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Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #20

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The Story
Thor battles to save the Earth on two fronts.In the present day, Thor takes on Roxxon, the world's most powerful and nefarious super-corporation. While in the far future, King Thor is all that stands between Old Galactus and the planet he's been dying to eat for a very long time.Even if King Thor wins, is the Earth still doomed?
More Details
Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $3.99
  • UPC: 75960607913102011
  • FOC Date: Mar 05, 2014
Cover Information

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da_skeptic member

The terrorist angel is a rather novel one for Thor isn't it

JackStamper member

So...our corporate scumbag is quite literally a demon? There's symbolism, and then there's...this...

Thor is pretty muchg stooped to terroristic attacks, destroying one Roxxon-factory after another, so Roxxon retaliates...as it seems, by poluting his front yard. Interesting plan, let's see, what that'll do...

And old Thor is fighting Old Galactus. And I have to say: I really don't need this part. Why do we have to show a future like this? It's going to get changed anyway, and it's only effect is: "It doesn't matter how this story will end, after all is said and done, they lost anyway."

While the story has some nice moments...I'm simply not getting warm with the direction this is going. This is...well, let's say a bit too simple, too easily black and white, too much the use of common tropes. Excluding the art, there is nothing extraordinary here, it just seems grand, because the "great god"-card is played every few pages. At least we didn't get any overly horny women trying to jump Thors bones this time.

jds51500 plus member

Wow! The Art here is Absolutely Amazing. Story ain't half bad either. Thor: The Underrated.