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The Order (2007) #10

The Order (2007) #10

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The Story
One way or the other, THE ORDER ends here! Shell-shocked, shattered, and--worst of all-depowered, the men and women that were once the Order stand face-to-face with their ultimate nemesis. They might be broken--but can The Order be beaten?
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $2.99
  • UPC: 5960606195-01011
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HORRIBLE !!!   HORRIBLE !!!   HORRIBLE !!!   HORRIBLE !!!   i can't believe this horrible idea for a comic was actually allowed so many issues.  i also can't believe the names attached to it-  these are people who usually do good work.  i have a feeling this comic series was as much an experiment in story telling just like the Order was an experiment.  and like the hero team failed so did the comic.  regular kids given temporary powers. and powers that are so easily nullified.  if alcohol gets in their system the nanites deactivate their powers.. their pr lady said it at a press conference- so now the whole world knows to shoot a tranq dart with alcohol or slip them a mickey and no more super powers- ez to kill, kidnap, etc.

even the ending was lame and ridiculous- tony stark inviting them to join the regular initiative super hero training program.  which is only for super powered people- not flat scans- regular ppl with temporary powers_ and if this girl who was causing la to destroy itself with her out of control powers- was supposed to be a hero and know what sacrifice is_ why did she allow herself to be used to destroy the city- the bad guy left her on top of a very tall tower- not tied up or unconscious- just sitting there- she can't shut her powers off- but she could have thrown herself off the tower to kill herself- and save the city_ instead it took someone else to snap her neck>  and they don't explain how everybody in the city except the other team members are being affected by her power. or how stane is not being affected, etc.  there was just so much more wrong with this comic than there was right.  the few good moments/ideas don't make up for the many, many more bad/ridiculous parts.

the best part was the coining of the term, 'zobos'_ zombie hobos.   that was the best part of the comic. and the japanese speedster was cool- props for that