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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #122

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #122

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

So Lokis big weapon actually was the Absorbing Man himself? That's...kind of clever. And he even has a quick way to dispose of him, which he demonstrates to keep him loyal. Seeing as Thor obviously never told anyone about this foe and what not to do, the Absorbing Man quickly mops the floor with the Asgardians, and then proceeds to attack Odin.

Thor meanwhile has another problem: The hooded man, who kidnapped Jane Foster actually is..that reporter from his first fight with the Absorbing Man! And he used her as a bait to snap a photograph of Thor turning into Don Blake. Thor reacts noticibly civil, and transports him in the past and the future, ready to throw him into any of these timezones to die (claiming he wouldn't be the one to kill him, therefor he still upholds his oath. Erm...yes, Thor, you WOULD be the one, who killed him, throwing someone in front of a dinosaur still is murder!). The journalist regrets his actions and instead wants to see Asgard - even going so far andsaying, he's okay with being mindwiped afterwards. My guess is: He's trying to get the scoop anyway and somehow escape Thor...but everything has been set up for a heroic sacrifice, so this probably won't work...

Tales os Asgard starts with Lokis mutiny, and to be honest - He seems actually right in his accusations. It is entirely Thors fault they get through these pillars...and turning around doesn't mean going back to Asgard, Thor! It means getting out of this mess and then look for a new route to take! Anyway, we get some actions from all of the Warriors Three (with Volstagg's piece being boasting, getting hit on the head and flattening some mutineers), including Fandrall for the first time. And...yeah, okay, everyone will notice it, so let's address it: Stan uses the word gay to describe him, which of course meant happy back then, but combined with his title "Fandrall the Dashing" seems like a poor choice nowadays. Of course, if Stan actually meant him to be homosexual, I'd be impressed.