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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #121

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #121

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Previously, the Tales of Asgard started to tell a continous story. Now we even got out first multiparter, with Thor bringing the ship into a maelstrom (nice job there, some even remark, this wouldn't have happen with Loki), then ordering everyone to row the ship out of it. Surely, a display of his great wit.

Not much else to say about the story, so let's get to the main event: Thor fights against the Absorbing Man, and temporarely gets the upper hand by tricking him into becoming glas. However, this was another instant of his wit, seeing how he now couldn't bring himself to hit the AM, seeing as he swore to never harm a human being. The battle wages back and forth, and finally, when the moment of truth arrives, a small child runs into the turmoil. Thor safes it, and gets punished for his noble act, leaving the Absorbing Man the victor. For now.

What's really good about this story, is that it also has two other plots running besides the main fight, slowly developing, waiting for their chance of jumping into the spotlight: Jane Foster kidnapped by some hooded figures, who claim to only want the best for her, and Loki, who tricked Balder into not investigating his sudden freedom further, while he plans his biggest coup yet. Heck, Stan even had the time to show the norn stone Thor lost last time still in the jungle, waiting to become another plot point later on!

A great issue, and the story really picks up speed!