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Come on, guys, talk to me. I've been waiting forever for approval or even a reason for rejection.

Can someone either approve my edits or tell me why they are not being approved?

The current power list describes his martial arts ability inadequately. His ability to damage Iron Man's armor with karate-chops is one of his greatest powers. Simply saying that his martial arts ability is "exceptional" with no details is like calling Hulk "pretty strong" and leaving it at that.

The article also needs updating to include the current Iron Man story.

Some brief mention of Lady Killer from the Wonder Man mini-series being a former servant of his should be added.

Approving Edits

Can someone either approve my edits or tell me why they are not being approved? First thing first, Welcome to the Marvel Universe Page MichaelChen.

The only people who can approve your edits are Moderators and at this time they are really busy, but they have been show a little more regular than usual lately. I am not a Moderator of the Marvel Universe, although, I will read your edits for you and give you assistance on things that will help you along in the approval process. 1. list your source material, and keep in mind that information taken from other sites will not be approved, so it is best to get the Comics that the particular character has appeared in and give your own interpretation of the events that took place. 2. Use a spelling and grammar checker. 3. Be patient, this is probably the hardest one of them all. Trust me I know. --ohitsme 18:11, 24 February 2010 (EST)

Alright then. First off, the bio lists nothing past the Dragon of Heaven story waaayyyy back in Busiek's time. I would like to edit in more recent history.

The bio lists him losing his wealth and position due to the communist revolution.

The books say he spent all his money training at science and combat. He went broke spending every penny of his inheritance training in science and combat, and thus could not pay his taxes. The government then evicted him. He didn't lose his wealth because of the revolution. Nor did he lose his "position". He never had a position. He spent all his time and money training, not actually doing anything political. I would like to correct this part of the bio. It's actually a very important part of his history, comparable to Doom's burning his face with the mask. That the Mandarin would devour every penny of his father's estate to become smarter, stronger, and more lethal, is very telling about him. That part of his history being omitted is a mistake I would like to correct.

The bio fails to list Tem Borjigin as one of his aliases. I would like to add that.

The bio lists him as an exceptional swordsman. I would like to edit that out unless someone can verify it. The only example I can find of him using a sword is one issue of him throwing one. I can find no evidence that he can even fence.

The bio lists him as merely a exceptional martial artist. The books display him performing superhuman feats like going for years without food and water, ripping large stone slabs out of the ground, whipping bullets out of the air, pulping humans with martial arts strikes, kicking a dent in Iron Man's helmet, and breaking Iron Man's arm with a palm-strike. He's not just "exceptional", he is, like Iron Fist, so good that he deserves a listing under powers, something like, say, "The Mandarin has the power to enhance his body with mystic martial arts, granting him superhuman strength and allowing him to go years without food or water." -MichaelChen

Good Morning Michael, It looks like you have been doing you research, which is good. The problems you keep saying "in the books, it says." In what books are you talking about. In order for the information to be approved, it would have to be located and checked, that is why in the rules of posting. It clearly states to list your sources. You should list the sources in the Summary box at the bottom of the page.

Oh, by the way the button to the right of the prohibit sign at the top of this box, is the signature button. --ohitsme 06:45, 25 February 2010 (EST)

Alrighty then. Iron Man volume IV issues 16 through 28 show an adventure starring the Mandarin as the villain. This is entirely omitted from his bio.

On the subject of his origin: Tales of Suspense #62, the loss of his wealth is described thusly, "And so I grew! Every bit of gold I had inherited was spent was spent on teaching me the sciences of the world, the arts of warfare, and the subtle crafts of villainy! But then one day, my wealth was gone." The origin seems quite clear, he didn't lose his wealth to the communist revolution, he spent it all becoming extremely badass at science and combat. So the current bio is not only wrong about this, it's wrong in a way that really kind of damages the character. This part of his origin is vital to explaining why he is so good at science and combat, and also tells you his weakness, that he is so obsessed with making himself more personally formidable that he devoured everything around him, consuming his family's estate. It's a vital aspect of his development as a villain. So replacing it with a cursory "the communists cost him his wealth" is like replacing the events that lead to Doom's scarring his face with, "the communists scarred Doom's face". It's not only wrong, it actually damages Doom's character with the nature of its wrongness, omitting key character traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

The origin also doesn't say anything about him having a "position". Quite the contrary, his origin heavily implies that money was only going out, never in. He was purely a student of science and combat, he had no position to lose. The bio's statement that he was regarded with "nigh mystic awe" is also incorrect. The Tales of Suspense 62 story actually shows children throwing fruit at him and poking at him with sticks.

On the subject of his powers: Tales of Suspense 54 Iron Man refers to him as "super-strong" and indeed Mandarin demonstrates this by karate-chopping through a thick steel wall and generally being treated as a hand-to-hand threat at least as much as a ring-threat. In Iron Man vol IV, issue #15, we find out Mandarin can go years without food or water. In Iron Man vol IV, his eyes glow, and he proceeds to rip thick stone slabs out of the floor, whip bullets out of the air, and pulp men with martial arts attacks. In Iron Man vol IV, issue 28, he kicks a dent in Iron Man's helmet, and breaks his arm with a palm-strike. There's also indirect evidence, such as his son Temugin's flipping over a tank in Agents of Atlas #11. A different character, granted, but one clearly intended to be closely related to his father in abilities. My conclusion is that the Mandarin can channel Chi into superhuman strength, and can survive on stored Chi in the absence of food and water.

Finally, he uses the alias Tem Borjigin as his alias throughout the story that ends in Vol IV, issue 28 of Iron Man.