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Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #16

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The Story
The penultimate chapter of THE ACCURSED!Death comes to in the mountains of Jotunheim…..and there is a traitor among Thor's newly formed League of Realms!As Thor prepares to execute one of his own comrades, Malekith stages his final bloody raid... on Earth.
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607913101611
  • FOC Date: Dec 03, 2013
Cover Information

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So Thor figured the troll was the traitor because he is racist against trolls?

JackStamper member

@bigbrotherbeane Actually, from what I've gotten Thor was subtly mind-controlled by that giant worm in his body. Maybe that's even why he was so hard to hold back in Jotunheim. It's quite possible he was a bit racist towards the troll, and thoughht he might be the traitor, old habits die hard. But normally he would've held back or taken him to the authorities, if it weren't for this thing. And even then, I don't think he actually thought the Troll was the traitor, seeing as he obviously said, it was the Dark Elf, which would make him killing the Troll a plot to fool Malekith by making him think Thor got the traitor wrong, and everything is okay now. Which is actually even worse...and I really hope this is the worm speaking, slowly getting more control over Thors thoughts.

Anyway, this would be a terrible ending to the League of Realms. Why do we have to introduce great characters and kill them off in their first story?