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Kraven the Hunter buries Spider-Man alive and dons the costume himself, intent on proving himself the better hero.

Kraven's Last Hunt

October, 1987 - March, 2012

Frustrated with his repeated failed attempts at killing Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter hatches a final plot to best his adversary, shooting and burying him alive. With his enemy out of the way, Kraven dons a Spider-Man costume and patrols the city, intent on proving himself a better hero. The real Spider-Man soon awakens and hunts the Hunter!

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ColdWaterSandwich member

Awsome story. Loved kraven in this you really get in his head.

norbertomorvan plus member

The first time I read this in the eighties, I thought that Spiderman actually ate one in the face with a shotgun.  Really dark story.  Amazing art.  Best issues of Web Of Spiderman.