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Avengers Vs. X-Men: Versus (2011) #4

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The Story
The battle between the Avengers and the X-Men rages on. With Hope’s life itself in the balance, Emma goes head to head with Iron Man! It’s mentalist vs. metal man!
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 5960607800-00411
  • FOC Date: Jun 27, 2012
Cover Information

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thetrevdor member

A draw between Daredevil and Psylocke (one-sided fight, in my opinion) leads to an X-Men win when a full-retard Emma Frost beats Thor in a fight that makes pretty much no sense whatsoever, but hey, it's comics, man.


if you close the cover has thor and hope


Wait, It says Emma goes head to head with Iron Man but the picture shows her fighting Thor?

JackStamper member

@cody0085 The description is wrong, she fights against Thor.

And...to be fair, if she hadn't win or at least managed a draw, the whole Event would be pointless: Just put Thor against the Phoenix. Still: This is, where this format is weak. I would've wished to learn about this fight in more detail. Does Diamond-Phoenix Emma have the power of melting herself back into one piece?

One more thing to the fight: Lastly, we talked about the artists affinity to boobs. I guess we can safely say, he likes more: He also likes Emma Frosts ass and crotch region, even showing a panel with view on both while she is doing the splits. Classy.

The other fight was a lot meatier. Daredevil and Psylocke on one level, DD kinda having the advantage in the fight, until he makes a mistake and sends Psylocke down a building, having to rescue her - and get punished for it. But he learned enough from their fight to ask the right questions, so they simply...stop fighting. Shows you, that with People like Daredevil and Psylocke as their representatives, this whole fight may have been avoided...