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Spider-Girl: The End! (2010) #1

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The Story
THIS IS IT! In a story spanning the history of the MC2 Universe, witness the battle you've been waiting for as Mayday Parker takes on her own clone, April! The fate of the Parker family hangs in the balance -- and so does an entire universe! The last stand of the Amazing Spider-Girl is here! Rated A ...$3.99
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Extended credits and info
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 5960607403-00111
  • FOC Date: Aug 05, 2010
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The End? Why does Marvel start these other realities and then drop them? 2099 - only exists in video games now. What ever happened to DP7 and company? I happened to like Spider-Girl and her contemporaries in MC2. Why The End? Marvel could at least let this fantastic character and reality wait until someone's ready to do more with it instead of killing it off. Personally, I'm disgusted that I finally get the chance to buy more Spider-Girl stories and it's planned to be the last Spider-Girl story every published by Marvel. I REFUSE to by the substitute Spider-Girl - Marvel is erasing a great character for the name. Let's just kill off Peter Parker and let someone else (how about James Barnes with an alien symbiote) become the new Spider-Man!!!! Marvel won't do it - Spidey's been around too long. But Mayday??? They feel free to trash her and her reality at will. Why not just rename the company DC???????


this isn't them killing off the character, its a gimmick, they've done it for every major character for many years now. They are jus t saying how the characters may die in the future, not killing them off.