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G.L.A. (2007) #2 COVER

G.L.a. (2005) #2

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The Story
Part 2 of 4!
With the life-expectancy of hamsters, and an ever-thinning lineup, the GLA is in desperate need of new blood. But what self-respecting super-type would sign up for THIS!? Guest stars galore, including Brother Voodoo, El Aguila, and Captain Ultra. Plus Spider-Man, Wolverine, Daredevil, and all the other spotlight-hogs you can't get enough of! Oh, and don't forget, in this issue ANOTHER GLAer DIES! Well... besides Mr. Immortal.
32 PGS./Marvel PSR ...$2.99
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  • Rating: MARVEL PSR
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 5960605635-00211
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Gpacknett3 member

This issue fails the Bechdel Test.

JackStamper member

@Gpacknett3 What, are you going to go around, writing that on every issue?

Yes, it does, not going to argue there...at least I can't remember two women talking at all this whole comic. Not counting the girls saying No to the GLA (sadly being asked by two guys, so they don't count), we only have Big Berta talking to her male agent (about something else than a man, at least) and Squirrel Girl appearing, kicking some as, joining the team and the last fight. No clearing the Bechdel Test here. But does it matter? No! For two very important reasons:

1. The Bechdel test is merely a little tool for measurement, not a complete guide to tell you, when a work of art is respectful to women. Don't forget: Most lesbian porn would pass the test, while still managing to objectify women.

2. Squirrel Girl! You can't get a more kickass character than her! She is the strongest character of the MU, doesn't give a damn about her appearance, and has an upbeat and honest mind. Also Big Berta is a nice character, although we sadly only see a little bit about her this time...

Not passing the Bechdel test is like hearing a strange noise while driving the car. It could mean, something is wrong, and when it happens repeatedly, it most likely is, but the noise alone is meaningless, you have to take a look at things and come to your own conclusion. And while I agree, there could've been more women on the team (sadly we lost one in #1), the comic itself is great and Squirrel Girl makes up for most shortcomings there can be in a comic.

Now to the story itself: A nice, funny tale about Flatman and Doorman coming to the city and asking pretty much everyone to join their team, until they finally find Squirrel Girl, who joins, just for fun. Than they find some trouble at the docks, and help another superhero named Grasshopper fighting of Baltrocs mercenaries. After Grasshopper joins them, Doorman skillfully manges to make a kunai pass through him...and right into Grasshopper, marking the second death in two issues.

This comic is just fun. It's unbelievably funny to follow these characters around. Why can't there be more comics like these in the world? And it's not just a gag-comic: It actually works in the Marvel-universe, there are serious and dark plotpoints, and everything is consistent in itself. A true Marvel Masterpiece!

Satyrcorn member

Yes, it does. Squirrel Girl talks to the reader about the comic. Long as at least one female reads it, that means it's a pass 😃

JackStamper member

@Satyrcorn That's...not quite how it works. But as I wrote earlier: Doesn't matter anyway