Men (X-Men Unlimited #27, 2000); began flirtation with Psylocke, with Archangel & Psylocke, attacked by N’Garai-possessed Storm, alongside Magik/Amanda Sefton, Wolverine & Phoenix/Jean Grey, vs Pilgrimm & N’Garai (X-Men: Black Sun #2-5, 2000); with X-Men, helped Peter Corbeau repair space station, helped rescue crew after station was sabotaged (X-Men #100-101, 2000); with X-Men, vs Neo (X-Men #102, 2000); with X-Men, vs Goth & Crimson Pirates (X-Men #103-104/Uncanny X-Men #385, 2000); with X-Men, vs Twisted Sisters (X-Men #105, 2000); with X-Men, rescued Cecilia Reyes & Charlotte Jones from Neo (X-Men #106, 2000); with X-Men, rescued Lady Deathstrike from Prime Sentinels, alongside Deathstrike, vs Stryfe (X-Men 2000 Annual, 2000); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, opposed intergalactic council’s efforts to transform Earth into prison planet, vs Ronan & Ruul (X-Men #107/X-Men Unlimited #29/Maximum Security #3, 2000); with X-Men, attended funeral of Moira MacTaggert (Uncanny X-Men #389, 2001); continued flirtation with Psylocke, joined Storm in a splinter X-Men team to search for Destiny’s diaries, began relationship with Psylocke (X-Men #109/Gambit & Bishop: Sons Of The Atom #1/X-Treme X-Men #3 & 1, 2001); with Storm’s X-Men, captured & tested by Guardia Civil’s Action Force (X-Treme X-Men #1-2, 2001); distraught over Psylocke’s death, sought revenge against Vargas (X-Treme X-Men #3, 2001); with Storm’s X-Men, rescued Saurids from Argentinian militia, accompanied them to Savage Land, opposed Savage Land Mutates (X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #1-4, 2001-2002); with Storm’s X-Men, vs Reavers (X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001, 2001); with Storm’s X-Men, sought to clear Gambit’s name after he was framed for murder of Australian crimelord Viceroy, met & befriended Viceroy’s daughter Heather Cameron, saved her brother Davis from shark attack, alongside Storm, Heather & Davis, vs Triad assassins, opposed Sebastian Shaw & Lady Mastermind (X-Treme X-Men #5-9, 2001-2002); with Storm’s X-Men, vs Shaitan, opposed Sage’s activation of Davis’ latent mutant nature, alongside Viper & Red Lotus, opposed Khan’s invasion force (X-Treme X-Men #10-16, 2002); alongside Lifeguard, left to search for Slipstream (X-Treme X-Men #19, 2002); as member of X-Corporation, alongside Sabra, Quicksilver, Xavier, Storm & Phoenix, rescued Polaris from Genosha (New X-Men #132, 2002); with X-Corporation, in India, helped rescue survivors after bombing attack (Excalibur #5, 2004); revealed to have retained mutant nature after "M-Day" (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #129 (1965)
Significant Issues: In Sixth Dimension, vs Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #129, 1965); witnessed battle between Doctor Strange & Dormammu (Strange Tales #140-141, 1966); vs Doctor Strange & Black Knight (Dr. Strange #177-178, 1969); offered alliance by Dweller-in-Darkness (Doctor Strange #?, 1979); formed Cult of Silence, vs Doctor Strange & Clea (Doctor Strange #54, 1982); opposed Umar, repelled by Dormammu (Doctor Strange #48, 1992)

Time Variance Authority

First Appearance: Thor #372 (1986)
Significant Issues: Sent Justice Peace on mission to destroy Zaniac (Thor #372, 1986); confronted Fantastic Four over their time travel adventures (Fantastic Four #346, 1990); confiscated time machine from Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); imprisoned Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #352-354, 1991); monitored "Timequake" crisis (What If..? #37-39, 1992); Mobius attempted to renegotiate his position (Fantastic Four Annual #27, 1994); sent Justice Peace to confront Deathlok (Deathlok #31, 1994); tracked Access (Unlimited Access #2, 1998); attacked by Alioth (Avengers Forever #9, 1999); alerted Fantastic Four to danger of Ramades (4 #15 & 18, 2005); tried She-Hulk for temporal interference (She-Hulk #1-5, 2005-2006)


First Appearance: (Time-Twisters) Thor #243 (1976); (Time-Keepers) Thor #282 (1979)
Origin: Thor #245 (1976), What If..? #39 (1992)
Significant Issues: Time-Twisters spun backwards through time, vs Zarrko, Thor, Warriors Three, & Jane Foster, existence prevented by He Who Remains (Thor #243-245, 1976); Time-Keepers created in place of Twisters (What If..? #39, 1992); Keepers appointed Immortus guardian of 7 millennia (Thor #282, 1979); authorized Uatu’s extradimensional portal (What If..? #13, 1990); Twisters contained gathered nexus power within Immortus (Avengers West Coast #62, 1990); Keepers attended Eon’s funeral (Quasar #26, 1991); Keepers threatened to confiscate Uatu’s extradimensional portal (Quasar #30, 1992); Twisters plotted to destroy nexus beings, destroyed by Immortus, restored, returned to eggs that were claimed by restored Keepers (What If..? #35-39, 1992); elected to not involve themselves in war in Chronopolis (Avengers: Terminatrix Objective #3, 1993); observed persistence of Earth-9812 timeline, instructed Immortus to slay Rick Jones (Avengers Forever #1, 1998); revealed plot to destroy majority of realities (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); slew Immortus, summoned alternate Avengers army, initiated evolution of Kang into Immortus (Avengers Forever #11, 1999); Kang rejected evolution, Rick Jones destroyed Keepers' chrono-cannon, Keepers slain by Kang (Avengers Forever #12, 2000); Keepers imprisoned by Akhenaten (Marvel Universe: The End #2, 2003); "Oracle of Siwa"/4th Keeper informed time-lost Fantastic Four members of Ramades’ actions (4 #16-17, 2005)


First Appearance: New Warriors #59 (1995)
Significant Issues: Had visions of Speedball’s death, attempted to warn him (New Warriors #59-62, 1995); met New Warriors, convinced them of her legitimacy (New Warriors #63-65, 1995); Speedball killed by Sphinx (New Warriors #68-69, 1996); stopped Advent (New Warriors #70-71, 1996); made official New Warriors member (New Warriors #72, 1996); vs Volx (New Warriors #73-75, 1996); civilian identity made public by Hindsight Lad (She-Hulk #8, 2006)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1963)
Significant Issues: Worked with false aliens on espionage project, first encountered Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #2, 1963); armor used by Scorpion (Amazing Spider-Man #20, 1965); revealed to be supplier of specialized arrows to Hawkeye (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #6, 2005); added weapons to Spider-Mobile for Kingpin, sent remote-controlled Spider-Mobile after Spider-Man on Kingpin's behalf (Amazing Spider-Man #159-160, 1976); improved version of Rocket Racer's apparatus used against Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #182, 1978); created vehicle for Big Wheel (Amazing Spider-Man #183, 1978); weaponry used by Stinger against Avengers (Avengers #179, 1979); outfitted Goldbug with new Bug-Ship (Incredible Hulk #238, 1979); embarked on loan company robberies, vs Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #53, 1981); exoskeleton used by Hammerhead against Human Torch (Fantastic Four #231, 1981); equipment equipment used by Firebrand during criminal conference in Medina County, Ohio (Captain America #319, 1986); outfitted Whirlwind with new paraphernalia, met with Trapster (Captain America #324, 1986); provided Agent with information about superhuman coup in Costa Brava (Marvel Graphic Novel: The Agent, 1989); provided Scorpion with rebuilt costume (Alpha Flight #79, 1989); extorted use of Dr Evan Swann's ESU laboratory, disabled Killer Shrike in failed business transaction (Amazing Spider-Man #310, 1988); alien robot reconstructed for Virgil Starkwell vs Spider-Man & Avengers (Damage Control #1, 1989); repaired Grizzly's exoskeleton (Web of Spider-Man #58, 1989); provided new throwing diamonds for Diamondback (Captain America #369, 1990); forced into helping Vulture release Nitro, encountered Rusty Collins & Skids (New Mutants #86, 1990); traps used by Diamondback against Serpent Society (Captain America #385, 1991); created new armor for Beetle (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #1, 1991); apparatus used by Sinister Syndicate (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #2-3, 1991); apparatus used by Chameleon to remove Spider-Man's superhuman powers (Amazing Spider-Man #340-341, 1990); android creations Silver Squad vs Spider-Man on behalf of Silvermane (Web of Spider-Man #79, 1991); created apparatus for Black Cat (Amazing Spider-Man #369, 1992); augmented Scorpion's armor (Amazing Spider-Man #370, 1992); hired Cage to rescue Agent from the Corporation (Cage #13-14, 1993); appeared as defendant in court case filed by Trapster (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); created shield for Super-Patriot (Captain America #425, 1994); used teleportation matrix to send Spider-Man to High Evolutionary, carried Jackal's journal to S.H.I.E.L.D. (Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand #1, 1997); constructed Acidroid for Maggia use, encountered Cable (Cable #65, 1999); energy cannons used by anti-mutant protestors (Avengers #27, 2000); visited underworld bar (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #13, 2002); informed Kat Farrell of his role in the Judge's revival (Deadline #2, 2002); exposed as Harts' killer by Kat Farrell (Deadline #4, 2002); conducted auction for Venom symbiote (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004); conducted auction for Scorpion exoskeleton (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12, 2005); revealed to be working for Latverian Prime Minister Lucia Von Bardos (Secret War #1, 2004); provided information to the Punisher (Punisher War Journal #1, 2006)

Titania (MacPherran)

First Appearance: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3 (1984)
Origin: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3 (1984), She-Hulk #10 (2005)
Significant Issues: Grew up unhappy in Denver, befriended by Marsha Rosenberg, pretended she was new Spider-Woman, invited to Vanessa Ashwood’s party because of her "Spider-Woman" reputation, exposed as fraud shortly after their entire suburb was transported to Battleworld by the Beyonder, chased out of town alongside Marsha by Ashwood & her companions, offered sanctuary & empowerment by Doctor Doom, she & Marsha transformed into Titania & Volcana by Doom (She-Hulk #10/Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3, 2005/1984); joined Doom’s villain army, met Absorbing Man/"Crusher" Creel, with Doom's villain army, attacked superheroes’ base, helped free captive villains, alongside fellow villains, vs Thor (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3-4, 1984); scorned Volcana’s relationship with Molecule Man, with Doom’s army, vs heroes (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #5, 1984); vs X-Men, romantically propositioned by Creel (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #6, 1984); helped transport wounded Molecule Man, vs X-Men, restrained Volcana from attacking Enchantress, threatened to maim Enchantress if Molecule Man died (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #7, 1984); vs She-Hulk, defeated, participated in gang beating of She-Hulk alongside Doctor Octopus, Wrecking Crew & Creel (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #7/She-Hulk #10, 1984/2005); suffered traumatic & humiliating defeat by Spider-Man (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8, 1984); returned to Earth alongside most of the other villains (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #11-12, 1985); terrorized Ashwood in vain attempt to make herself feel better about She-Hulk defeat (She-Hulk #10, 2005); among army of super-criminals assembled by Mephisto to attack Beyonder, held off by Thing while trying to attack Beyonder (Secret Wars II #7, 1986); alongside Creel, joined Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil, recruited Moonstone into the group (Avengers #270 & 273, 1986); alongside Creel, sent on another recruiting mission for Masters of Evil, robbed Gino’s Fine Jewelry on impulse & clashed with Spider-Man, sabotaged mission to draw Spider-Man into combat again, tried to manipulate Absorbing Man into killing Spider-Man for her, overcame her fear of Spider-Man & rejoined fight to save Creel, escaped alongside Creel, (Amazing Spider-Man #283, 1986); alongside Creel, tried to assassinate Wasp, hospitalized Hercules, defeated by Ant-Man & Wasp (Avengers #275, 1987); alongside Mister Hyde, broke out of Vault, humbled Demolition Man, escaped (Iron Man #228/Captain America #340, 1988); repeatedly interrupted She-Hulk’s appearance before Supreme Court, soundly beaten by enraged She-Hulk, surrendered to authorities (Solo Avengers #14, 1989); joined Frightful Four, with Frightful Four, alongside Aron the rogue Watcher & Dragon Man, vs Fantastic Four, vs Aron & Dragon Man after their betrayal, defeated by Fantastic Four, alongside Fantastic Four, captured by Aron (Fantastic Four #326-328, 1989); with Frightful Four, alongside Fantastic Four, held in stasis by Aron until both groups broke free, with Frightful Four, vs Fantastic Four & their Aron-produced clones, sent back to Vault by Aron (Fantastic Four #330 & 333, 1989); checked into Vault just before mass breakout staged by Wizard (Avengers Spotlight #26, 1989); recruited into "Acts of Vengeance" anti-superhero conspiracy, manipulated by Doctor Doom into targeting Spider-Man, fear of Spider-Man converted into rage by Doom’s sensor controller device, attacked Daily Bugle offices in search of Spider-Man, vs Puma & cosmic-powered Spider-Man, lost sensor controller during fight, overcame fear to continue battling Spider-Man, defeated by Spider-Man’s new cosmic powers (Web of Spider-Man #59, 1989); alongside Brothers Grimm, Goliath, Graviton & Trapster, hired by Chameleon to kill Spider-Man, attacked Spider-Man, rejected Trapster’s romantic advances, defeated by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #64-65, 1990); returned to Vault under supervision of Fantastic Four & Avengers (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); participated in Vault breakout foiled by Avengers & Freedom Force (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); briefly joined Superia’s Femizons during their ocean cruise, helped capture infiltrators Captain America & Paladin, informed of Superia’s plans for female supremacist society (Captain America #390-391, 1991); felt lost & directionless without Creel, reunited with Creel, vs Thor/Eric Masterson when he interfered with their reunion, allowed to go free by Thor after he realized they were planning to retire from crime & settle down together (Thor #436, 1991); continued committing robberies despite Creel’s insistence they keep a low profile, tricked by Creel into a battle with Thor/Masterson, Spider-Man & Code: Blue designed to scare her straight, attacked Creel, reconciled with Creel after he was seemingly injured by heroes (Thor #447-448, 1992); alongside Creel, joined Doctor Octopus’ Masters of Evil, participated in their invasion of Avengers Headquarters, vs Avengers support staff & visiting Guardians of the Galaxy, defeated (Guardians of the Galaxy #28, 1992); attended A.I.M. weapons expo, alongside horde of fellow criminals, tried unsuccessfully to defeat intruder Captain America (Captain America #411 & 413, 1993); attacked She-Hulk while she was trapped in a non-superhuman form, defeated after She-Hulk regained her powers (Sensational She-Hulk #49, 1993); applied for work at Libido’s lingerie shop since Creel kept begging her to get a regular job, vs She-Hulk, defeated by Thing (Sensational She-Hulk #52, 1993); alongside Abomination & Gargantua, demolished town of Hulk, Arizona in mistaken belief the actual Hulk would be there (Incredible Hulk Annual #19, 1993); committed more robberies, claimed her obsession with She-Hulk was fueling her insecurity & continued criminal activity, grudge match with She-Hulk arranged by Creel & Thunderstrike/Eric Masterson, grudge match became free-for-all when unexpected arrival of Stellaris made Creel think they were being ambushed, defeated by She-Hulk despite use of power-enhancing gloves (Thunderstrike #16, 1995); married Creel despite interference by Avengers (Avengers Unplugged #4, 1996); broke Creel out of prison, lived quiet suburban life with him in Cranberry at his request, grew extremely bored, thrilled when Creel ran afoul of police in nearby Pittsburgh, alongside Creel, vs police, assumed Creel had arranged incident as anniversary present, moved out of Cranberry (Marvel Valentine Special #1, 1997); alongside Creel, posed as superheroes Thunder Girl & Lightning Bolt to seek million-dollar bounty on Spider-Man, vs Spider-Man & Daredevil, battle ended when Creel surrendered after Spider-Man helped save endangered Titania (Amazing Spider-Man #429, 1997); alongside Creel, tried to rob upscale Heaven’s Grill restaurant, defeated by She-Hulk & Cage (Heroes for Hire #17, 1998); alongside Creel, vs Thor & Iron Man (Thor #14, 1999); briefly adopted new costume, alongside Creel, attacked She-Hulk, mind-controlled She-Hulk into joining them on destructive rampage, opposed by Thing & Bounty, mind-controlled Thing & Bounty into joining them, vs Marvel Girl/Valeria Von Doom, entire gang subdued by Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four #22, 1999); developed cancer, could not obtain proper treatment as wanted criminal with no health insurance, Creel abducted Doctor Jane Foster to treat her, Titania saved Foster’s life when battle between Thor & Creel collapsed a building around them, Creel surrendered & Titania taken to hospital (Thor #25-27, 2000); apparently began to recover from cancer, poverty-stricken at Christmas, Creel captured by Captain America while trying to steal money for a gift, Titania received Christmas gift marked as coming from Creel but secretly delivered by sympathetic Captain America (Captain America #50, 2002); followed news coverage of Thor ruling Asgard & becoming involved in Earthly political affairs, Creel pledged his support for Thor at United Nations in gratitude for Titania’s treatment (Thor #55, 2002); apparently fully recovered from cancer, trained obsessively for rematch with She-Hulk until she was stronger than ever before, failed to even notice that Creel had left her during her obsessive training (She-Hulk #10, 2005); paid private eye Loomis to spy on She-Hulk, attacked She-Hulk, sent flying by single punch from newly-enhanced She-Hulk (She-Hulk #9, 2005); came to attention of Fallen One, given his Power Gem so she could destroy She-Hulk for him, trained in gem’s use under Fallen One, crushed Fallen One to prevent him from ever taking back his gem, attacked Excelsior & apartment building Timely Plaza in search of She-Hulk, damaged Excelsior & demolished Timely Plaza, terrorized Ditto, punched out Southpaw & crippled Mallory Book during these assaults, defeated She-Hulk, vs Doc Samson, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man & Awesome Andy, nearly killed Andy & Spider-Man, tricked by shape-shifter Ditto into believing she had killed She-Hulk, felt empty & directionless in victory, lost connection to Power Gem since she no longer wished She-Hulk harm, beaten into submission by She-Hulk after she stole the gem, tried unsuccessfully to hire She-Hulk as her lawyer, shrunken to insect size & imprisoned in Lang Memorial Penitentiary (She-Hulk #10-12, 2005)

Titanium Man (Bullski)

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #69 (1965)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #69 (1965); Iron Man #317 (1995)
Significant Issues: Challenged Iron Man to personal combat, defeated (Tales of Suspense #69-71, 1965); attacked Iron Man in Washington DC, again defeated (Tales of Suspense #81-83, 1966); revived by Half-Face, vs Iron Man, attacked village, disabled by Half-Face (Tales of Suspense #92-94, 1967); smuggled into U.S.A. to capture Crimson Dynamo, vs Crimson Dynamo & Iron Man (Iron Man #21-22, 1970); joined Crimson Dynamo & Radioactive Man as Titanic Three, manipulated into fighting Avengers (Avengers #130, 1974); quarrelled with Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man #73, 1975); alongside Crimson Dynamo & Radioactive Man, defeated by Kang (Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); alongside Crimson Dynamo & Radioactive Man, placed under house arrest in Southeast Asia (Iron Man #74, 1975); alongside Crimson Dynamo & others, abducted Black Widow & others, defeated by Champions (Champions #7-10, 1976-1977); decided to regain favor with Russian government (Iron Man #135, 1980); retrieved Unicorn from potential death at sea (Iron Man #115, 1978); sent Unicorn to attack Iron Man, inadvertently activated Arsenal in Avengers Mansion, lost contact with Unicorn (Iron Man #113-115, 1978); observed reports of Bruce Banner receiving treatment from Tony Stark (Iron Man #132, 1980); caused havoc in New York City, defeated by Iron Man (#134-135, 1980); organized Green Liberation Front (Thor #354, 1985); directed Green Liberation Front against Beta Ray Bill & Sif, identity exposed, immobilized by Sergei (Thor #357-358, 1985); version of Titanium Man armor used by Gremlin as member of Soviet Super-Soldiers (X-Men Vs. Avengers #1-3, 1987); Gremlin inadvertently slain in battle with Iron Man (Iron Man #229, 1988); Bullski reassembled by Crimson Dynamo, joined Remont-4 (Soviet Super-Soldiers #1, 1992); as member of Thanos' Secret Defenders, vs Monks of H'aarg (Secret Defenders #12-14, 1994); assisted Captain America & Nick Fury against Agent Orange & renegade S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Captain America/Fury: Blood Truce, 1995); escaped imprisonment in Russia (Iron Man #314, 1995); attacked Russia's Stark Enterprises factory, opposed by Iron Man & Black Widow, seemingly slain by Iron Man in Crimson Dynamo armor (Iron Man #315-317, 1995); defeated Sun Tao, attacked Stark space station, left in orbit by Iron Man (Iron Man #49, 2002); attempted to sabotage Iron Man's effort to destroy comet (Iron Man #83, 2004); hired by Tony Stark to fake attack at Senate Building, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #530-531, 2006)


First Appearance: Marvel Team Up #2 (2005)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #12 (2005)
Significant Issues: Witnessed Spider-Man & Wolverine vs Paul Patterson (Marvel Team-Up #2, 2005); witnessed Fantastic Four & Doctor Strange vs Iron Maniac, discovered by Sunfire (Marvel Team-Up #4, 2005); vs Sunfire (Marvel Team-Up #5, 2005); left Sunfiire severely beaten (Marvel Team-Up #6, 2005); returned to his ship (Marvel Team-Up #7, 2005); flew to Tokyo to attract attention of superheroes, encountered Sunfire & Japanese military (Marvel Team-Up #8, 2005); defeated Sunfire again, wreaked havoc upon Tokyo (Marvel Team-Up #9, 2005); opposed by heroes, defeated Hulk with ease (Marvel Team-Up #11, 2005); gave heroes false account of his origins (Marvel Team-Up #12, 2005); vs heroes again, rejected by Amissa & apparently attempted suicide (Marvel Team-Up #13, 2005); had implants placed in his head by Japanese scientists as brain regenerated (Marvel Team-Up #20, 2006); awoke completely regenerated, but with apparent amnesia (Marvel Team-Up #22, 2006); unleashed upon Baltimore, Maryland under control of Japanese scientists who stole his body (Marvel Team Up #24, 2006); opposed by heroes, distracted by Crusader’s manipulations of reality long enough for his controllers to be located & stopped by Doctor Strange, collapsed & handed over to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody (Marvel Team Up #25, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Men #4 (1964)
Origin: Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #13 (1986)
Significant Issues: Given up by parents, raised at orphanage (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #13, 1986); with Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, vs X-Men in Santo Marco (X-Men #4, 1964); with Brotherhood, vs X-Men, posed as track star (X-Men #5, 1964); with Brotherhood, vs X-Men & Sub-Mariner (X-Men #6, 1964); with Brotherhood, vs Thor & X-Men (Journey Into Mystery #109, 1964); with Brotherhood, vs X-Men & Blob (X-Men #7, 1964); with X-Men, vs Stranger, taken into space (X-Men #11, 1965); abandoned on Stranger’s world by Magneto (X-Men #18, 1966); alongside Magneto, escaped Stranger’s world, vs Avengers (Avengers #47-49, 1968); alongside Magneto, vs X-Men & Avengers, betrayed Magneto (X-Men #43-45/Avengers #53, 1968); briefly captured by Sentinels (X-Men #59-60, 1969); captured by Arkon (Avengers #75-76, 1970); posed as Stranger, vs Avengers (Avengers #137-139, 1975); briefly joined villainous Defenders team (Defenders #64, 1976); backed by Arcade, vs Thing & Angel, opened amusement park (Marvel Two-in-One #68, 1980); attempted suicide, rescued by Spider-Man, formed the Misfits (Amazing Spider-Man #266, 1985); attacked Scarlet Witch, Vision, & Magneto (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #6-7, 1986); vs Spider-Man, Vision, & Scarlet Witch (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #11, 1986); allied with Gideon as Kings of Pain (New Mutants Annual #7/New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); led own incarnation of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, allied with Morlocks, vs X-Force (X-Force #5-9, 1992); with Brotherhood, attempted to recruit X-Patriots, vs X-Factor (X-Factor #82, 1992); with Brotherhood, vs Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, Spider-Man, & Portal (Darkhawk #19-20/Sleepwalker #17, 1992); with Brotherhood, confronted by Exodus (X-Men Unlimited #2, 1992); with Brotherhood, took refuge on Empyrean’s island (X-Men Annual #2, 1993); sought revenge on White Queen (Generation X #18-19, 1996); with Brotherhood, alongside Xavier, vs Cerebro, rescued by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #363/X-Men #83/Uncanny X-Men #364/X-Men #84, 1999); with Brotherhood, vs Machine Man (X-51 #1-2, 1999); alongside Earth's mutants, briefly depowered by High Evolutionary (Uncanny X-Men #379, 2000); recruited by Prosh, sent back through time, genome repaired, gained new powers, with allies, vs Stranger (X-Men Forever #1-6, 2001); joined Mystique’s Brotherhood, vs X-Men (X-Men #106/Uncanny X-Men #388, 2000); in jail (Thunderbolts #53, 2001); participated in Bloodsport tournament in Madripoor, vs Eel & Wolverine (Wolverine #167, 2001); joined mutant cause in Genosha (New X-Men #132, 2002); questioned by Weapon X (Weapon X #4, 2002); joined Xorn's Brotherhood, vs X-Men (New X-Men #147-150, 2003); briefly returned to Genosha (Excalibur #2, 2004); interned at 198 camp (X-Men: The 198 #1-5, 2006); escaped with 198 (Civil War: X-Men #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #36 (1988)
Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #139 (1988)
Significant Issues: Returned to New York as Kingpin's hitman (Web of Spider-Man #36, 1988); threatened Joe Robertson to remain silent (Spectacular Spider-Man #137, 1988); threw blacklisted Hobgoblin/Jason Macendale out of Arranger's window (Web of Spider-Man #38, 1988); kidnapped Persuader/Roland Rayburn for Arranger (Spectacular Spider-Man #138, 1988); confronted armed Joe Robertson & damaged his spine (Spectacular Spider-Man #139, 1988); first encountered Spider-Man in Atlanta, defeated & sent to Philadelphia State Penitentiary (Spectacular Spider-Man #142, 1988); obtained transfer to Lewisburg State Penitentiary where Joe Robertson was incarcerated (Spectacular Spider-Man #150, 1989); trapped & killed Bruiser (Spectacular Spider-Man #153, 1989); captured Spider-Man during prison break, escaped in helicopter with Robertson, fell into Susquehanna River (Spectacular Spider-Man #155, 1989); taken in by Amish farmer, stabbed with pitchfork by Robertson (Spectacular Spider-Man #156-157, 1989); joined criminal organization headed by Hammerhead & Chameleon, saved Robertson from Hobgoblin/Macendale so that he could kill Robertson himself (Spectacular Spider-Man #160, 1990); bribed by Kingpin's men to defect from Hammerhead & Chameleon (Spectacular Spider-Man #166, 1990); shot & trapped by Robertson at Osborn Chemical Plant, exposed to Diox-3, granted superhuman abilities, called off vendetta against Robertson in gratitude (Web of Spider-Man #66, 1990); failed attempt to overthrow Hammerhead (Web of Spider-Man #68, 1990); ripped out Darkhawk's amulet seeking power (Darkhawk #11, 1992); electrocuted, amulet returned to Darkhawk (Darkhawk #15, 1992); competed with Taskmaster via assassination game to gain entry into the Hand (Daredevil #292-293, 1991); formed Untouchables acting as Hardcore's striketeam against Cage, captured Dakota North (Cage #2-4, 1992); gathered in Las Vegas to divide Wilson Fisk's empire (Daredevil #307-309/Nomad #4/Punisher War Journal #47, 1992); attended A.I.M. Expo on Boca Caliente (Captain America #411-414, 1993); alongside Moon Knight, vs Deadzone (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #48-49, 1993); overthrew Hammerhead, attempted to gain seat in council of bosses, blew up Club Kaska, carjacked Flash Thompson's ambulance (Spectacular Spider-Man #204, 1993); denied admission to club, knocked unconscious by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #206, 1993); payroll heist foiled by Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-Man #120, 1995); targeted Geraci crime family, attempted assassination on mayor (Spider-Man/Punisher: Family Plot #1-2, 1996); escaped Rosalie Carbone's attack on crime lord meetings with the Punisher (Punisher #5, 1996); teamed with Jigsaw leading destruction the Geraci crime family (Punisher #9, 1996); arrested with Creaux by Spider-Man/Ben Reilly & Gambit at Soho N'awlins Cajun Club, lead home invasion of Don Fortunato, captured & displayed before gang lords for public execution, vs Daredevil's team in New Jersey, imprisoned (Thunderbolts #53, 2001); pressured Daily Bugle reporter Kat Farrell to discontinue investigation of the Judge/Michael Hart (Deadline #2, 2002); had heart attack, sent to the Cage prison, clashed with Kangaroo, escaped via the Spot (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16-17, 2002); joined Sinister Twelve (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10-11, 2005); refused Owl's offer to kill Absorbing Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #18, 2005);conspired against Daredevil (Daredevil #90, 2006)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #91 (1969)
Origin: Fantastic Four #174 (1976)
Significant Issues: Created by Maarins, with other Mekkans, took over planet & renamed it Mekka, lived lives of tranquil sterility (Fantastic Four #174, 1976); purchased by Lippy Louie, put in cell with the Thing (Fantastic Four #91, 1969); befriended Thing after Boss Barker & Lippy Louie wagered mob territories on Thing/Torgo fight (Fantastic Four #92, 1969); alongside Thing, fought in arena using "bowling ball bomb" & electrostave, showed mercy by Thing, showed mercy to him in return, led insurrection against Skrulls (Fantastic Four #93, 1969); defeated Skrulls, returned to Mekka, named First Among Equals, captured Mister Fantastic & Thing to prevent them reporting location of world to Galactus, ordered their conversion into Mekkans/the Ultimate Resolution (Fantastic Four #173, 1976); Thing & Mister Fantastic escaped, shut off Mekkans at Tower of Life, turned Mekkans back on demonstrating their trustworthiness, allowed to leave by Torgo (Fantastic Four #174, 1976); head captured by Boss Barker, came to Earth to gain revenge on Thing, head used eyebeams to kill Barker, head returned to Mekka to be reattached to body by Captain Marvel (Marvel Two-in-One #45, 1978); captured by unidentified aliens, pitted against Thing, freed from alien influence by Thing (Defenders #73, 1979); recruited by Empress Daydra of Sagittarius System to join Amphibion of Xantares & Dark Crawler of Dark Dimension as "Horror Hunters" against Galaxy Master & Abomination, became "Hulk Hunters" to recruit Hulk after their defeat, Hulk recruited & defeated Abomination & Galaxy Master (Incredible Hulk #269-270, 1982); joined Collector in protecting endangered alien species on Prison Planet, opposed Galactus after he was attracted to planet following Wolverine's destroying main power grid, attacked Galactus’ elemental converter to allow time for everyone to escape planet, was apparently destroyed in converter explosion & planet’s destruction (Wolverine #135-138, 1999)

Tremont, Jonathon

First Appearance: (Tremont & Pagan, in shadow/Lord Templar) Avengers #13 (1999); (Pagan, fully) Avengers #14 (1999); (Tremont, fully) Avengers #15 (1999)
Origin: Avengers #50 (2002)
Significant Issues: Sent Lord Templar to confiscate A.I.M. technology, opposed by Avengers & New Warriors, Templar fled after battling heroes & dropping hints about supposed government connections (Avengers #13, 1999); Pagan rampaged in Times Square, vs Avengers, escaped, Templar remained in public eye (Avengers #14, 1999); Pagan & Templar continued to make disruptive appearances worldwide, Tremont opened Triune Understanding World Headquarters and Resource Center, Avengers tracked Templar to Center, Pagan attacked Center & battled Avengers, Pagan subdued by Templar, Tremont publicly implied that Avengers were unjustly harassing Triunes, Tremont & Templar conspired to paint Avengers as Triunes’ enemies as publicity ploy (Avengers #15, 1999); Tremont monitored news coverage of Avengers/Triune tensions (Avengers #0, 1999); Tremont secretly absorbed more power from faith of his followers, privately derided them as "sheep", supervised secret anti-Avengers campaign, framed Avengers associates for destruction of Triune Understanding’s New York skyscraper headquarters & publicly denounced them (Avengers #26, 2000); Tremont publicly "forgave" Avengers for their supposed mistakes (Avengers #27, 2000); Tremont met with Triune Council to discuss Avengers, heard reports that making peace with Avengers had slowed recruitment, planned to publicly praise Avengers in a manner reminding public of team’s past failures & suggesting Triathlon’s presence had improved the group, had Pagan & Templar attack Avengers to bring topic back into public eye, Templar & Pagan assaulted Avengers Mansion, Templar claimed he wanted to capture Avengers & reeducate them into serving him, Avengers Mansion badly damaged, Pagan & Templar seemingly defeated by Photon, Jack of Hearts & Triathlon before fading away, Triathlon & Jack hailed as heroes (Avengers #36-37, 2001); Tremont aided ailing Hank Pym at Triathlon’s request, secretly had Triune followers build spaceship powered by spirits of Triune faithful to be used in battling a coming evil, helped cure Pym (Avengers 2001 Annual, 2001); Tremont welcomed Vision to Triune faith, learned Triple-Evil’s arrival was imminent (Avengers #46, 2001); Tremont launched prayer-ship to confront Triple-Evil over objections of Vision & Triathlon, revealed he knew of Justice & Firestar infiltrating Triunes & invited them to join mission, struck down many of his followers in process of launching ship, accompanied by Triathlon, Vision, Firestar & Justice (Avengers #48, 2002); alongside Avengers, Tremont fought Triple-Evil, revealed Triune Understanding had been created to oppose Triple-Evil, revealed that Lord Templar & Pagan existed within him at his command, admitted how he had betrayed 3-D Man & used him to empower Triathlon, announced that he intended to rule the world once he had saved it from Triple-Evil, killed Pagan & Templar and two of his followers to gain more power, tried to absorb Triathlon’s light shard, overpowered by Triathlon who absorbed all three shards & purged darkness from Triple-Evil, taken into custody by Avengers (Avengers #50, 2002); tried to torment Triathlon by making him see the immorality of using the former Triple-Evil’s power against Earth’s conqueror Kang, outraged when Triathlon actually decided to stop using the power against Kang, escaped, joined battle against Kang, died neutralizing force field around Kang’s orbiting Damocles base (Avengers #53, 2002); evidence surfaced indicating that Tremont could read the minds of his followers & apparently used this ability to obtain Avengers-related inside information from an unwitting Duane Freeman (Avengers #55, 2002)

Turbo (Musashi)

First Appearance: New Warriors #28 (1992)
Origin: New Warriors #73 (1996)
Significant Issues: Musashi made shopping trip to Paris, encountered smugglers on flight home, argued with Mike Jeffries about custody of Turbo suit, read newspaper account of New Warriors battling smugglers, kept suit past her appointed time so she could investigate smugglers, helped New Warriors capture Sea Urchin, Cardinal & rest of smugglers, given superhero advice by Namorita (New Warriors #28, 1992); Jeffries teamed with New Warriors & other heroes to battle corrupting Darkforce unleashed by Darkling (New Warriors #33-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); Musashi & Jeffries attended comic book convention together, Jeffries tried to get Fabian Nicieza to autograph his Zinc Edition X-Force #1, Musashi & Jeffries battled disgruntled super-criminal Weapon Y to protect Nicieza, Jeffries flew into rage when Weapon Y destroyed his comic book, Jeffries subdued Weapon Y (New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); Musashi & Jeffries mentored in use of Turbo suit by Nova, helped Nova defeat Air Force (New Warriors #35, 1993); Musashi tricked into movie date with Speedball until Sphinx scattered Speedball & other New Warriors through time, Musashi joined Hindsight Lad’s substitute New Warriors team & helped rescue Warriors, Jeffries participated in substitute team’s planning session, alongside combined New Warriors forces, Musashi vs Sphinx, joined New Warriors (New Warriors #47-51/Nova #7, 1994); Musashi battled Psionex alongside Warriors (New Warriors Annual #4, 1994); Musashi & Jeffries visited Natural History Museum together, Musashi with New Warriors, alongside Slapstick & Impossible Man, vs Doctor Yesterday, met Fantastic Four, Jeffries met Abraham Lincoln & Devil Dinosaur (Marvel Comics Presents #159-163, 1994); Musashi with New Warriors, vs Consortium (Nova #14, 1995); Musashi took suit from Jeffries to respond to New Warriors' emergency call, with New Warriors, alongside Cardinal, vs Undertow & their Soldiers of Misfortune, unable to prevent Undertow’s abduction of Namorita (New Warriors #55-56, 1994-1995); Musashi with New Warriors, condemned Night Thrasher’s absentee leadership, forced Night Thrasher & Rage out of the group as a result, vs Namor (New Warriors #57, 1995); Musashi & Jeffries vs Pantheon agents after they challenged their custody of the Turbo suit (Marvel Comics Presents #166-167, 1994); Musashi with New Warriors, sought missing Nova, rescued him from potentially fatal fall, alongside Nova Omega, vs Volx (New Warriors #59-60, 1995); Musashi with New Warriors, pursued Spidercide, recruited Scarlet Spider, captured Helix, Turbo costume altered to black coloring (New Warriors #61-62/Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage - Alpha/Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); Musashi with New Warriors, protected Mary Jane Watson-Parker from Jackal-controlled Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #228/Web of Spider-Man #129, 1995); Musashi met Timeslip, with New Warriors, vs Eugenix, mistakenly clashed with Psionex (New Warriors #63-64, 1995); Musashi with New Warriors, vs Soldiers of Misfortune (New Warriors #65, 1995); Musashi with New Warriors, met Green Goblin/Phil Urich (Green Goblin #2, 1995); Musashi with New Warriors, rescued Maddie Baldwin from Scarlet Spider imposter (New Warriors #67/Web of Scarlet Spider #3-4, 1996); Musashi & Jeffries played Risk with New Warriors, Musashi became friendly with Helix, Musashi with New Warriors, vs Guardians of the Galaxy, Sphinx & Advent (New Warriors #68-71, 1996); coached Helix in English, confessed to Helix she was thinking of leaving the Warriors & giving up the Turbo suit, with New Warriors, alongside Avengers, vs Hydra (New Warriors #72, 1996); bade Helix farewell, attended New Warriors meeting to announce her resignation, learned Volx had killed & impersonated Jeffries, suit stolen by Volx (New Warriors #73, 1996); Musashi mourned Jeffries, helped New Warriors destroy Volx, decided to continue acting as Turbo in Jeffries' memory, offered to share Turbo suit with Hindsight (New Warriors #74-75, 1996); with New Warriors, met Hybrid/Scott Washington (Venom: The Hunted #2-3, 1996); with New Warriors, alongside other heroes, tried to apprehend Thunderbolts after they were exposed as disguised Masters of Evil, helped contain debris when Thunderbolts blew up Four Freedoms Plaza (Thunderbolts #10, 1998); with New Warriors, fought effects of Crimson Cowl’s weather control machine in Stamford, Connecticut (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); employed as journalist on campus paper, urged by parents to find a nice Japanese boy to settle down with, visited Jeffries' grave, reconfigured Turbo suit to match designs Jeffries had drawn before his death (New Warriors #0, 1999); put out warehouse fire, rejoined New Warriors, vs Blastaar (New Warriors #1, 1999); with New Warriors, partook in Coterie's "contest of champions", played & defeated Slingers in basketball game (Contest of Champions II #3, 1999); sunbathed with Nova, discussed their respective school/work schedules & life goals, mentioned parents were paying her way through school, with New Warriors, vs Eugenix (New Warriors #2, 1999); attended New Warriors meeting (Nova #7, 1999); with New Warriors, encountered Generation X (Generation X #59, 2000); met arson investigator Dalton Beck, with New Warriors, clashed with high-tech street gangs (New Warriors #3, 1999); with New Warriors, vs Heavy Mettle, moved into Brooklyn firehouse as new headquarters (New Warriors #4, 2000); with New Warriors, alongside Generation X, vs Biohazard (New Warriors #5, 2000); with New Warriors, captured Mutant Force, started dating Dalton Beck, rescued victims of subway crash with Dalton’s aid, revealed secret identity to Dalton (New Warriors #6, 2000); continued dating Dalton, saw their relationship as proof that she could still have a normal life, learned Dalton was criminal mercenary Firestrike, spurned Dalton, turned Dalton over to New Warriors, with New Warriors, captured Heavy Mettle, aided during fight by repentant Dalton, turned Dalton over to the authorities, decided to give Dalton a second chance, learned Dalton was going into witness protection program (New Warriors #7, 2000); with New Warriors, alongside Iron Fist, vs Junzo Moto & the Hand (New Warriors #8, 2000); with New Warriors, alongside Wolverine, vs Reanimator (Wolverine #149, 2000); with New Warriors, vs Blizzard until sentient Iron Man armor intervened, battled rogue sentient armor after Blizzard’s defeat, shared near-romantic moment with Nova (New Warriors #9, 2000); with New Warriors, visited Mount Olympus, vs Hercules (New Warriors #10, 2000); with New Warriors, alongside other heroes, helped battle invading aliens (Maximum Security #1, 2000); with New Warriors, vs Southpaw (She-Hulk #5, 2004); decided to retire from adventuring, finished school, got a job on the Los Angeles times with the aid of Phil Urich, teamed with Urich to found "Excelsior" support group for young ex-superheroes, with Excelsior, went back into action as Turbo after Rick Jones hired them to apprehend Runaways, vs Runaways, defeated Ultron, warily accepted Jones’ offer to fund them if they continued operating as super-heroes (Runaways #1-6, 2005)

Two-Gun Kid (Hawk)

First Appearance and Origin: Two-Gun Kid #60 (1962)
"Significant Issues: Moved to Tombstone from Boston, bullied by Clem Carter & his cronies, rescued & befriended by Clem’s stepsister Nancy Carter, aided Ben Dancer when a couple of Clem’s cronies attacked him, mentored by Dancer in the art of shooting & other Western skills, adopted dual identity as Two-Gun Kid so that gunfighters would not target Matt Hawk in hopes of making their reputations, given horse Thunder by Dancer, saved Dancer from Carter’s gang, helped Dancer capture the gang, let Clem go free for Nancy’s sake (Two-Gun Kid #60, 1962); accepted money from Nancy to invest on her behalf, as Hawk, robbed of the money by Clem & his new partners, tracked down the robbers in time to see Clem shot by one of his partners, recovered stolen money, learned that Nancy now hated Two-Gun Kid because she blamed him for Clem’s death (Two-Gun Kid #60, 1962); protected accused bank robber Will Webb from murderous mob led by Jeb Snark, proved Snark was the real robber, confronted Snark, nearly shot by Nancy Carter though she couldn't bring herself to do it, Snark shot dead by the Marshal (Two-Gun Kid #61, 1963); single-handedly held off an Apache war party (Two-Gun Kid #61, 1963); forced Moose Morgan & his son Cal to stop terrorizing Nancy Carter’s students (Two-Gun Kid #62, 1963); foiled bank robbery (Two-Gun Kid #62, 1963); defeated Wild Bill Taggert (Two-Gun Kid #63, 1963); as Hawk, attended rodeo with Nancy, bullied by rodeo owner Laredo Smith, tamed Smith’s wild stallion Tornado as Two-Gun, crowd turned on Smith after Hawk rode the "wild" stallion & demonstrated it was tame (Two-Gun Kid #63, 1963); befriended prizefighter Boom-Boom Brown as the Kid, gave Brown a job as Matt Hawk’s assistant, cleared Brown’s name when Grizzly Grogan framed him for bank robbery, captured Grogan & his gang with Brown’s aid (Two-Gun Kid #64, 1963); staged a shooting exhibition, challenged to a shootout by Hunk Harper while his guns were empty, beat Harper into submission (Two-Gun Kid #64, 1963); defended corrupt army doctor Dave Dixon & got him a sentence without jail time, fought Apache renegades, learned Dixon had sold rifles to Apache renegades & given their chief Roaring Bear a potion that allowed him to assume gigantic size, defended Fort Henry from Apache army alongside Boom Boom & troops, routed Apache army by defeating Roaring Bear, saw repentant Dixon sacrifice himself to save the fort from an explosive left behind by the retreating Indians (Two-Gun Kid #65, 1963); outfought & outdrew rogue gunslinger Moose Miller, crippled Miller’s gun hands (Two-Gun Kid #65, 1963); helped Sheriff capture ex-army officer Jace Ringo & his gang during a bank robbery, scattered Ringo’s Raiders after they terrorized Tombstone, fought Ringo until he fell to his death (Two-Gun Kid #66, 1963); defeated criminal mastermind Fox, exposed him as two people pretending to be a single criminal - Professor Steven Stanley & his brother (Two-Gun Kid #67, 1964); vs costumed criminal illusionist Purple Phantom, captured Phantom, unmasked him as Hunk Hondo, gave reward money to miner Seth Perkins (Two-Gun Kid #68, 1964); defeated massive criminal Goliath, rescued Goliath from a fire in the process, Goliath blinded by the flames (Two-Gun Kid #69, 1964); unwittingly aided against bizarre costumed thief Grizzly by Rawhide Kid while trying to stop a Pony Express robbery, Rawhide mistakenly accused of being the robber, attacked by resentful Rawhide, made peace with Rawhide & convinced him to give himself up, defended Rawhide as Matt Hawk, alongside Rawhide as Two-Gun, vs Grizzly, helped expose gambler Ace Fester as Grizzly & clear Rawhide’s name (Rawhide Kid #40, 1964); captured Harry Kane’s gang while they were trying to rob a train, pursued Kane but lost him in a twister, outdrawn & wounded by Kane after Kane became the superhumanly swift Hurricane, lured Hurricane into a rematch & pursued him until he was exhausted, subdued Hurricane after Kane’s hands & ankle were injured, defended Kane in court as Matt Hawk & had him released on probation since he was no longer a threat (Two-Gun Kid #70, 1964); targeted by Jesse James because of outlaw’s jealous resentment of the Kid’s growing fame, as Hawk, alongside Boom Boom, captured by James' gang, revealed double identity to Boom Boom in the course of their escape, repeatedly bested Jesse James until James got the drop on him through treachery, set free by Jesse’s brother Frank since Frank was ashamed of his sibling’s conduct, welcomed Boom Boom as his new crime-fighting partner (Two-Gun Kid #71, 1964); thwarted would-be bank robber Sneed Sawyer’s attempt to incite Tombstone populace against the Apache people as a distraction, subdued Sawyer, protected Sawyer when renegade Apache Howling Wolf framed him for the murder of Tall Bear, bested Howling Wolf in single combat, exposed Howling Wolf as the real killer & convinced Apache leader Geronimo not to war against Tombstone, Sawyer resolved to give up crime (Two-Gun Kid #72, 1964); captured Hunk Galloway & his huge criminal gang with the aid of Sheriff Barton, Cal Merkle, Boom-Boom Brown & the Tombstone townsfolk (Two-Gun Kid #73, 1965); defended infamous outlaw Dakota Thompson’s son Timothy Thompson in court, got Tim a light sentence, Dakota swore revenge since he had hoped Tim would serve no jail time at all, Dakota’s gang stormed Tombstone & freed Tim, Kid wounded while trying to protect Nancy from Dakota, helped round up Dakota gang despite his injuries, gave Tim a chance to redeem himself & it paid off when Tim refused to kill him, saw Dakota trampled to death while trying to protect Tim, spoke up for Tim with the local posse & assured of Tim’s plans to reform (Two-Gun Kid #74, 1965); captured Wolf Fargo’s gang with the aid of Jim Bowie, life saved by Bowie during battle, heard Bowie & other Texans were under siege at the Alamo, set out to reach Alamo, fought renegade Mescaleros, arrived too late to prevent Alamo massacre, learned Wolf Fargo had prevented reinforcements from arriving by wrecking the Cayuse Canyon suspension bridge, hunted down Fargo until Wolf was slain by renegade Indians (Two-Gun Kid #75, 1965); refused to represent tyrannical rancher Samson Scragg in his suit against the railroad, cleared Boom-Boom’s name after Scragg framed him for murder, foiled Scragg’s attempted train wreck & turned Scragg’s men against him, pursued Scragg until the trestle Scragg had sabotaged sent Scragg falling to his death (Two-Gun Kid #76, 1965); represented medicine man Professor Elixir & had him released from jail, discovered Elixir was the masked bandit Panther as Sheriff Barton had suspected, captured the Panther & his gang (Two-Gun Kid #77, 1965); challenged to a rematch by Jesse James after James took Nancy Carter & her students hostage, routed the James gang & thoroughly humiliated Jesse (Two-Gun Kid #78, 1965); arrested infamous outlaw Kid Colt after a gang of thugs working for corrupt mayoral candidate Silas Kane framed Colt for participating in their bank robbery, captured Kane’s thugs with Colt’s aid after Colt escaped, convinced of Colt’s innocence after Colt took a bullet for him, allowed Colt to go free, exposed & arrested Kane (Kid Colt: Outlaw #125, 1965); visited old friend Sheriff Waco Smith in small river town of Goosebend, helped elderly Smith capture Luke Hoskins’ thieving River Rats, defeated Hoskins’ prizefighter pawn Joe ""Goliath"" Morgan in Tombstone after Goliath beat Boom Boom in a rigged exhibition match, captured Luke’s gang after they used the boxing match as a distraction to rob Tombstone, made peace with Goliath (Two-Gun Kid #79, 1966); taught bullied youth William Bonney how to shoot, embittered & power-mad Bonney used his new skills to become rogue gunslinger Billy the Kid, Bonney humbled by Two-Gun (Two-Gun Kid #80, 1966); "Hidden Gun" adventure (Two-Gun Kid #81, 1966); defended ex-bandit Wayde Logan when he was framed for helping his former gang the Conchos pull off a bank robbery, thwarted Conchos’ theft of an army payroll shipment with Logan’s aid, captured Bat Concho & the rest of the gang, cleared Logan’s name (Two-Gun Kid #82, 1966); thwarted cattle rustlers, narrowly escaped a cattle stampede, captured whip-wielding outlaw Durango & his gang, forced to unmask in public but salvaged the secret of his dual identity with Boom Boom’s aid (Two-Gun Kid #83, 1966); fell ill, tried to reform power-mad gunslinger Wayde "Gunslammer" Parker at the request of Matt Hawk’s friend & Wayde’s father Frank Parker, outdrawn by Gunslammer while ill, recovered, tracked down Gunslammer, outdrew Gunslammer & convinced him to turn away from his potential life of crime, teamed with Gunslammer in saving the Parker ranch from Gunslammer’s vengeful ex-partners in Jake McCord’s gang (Two-Gun Kid #84, 1966); survived ambush by Burt Larson’s gang with the aid of the Rawhide Kid, defended Rawhide Kid in court when Larson framed Rawhide for an army payroll robbery, saved Rawhide from execution after he was found guilty, helped Rawhide capture Larson & his gang & clear Rawhide’s name (Two-Gun Kid #85, 1967); alongside Boom Boom, captured Cole Younger & his gang when they sought revenge on Matt Hawk for refusing to defend one of the Younger brothers (Two-Gun Kid #86, 1967); captured bandits who wounded Sheriff Barton, teamed with Boom Boom, Barton & others to capture the Looter & his gang when they raided Tombstone (Two-Gun Kid #86, 1967); saw friend Jess Rumson shot dead by Luke Warren’s gang of cattle rustlers, shot down by Warren & left comatose, horse Thunder stolen by rustlers, revived two days later, captured Warren & his gang (Two-Gun Kid #87, 1967); wounded saving a stagecoach from renegade Indians, captured Slick Sawyer & his gang with aid of Boom Boom & Sheriff Barton (Two-Gun Kid #87, 1967); captured new Rattler & unmasked him as acrobat "Whirlo" who was trying to frame the original Rattler (Two-Gun Kid #88, 1967); impersonated by the leader of a gang of bank robbers, captured the gang & unmasked their leader as local man Bickert (Two-Gun Kid #88, 1967); arrested Kid Colt & Rawhide Kid when they seemed to be guilty of a stagecoach robbery, helped them escape a lynch mob, tried to transport them to their trial, fought renegade Indians alongside them, saved from a snake by Rawhide, fought the real stagecoach robbers led by Pig Porter, saw Porter fall to his death, let Colt & Rawhide go free (Two-Gun Kid #89, 1967); helped hunt down the Horton gang, defended Boom Boom when the gang framed him as their supposed accomplice, failed to prevent Boom Boom from being sentenced to hang, realized the judge in Boom Boom’s case was an imposter, freed the real Judge Ephraim Crass from the Horton gang, captured Ben Horton & exposed him as the phony judge, saved Boom Boom (Two-Gun Kid #90, 1967); captured Mexican bandit leader Pancho Gonzales (Two-Gun Kid #91, 1968); fought silver-obsessed criminal hypnotist Silver Sidewinder, mesmerized into assisting Sidewinder’s crime spree, snapped out of his trance when Sidewinder tried to order him to kill Sheriff Barton, captured Sidewinder (Two-Gun Kid #91, 1968); captured "Curly" Joe Smart & his gang with the aid of Boom Boom & Matt’s cousin Bart Hawk (Two-Gun Kid #92, 1968); prevented train wreck, drove off renegade Indians who had been hired to attack the train, captured Indians’ employer Duke Barton & his accomplices, earned gratitude of railway owner Bates & his daughter (Two-Gun Kid #92, 1968); captured wanted outlaw Whimp Gurney, helped Sheriff Barton rescue his father Mack Barton from Stosh Gurney’s gang & capture criminals (Rawhide Kid #66, 1968); captured gang run by Nancy’s corrupt saloon owner uncle Jack Steele, agreed to defend Steele in court (Kid Colt Outlaw #141, 1969); showdown with Luke Warren’s gang, killed Warren (Two-Gun Kid #103, 1972); apprehended rampaging youths Ace Cooler & Jeb Davis, learned Sheriff Barton was stepping down because he blamed himself for the death of Ace’s & Jeb’s young friend during an earlier rampage, Barton resigned & replaced as sheriff by heartless gunslinger Bart Danton, Barton accused of murder by Danton who turned out to be the slain boy’s father, Two-Gun cleared Barton’s name by proving the dead youth had forced Barton to shoot him & that Jeb tried to cover it up by placing an empty gun in the dead youth’s hand, Jeb shot dead by angry Danton, Ace subdued by Barton, Danton subdued by Two-Gun, Two-Gun convinced Barton to stay on as sheriff (Two-Gun Kid #104, 1972); rescued Apache boy from Rance Keeno’s murderous ranch hands who had slain his brother, learned boy had map which might lead to Presidential document signing over certain lands to Indians, forced to turn boy over to Sheriff when Keeno accused Apache brothers of ambushing him, exposed Keeno as liar in court & exonerated the boy, escaped cave-in alongside the boy when Keeno tried to kill them, felt compelled to write message in the cave before their escape, drove Keeno out of the territory, couldn't find Presidential document, heard Indian prophecy that another lawman would eventually locate document, prophecy fulfilled in modern era by Daredevil when he defeated Keeno’s equally corrupt descendant & found document, Two-Gun’s message received by Daredevil (Daredevil #215, 1985); challenged time-traveling Kang’s 1873 takeover of Tombstone, alongside Kid Colt & Rawhide Kid, vs Kang’s dinosaur, retreated alongside Colt & Rawhide (Avengers Forever #4, 1999); led Colt, Rawhide, Night Rider & Ringo Kid in attacking Kang’s new Tombstone citadel, vs mesmerized townsfolk & giant gila monster, Kid’s team forced to retreat again (Avengers Forever #6, 1999); alongside Rawhide, Colt, Ringo & Night Rider, met & allied with Avengers & Immortus, teamed with Avengers to capture Ace, Chavo Juarez & Kang’s other henchmen when they tried to rob a uranium shipment, befriended Hawkeye, began to feel limited by comparison to Avengers, performed death-defying daredevil leap to capture Chavo (Avengers #142, 1975); invaded Kang’s citadel alongside Avengers, panicked while fighting gigantic mutated coyote monster, rescued by Moondragon, present for Thor’s destruction of Kang (Avengers #143, 1976); accompanied Avengers back to their future era in search of adventure, Hawkeye volunteered to serve as his guide to the modern era (Avengers #144, 1976); formed adventuring partnership with Hawkeye in modern era, sought to capture & tame wild horses (Avengers #147, 1976); tamed & trained wild horse, named her Nancy, alongside Hawkeye, stumbled onto subterranean desert stronghold of Purple Man, defeated Purple Man with assist from Nancy (Marvel Tales #100, 1979); alongside Hawkeye & Champions, vs Warlord Kaa & his Shadow Warriors (Champions #11, 1977); alongside Hawkeye & Old Man Rockwell, worked at Cheery-O’s Dude Ranch, began adjusting to modern life, double-dated Cindy & Debbie with Hawkeye (Avengers #161, 1977); trounced Hawkeye & Rockwell in poker game, read Rawhide Kid comic book, shot ranch’s telephone when it rang (Avengers #162, 1977); showed off shooting skills to pretty girls, befriended wandering cyclist Johnny Blaze, learned motorcycle riding from Blaze, began tiring of dude ranch life, unsettled by Blaze’s Ghost Rider form, teamed with Ghost Rider & Hawkeye to defeat armored Brand operative Manticore (Ghost Rider #27, 1977); began feeling uncomfortable in modern times & homesick for 1873, headed east with Hawkeye to serve with active Avengers roster, helped Hawkeye entertain their fellow train passengers, vanished (Avengers #168, 1978); among Avengers secretly abducted by Collector (Avengers #172, 1978); alongside other Avengers, freed from Collector’s imprisonment by Hawkeye, witnessed Collector’s apparent demise (Avengers #174, 1978); decided to return to 1873, quit Avengers & parted company with Hawkeye, used Collector’s time machine to return to own time (Avengers #175, 1978); opposed Iron Mask’s 1876 gang of "super-criminals", alongside Rawhide Kid & Phantom Rider, thwarted stagecoach robbery, reunited with Hawkeye & Avengers, considered returning to future to rejoin Avengers, teamed with Avengers, Rawhide & Phantom Rider to capture Iron Mask’s entire gang, saw Hawkeye’s wife Mockingbird abducted by mad Phantom Rider just as other Avengers traveled to another time period, alongside Rawhide, vs Phantom Rider & brainwashed Mockingbird, used psychology to free Mockingbird from influence of Phantom Rider’s love potion, alongside Rawhide & Mockingbird, hunted Phantom Rider until Phantom Rider died in battle with Mockingbird, met Hawkeye & Avengers again on their way back to their own time, declined invitation to rejoin Avengers in their era but said he would consider it further (West Coast Avengers #18-23, 1987); as Hawk, captured alongside Judge Trask by Bear Bronson, escaped, as the Kid, defeated Bronson & his confederates (Marvel Fanfare #49, 1990); ambushed by Unlucky Thirteen Gang in Devil’s Cauldron while tracking John Baker, killed rest of gang & then marched Baker back to town across desert even though he was out of bullets (Marvel Comics Presents #116, 1992); alongside Rawhide Kid & Kid Colt, tracked stagecoach robbers Ike & Zeb Barker, saw Barkers captured by time-displaced hero Thunderstrike, encountered time-displaced dinosaurs (Thor Corps #3, 1993); unwittingly displaced into divergent cosmos, narrowly avoided shootout with hideously scarred bounty hunter, made peace with bounty hunter after realizing time/space travel was involved & that this had caused a misunderstanding, had universe-spanning adventurer Access return him to his proper universe (Unlimited Access #1, 1997); found fellow gunslinger Kid Clayton dead, buried him, took his near-dead partner Nantan to Chief Zozoni’s Apache tribe for medical aid, defended rancher Jeb Barker against rustling charges laid by Old Man Svenson, learned that Kid Colt & Nantan had been attacked by werewolves & that Nantan had become a werewolf himself, learned that Nantan could only be cured by destroying werewolf who turned him, deduced werewolves’ vulnerability to silver, salvaged silver bullets from Kid Clayton’s grave, ambushed by werewolves Jeb Barker, Jeb Barker Jr, Clem Barker & Kochane, killed werewolves, cured Nantan, learned Wolf-Spirit had sworn vengeance on him (Marvel Westerns: Two-Gun Kid #1, 2006); abducted & imprisoned by Time Variance Authority for breaking laws of time travel, released into custody of She-Hulk in modern era on condition he never time-travel again, joined She-Hulk’s GLK&H law firm, quickly realized his legal training was over a century out of date, underwent time travel group therapy with Doc Samson, began acting as security agent for GLK&H, attracted romantic interest of GLK&H lawyer Mallory Book, roomed with android coworker Awesome Andy, got along poorly with Andy due to Andy’s secret crush on Book, helped apprehend fleeing criminal clients Great Gambonnos & Bushwacker, adopted atomic steed "Lightning" left to him by Hawkeye (She-Hulk #4-5, 2006); interviewed by Hamilton Slade (Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files, 2006); discovered Andy was secretly giving Mallory physical therapy, mistakenly thought Andy & Mallory might be romantically involved, assured by Mallory this was not the case, invited out to dinner by Mallory, helped keep GLK&H client Starfox in custody, helped break up fight between Starfox & Grizzly, failed to prevent Starfox’s escape (She-Hulk #6-7, 2006); learned of She-Hulk’s marriage to John Jameson (She-Hulk #9, 2006); tracked rogue werewolf John Jameson alongside Jameson’s wife She-Hulk (Marvel Westerns: Two-Gun Kid #1, 2006); in possible alternate timeline, teamed with Kid Colt, Rawhide Kid, Sundance, Thor & band of time travelers led by two incarnations of Black Panther in 1875 to thwart Loki’s attempted conquest of Asgard (Black Panther #46-47, 2002); in possible alternate timeline, concealed stash of future-tech weapons supplied by unidentified benefactor, married Nancy Carter & had daughter Eve, lost Nancy, Eve & Boom Boom to various ailments that modern medicine probably could have cured, learned dates of Matt Hawk’s & Two-Gun Kid’s deaths from historical records, freed condemned man Marcel Fournier in 1885, faked Matt Hawk’s death by blowing up home & law office, revealed to be born Matthew Liebowicz, became federal fugitive as the Kid, used future-tech weapons to fight off pursuers, allied with Apache youth Running Fish whom he taught archery, allied with Japanese agent Hijiro Nguri, formed "Sunset Riders" with Fournier, Nguri & Running Fish, located massive above-ground crude oil deposit with which an international conspiracy planned to dominate the world's economy, confronted conspirators at oil site & blew it up, allowed world to believe Two-Gun Kid dead, continued riding with Sunset Riders (Two-Gun Kid: Sunset Riders #1-2, 1995); in possible alternate timeline, parted company with Sunset Riders, retired from adventuring, adopted new cover identity as lawyer Clay Harder & settled in Anaconda, joined Rawhide Kid, Marcel Fournier, Reno Jones & others in defending Wonderment from Clay Riley’s Nightriders, killed Fournier to save young Cassidy Jones after Fournier betrayed them, died in battle with Nightriders (Blaze of Glory #2-4, 2000)

Note: It is unclear whether the legendary previous Two-Gun Kid, the original Clay Harder, was an historical figure or a purely fictional character. Regardless, he is featured in the early issues of the Two-Gun Kid ongoing series (Two-Gun Kid #1-59, 1948-1961) and in various other comics. Marvel Comics' retellings of select Clay Harder adventures featuring Matt Hawk in Harder’s place are chronicled in Two-Gun Kid #99-104 (1971-1972). The remainder of the series was filled out by reprints of Matt Hawk’s earlier adventures (Two-Gun Kid #105-136, 1972-1977).


First Appearance: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #23 (2000)
Origin: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #24 (2000)
Significant Issues: First encountered Spider-Man (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #23, 2000); attempted to detonate Ace Signs building & George Finch, aided Spider-Man against monstrous alien hybrid created from Spider-Man's DNA (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #24, 2000); with secret gathering of anti-Registration Act heroes, interviewed by Sally Floyd (Civil War: Front Line #3, 2006); secret gathering of anti-Registration Act heroes raided by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Civil War: Front Line #4, 2006)


First Appearance: Avengers #49 (1968)
Significant Issues: Conquered Olympus, defeated by Hercules (Avengers #49-50, 1968); with Cylla, vs Hercules (Marvel Premiere #26, 1975); vs Avengers & Champions (Avengers #163, 1977); enslaved Hercules for Loki, defeated by Avengers (Avengers Annual #23, 1994)


First Appearance: Silver Surfer #81 (1993)
Origin: Cosmic Powers #6 (1994)
Significant Issues: Created by Galactus (Cosmic Powers #6, 1994); vs Galactus, defeated (Silver Surfer #81, 1993); returned, captured Silver Surfer & allies, vs Ganymede & Galactus, escaped with Morg (Silver Surfer #78-82, 1994); vs Thanos & allies (Cosmic Powers #5-6, 1994); vs Jakar, lost globe of power (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3, 1994); sent Toady to track Galactus (Silver Surfer #101-102, 1995); vs Galactus, vanished in Ultimate Nullifier blast (Silver Surfer #104-109, 1995)

Ultimate Nullifier

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #50 (1966)
Significant Issues: Brought to Earth by Human Torch, used to force Galactus to abandon attempt at devouring Earth (Fantastic Four #50, 1966); duplicate built by Mr Fantastic & H.E.R.B.I.E. to trick Galactus (Fantastic Four #213, 1979); Galactus revealed to have used Ultimate Nullifier on Korvac (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); wielded by Quasar against Magus, energies controlled by Infinity Gauntlet to nullify Quasar instead (Infinity War #4-5/Quasar #39-40, 1992); wielded by Morg against Galactus & Tyrant (Silver Surfer #108-109, 1995); duplicate seen in custody of Stark-Fujikawa (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Uncanny X-Men & Fantastic Four, 1998); sought by Abraxas, reclaimed by Galactus (Fantastic Four #48-49, 2002); duplicate used by One-Eyed Jackie & Ace to drive off Terminus (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #76 (1966)
Origin: Iron Man #24 (2000)
Significant Issues: Revealed by Mandarin (Tales of Suspense #76-78, 1966); vs Avengers (Avengers Annual #1, 1967); used against Yellow Claw (Iron Man #69-70, 1974); sent to Washington D.C. (Iron Man #95-96, 1976); broke Mandarin’s control (Iron Man #298-300, 1993-1994); sought Rajaki, vs Sapper & Goldenblade (Iron Man #23-25, 1999-2000)

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