Secret Invasion Extended Cut One-Shot (2008)

The Story
The Skrulls have invaded and the conspiracy goes far deeper than anyone imagined. Secret Invasion Extended Cut is a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited exclusive collecting key scenes in the Secret Invasion thus far. Such scenes include pages from Secret Invasion #1 and #2, Mighty Avengers #12, and New Avengers #40. This in-depth look helps get new readers in on the ground floor of comic's biggest event in years and provides a new look at how these tie-ins offer the full SECRET INVASION experience. The Avengers know that the shape-shifting aliens known as the Skrulls have invaded Earth. Infiltrating undetected has the heroes at each-others throats and questioning everyoneà¢â??s true motives. Only one man seems to know what is going on and that man is Nick Fury. After a long absence, the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D has returned with a vendetta and is attempting to put the puzzle together to eliminate the Skrull threat. Skrull agents are being revealed left and right as the Invasion moves forward and their motives are slowly becoming more clear. With everyone asking à¢â??Who do you trust?à¢â?? this special Digital Comic will catch you up with the shaky status of the Marvel Universe, as well as setting up stories in SECRET INVASION: FANTASTIC FOUR, MIGHTY AVENGERS, THUNDERBOLTS, NEW AVENGERS, SECRET INVASION: RUNAWAYS/YOUNG AVENGERS, and more!
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