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Real Name
Anthony Cotilletta

I have been a huge fan of Marvel since the first time I picked up a Marvel comic many years ago, and I am proud that I have been able to contribute to the company that has kept me entertained since childhood. These are the profiles that I have written on my own or made noteworthy changes to. I will not include profiles that I may have made minor changes, edits, corrections, etc. I know the list is long, but I cannot say I'm prouder of one bio or one character more than another (that's why I can't narrow the list down). I am equally proud to have been given the opportunity to post all these bios on the site, so I guess the list will simply continue to least until I run out of space, if that's possible.

As of Christmas 2008, I have reached my 200th bio contribution with more still on the way.

As of Oct, 22, 2009, I have reached my 300th bio contribution, and proud to say I'm still here after all this time, and I have no intention of quitting now.

I was pleasantly surprised to have been recognized for my contributions here when I was asked to become a moderator on I am privileged to be added to the list of hard working individuals, and I hope to continue to live up to their expectations. The promotion from contributor to moderator became official Apr. 9, 2010, and I want to thank everyone responsible - especially Mike Fichera.

On July 21, 2010, I have managed to reach a total of 400 bio contributions and just barely scratched the surface of all the amazing characters I want to put on the website.

On April 27, 2011, I posted my 450th bio contribution and my biggest achievement to date as Rumor was also my small contribution to the Thor: Asgard's Avenger Handbook. If not for the assistance and guidance of Mike Fichera and the powers-that-be at Marvel, this would not have been possible. I owe them much thanks and all the pizza they can eat.

Other profiles I have worked on for FF: Fifty Fantastic Years, Defenders: Strange Heroes and Avengers: Roll Call are Captain Barracuda (modern), Hunger (alien), Gargantua, Red She-Hulk update, Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and the Revengers (Wonder Man's team).


Profile contributions done solely through my own research and original writing

Profile contributions either solely using OHotMU as reference or combined with original writing

Image contributions (some images not included as name is now attached to image file)

Disambiguation pages