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Fantastic Four (1998) #587

Fantastic Four (1998) #587

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The Story
THREE PART 5 This is the penultimate chapter of THREE! Which member of the Fantastic Four will perish?
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Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 5960604456-58711
  • FOC Date: Jan 13, 2011
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poor jonnny atleast he died a warriors death.

chef6463 member

Those last couple of pages between Ben and Johnny were incredible. Totally blew me away.


Guys do you all know what volume is this? Is it still Vol. 1??


First things First. What happen to the epic fight this should have been. If it was edited out of the story why?? If it wasn't were's the Editor?? Lets face facts there should have been more action shown.The two things I did appreciate were the mutual admiration between Ben & Johnny and the Powerful page When Johnny: screams "FLAME ON" The following 2 page spread shows a bust shot of Torch smoothered by the resident of the Negative zone, You want us to believe this is the last shot we will see of Johnny and you turn in the center of attention to the hordes of creatures, which was affectively achieved in the FLAME ON page. The HUMAN TORCH should have been the focal point. If that's all we are going to see of Johnny's demise, the fans and Johnny got ripped off. There should have been Much More Fanfair. What's Up!!! You guys pooched it. I hope there is much more. I hope you guys didn't forget what makes Marvel Great the balance between strong characters and awesome fight scenes. There was one implied. You should have dropped the gimmick black poly bag and concentrated on giving Johnny a fitting end. His Team mates will not just accept his fate, do not write that his team mates will stand by and do nothing to look for JohnnyI hope the FF crew have something up their sleeve to pull their fat out of the fire. Or Else Johnny's comming for you after he finishes with Annihilus and his cronies.


Only Uncle Ben stays dead. This will probably end up something like when they killed the Thing only to have the rest of the FF invade heaven to get him back.


Johnny was the only reason I read the book. I know he'll probably be back at some point (I hope) but it could be years. I expect things will certainly be different without him in the Marvel universe.