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Is it normal for access to Unlimited to take so long? Is it because of ComicCon? I paid for my Unlimited ($69), but I can't access any of the content, only the samples! It says that I'm not a member.


can someone tell me how i can read theses comics all i get is sample reads

mynameisjared member

I Upgraded to annual and now Im not even able to read any of the cOmics anymore. I cant save to library either, and it isnt UPDATING my info on the app, Its Still on monthly infO

mpalshaw member

Why is this site always down? Twice a month or more I go online and can't access Unlimited; links are broken, comics aren't listed, or nothing will load. Anyone else have these regular interruptions?

AhnJason member

How come some comics are not being offered for unlimited access?


I need the x-men full story from beginning to now. From the 1st comic to 2014 of the entire x-men story. Is there anyome who could catch me up to date on whats going on in the x-men universe? Also obout wolverine's side story comics named "woloverine" and "weapon x", please. I would appreciate any help with this knowledge. I used to collect comics when i was yonger in the early to mid 90's but lost track.

brown338 member

Thanks for all the new Uncanny's.  Keep them coming, Marvel!


Andre is correct. The entire run needs to be finished along with so many other classic tales. I grew up on Marvel in 70s/early 80s, and although I once owned the new X men run from 94 to 180 ish, it has been almost 25 yrs since I sold my collection as a young adult. Yeah I know, dumb, but it is what it is. The movies, combined with various Marvel games got me to sign up last yr for service. I would like to read all the things I missed the past couple decades, and keep putting it off due to the gaps. No runs of the vintage stuff are complete. 

Others, like Marvel Two in One, are pretty much non existent. I couldnt even find the Twp in One annual where Thanos was made stone. The one shot of Spidey Wolvie where Hobgoblin was revealed I cannot find. So many things I can still remember, and it is like they dont exist according to the site/

This really needs to be corrected.

WHen folks come to visit, the whole mythology needs to be available to catch them up on the history. Although the recap paragraphs are great compared to wasting issues back then, it still isnt the same as reading the original. 

Amyways. I hope someone will take this to heart.

Best wishes, and make mine Marvel. Nuff said

andresantiago88 member

Marvel, please fill the gaps. I stopped at issue #153 because issues #154-159 are missing. That was a couple of years ago.


hi.. when we gonna have more old uncannys?!! i really would love to read the missing editions between 153 and 200!! :D

Distr0 member

@andresantiago88 And make sure that those who are available actually work. 

If this was a free service, okay, but if you pay I don't expect error messages all the time.

Distr0 member

@blakegba @osimpossiveisbr 

I signed up to reread 90s X-men and agree. 

Uncanny and X-men were the top 2 titles in the entire industry back then. Would make sense to have them all.