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The Avengers and X-Men fight to restore a reality gone mad!

House of M

June, 2005 - November, 2005

When the Scarlet Witch alters reality, the Avengers and X-Men face a world like none they’ve ever known! Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel re-imagine the Marvel Universe with Magneto bringing mutantkind to prominence in an eight-issue event. As the only person who remembers how things used to be, can Wolverine set things right? Should he?

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Can anyone direct me to what i'm suppose to follow House of M with? Thanks. 


put the reading order from the marvel unlimited app on here. pls

jvenable2893 member

Can y'all put the suggested reading order that you have on the app on here?

tawalu member

Is there a reason why the MU app shows significantly more tie-in issues, and in the correct order?

rj155500 member

House of M is awesome!  It was the corner stone that I built my own reading around.