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Iron Man (2012) #14

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The Story
MORE MIND-BLOWING REVELATIONS AS "THE SECRET ORIGIN OF TONY STARK" CONTINUES! Free at last, all IRON MAN has to do is fight a robot who can take over his armor at any time and avoid one of the universe's greatest bounty-hunters...DEATH'S HEAD.An impossible choice at the edge of space will decide the fate of two worlds. Who lives? Who dies?And can TONY STARK somehow find a way to avoid his destiny...
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607909401411
  • FOC Date: Jul 24, 2013
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JackStamper member

You know, I do make stories of my own set in the Marvel Universe. Fanstuff. And one of the first things I thought of was a hacking-proof set of armor, were shutting down the A.I. limits the user, but still gives him the basic utilities, flight, one weapon and mobility. Glad to see, Tony himself thought of a similar option.

With all the problems I have with 451, I'll admit he is a great opponent. In fact, this is a battle with three very intelligent guys duking it out. Deaths Head using the only thing he has, his voice, to tell Tony his armory is in the landing bay, and then "shielding" 451, so the latter falls down the shaft with him. Tony with his Dummy-Mode and the quick short circuiting of his own suit to give him a few repulsor blasts. And 451 by first using Deaths Head, and then...well, seeing how utterly screwed he is right now against Tony, so he does something, that will guarantee his victory anyway: Threatening a populated world with the Godkiller, so Tony HAS to take control of it to stop it.

And this seems to be, where he made a mistake. Because Tony couldn't control it. The planet is lost, 451 thinks Tony is bluffing, and so he sets course to earth. This is a very bad situation for Tony...and, you know, earth...