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Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire (Trade Paperback)

Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire (Trade Paperback)

The Story
The acclaimed GHOST RIDER run of writer Jason Aaron reaches its fever-pitched conclusion with a final tale of insanity, jam-packed with new villains, old allies and the same old grindhouse action that Flamehead fans have come to know and love. The renegade angel Zadkiel is out to thwart Biblical prophecy by assassinating a young boy bred by Satanists to rule the world, so if Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch are going to save the world, they'll first have to save the Anti-Christ. Guest-starring Hellstorm, the Son of Satan. Collecting GHOST RIDER: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #1-6. Parental Advisory ...$16.99
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  • ISBN: 978-0-7851-4235-5
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Price: $16.99
  • UPC: 5960614235-00111
  • FOC Date: Feb 04, 2010
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