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Uncanny X-Men
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wordwaster member

so many gaps in the story due to the issues missing in the other x titles.   can't believe a company with this much money can't do a something as simple as uploading more than a handful of comics a month.

jekblad member

Just want to pile on to the already considerable amount of disappointment here in the comments.  I just purchased the MU package and side loaded it onto my Kindle Fire.  Browsing by title, event, creator, etc. is pretty cool; this website is not.  It boggles my mind how this could be so poorly executed, especially for customers who've already paid.  Based on my life in various different industries, I'm going to chalk this up to company priorities and poor management systems.  I think I'm going to track down everyone I can find at Marvel corporate on LinkedIn and send them messages.

Nigel227 member

Anyone else find it annoying that there isn't an "Add to Library" button when reading comics on the computer and you get to the "Next Issue" page? Or am I just missing something? The app on my Iphone has it so why can't the website??

Currently I have to scroll through ALL of the issues to open the next one and then add it to my library. Very frustrating when wading through hundreds of issues.

My Unlimited app hasn't been working for ~2 weeks now (I believe after the last update) which is where I would prefer to read my comics.

For a company that make bazillions of dollars...please hire someone that can make this service work properly for your PAYING customers

rubpust69 member

The site is not working again!! C'mon guys. Really??? Every week now. Love the site but please fix it so it works!!!!

Tallgeese195 member

Same for me. It's been like this for about a week


Same here. I can only see the first couple of comics, "show more" and filter does not work!? Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

rubpust69 member

Why can't I access Uncanny X-Men? I'm paying for the service.


@rubpust69 I think the site is having issues. I can only access the immediate comics. I can't expand or filter to get to specific comics. Hopefully this is fixed quick but I would appreciate if they recognised the problem and announced it.

charlieboy16 member

@liberty.fallon @rubpust69  Yes this is a real pain. Getting error message, cannot access any comics or filter. I have reported it, we all should report these problems. Should really get extension on subscription too.


I have a NOT FOR Sale JULY 2003 VOL. 1 NO 129 the uncanny x-men featuring colossus. I have check a bunch of sites have not found anything about it. Would anyone know where I can find out it's value?

Alecrizzle member

I can't see any issues or anything. Just a blank white space

paulcavins member

I would agree.  The website has little to be desired, but the android app works great.

gregwing member

This website is awful! there is nothing user fRiendly about it!!!!

sonofset member

@gregwing  I agree it's not it use to be. It should go back to the way it was before they started making changes in 2012. You could add comics to your list's some much easier back then. 

gandalf53 member

Does anybody encounters problems with reading the first 150 comics? All the links i click to read it online are dead (error 404, with the hydra thingy) and i was wondering if it was a problem with my computer or something generalized.

andresantiago88 member

The issue #254 is not loading the pages #14 through #24. Marvel's online support is terrible. When you e-mail them, they promise to fix any problems in 48 hours. It has been a month since I pointed out this problem and they still haven't fixed it. I e-mailed them three times already.


Okay so I must be mistaken about a few things here, the word "unlimited" seems to mean "unlimited limited access".

Out of 591 uncanny x-men there are only 518 that are "unlimited" to this limited access... meaning your missing 73 issues, at 2$ each so you need to pay 146$+70$ for yearly subscription to be able to read this 50 year old series... or just pay 591x2=1182$ to have the full chain...

Were not talking about hard cover or recent here... add to that the lack or search capabilities (thanks to pebblespixie for the tip) and the slow browsing, and the complaints here... makes this deal not so appealing.

Even worst, and again, I just hope I'm lacking a certain understanding here, you can buy this serie per "volume", which has 7 of them for 15$, or buy them each individually for a totale of 14$... is my math wrong?

I really wish they would make a real "unlimited" purchase so I could enjoy the whole uncanny x-men, seeing has this is the digital age and most people now enjoy watching the whole thing when they want, commercial free, for a fair price....

I came here 2 years ago wanting in, after finally understanding that I wouldn't be getting what the advertisement said (unlimited), I left it alone, came back again now, and still feel that the marketing strategy is very lacking...


@kmuck81 @Netnewsnow  Ty Kmuch81 for the hope, I'll check out on what you've said and you just might have made marvel acquire another MU customer. I hope they give you a "cut".


@Netnewsnow  All issues of Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 (1963-2011, as the title says) are present and available for reading on Marvel Unlimited. The missing issues are #67-93, which were reprints of earlier stories published previously as issues #1-66. The series was relaunched after this years-spanning era of "reruns" with the launch of Giant-Size X-Men #1 and continues with X-Men #94 (starting Chris Claremont's run) and forward. Furthermore, when you check the "Marvel Unlimited" box you are sometimes excluded omnibus collections, variant covers, and volumes that collect what is already available as single issues, making them redundant.

MONKEYBOY808 member

so you can only read comics from the last 2-3 years? I thought you would be able to read all marvel comics?


Really needs a serve fix. Also, a way to search for a specific issues so we dont have to use half an hour searching for issue 201 out of 500+

pebblespixie member

@CrazyDane  The best way I've found to get the issue I'm looking for is with http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/ under the issue info you'll see READ IT ONLINE click it and it takes you to the issue on Marvel Unlimited. Can't for the life of me figure out how to add to my library this way but it beats trying to seach Marvel for it.


@worldstarblackguy buy volumes of the series through 

comixology(dot)com they are partnered with marvel so you can buy like uncanny xmen vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. like that each volume usually has 4 to 6 issues

doughnut001 member

The standard of service from marvel unlimited is absolutely awful.

The servers are incredibly slow, the service doesn't work most of the time (you need to try 3 or 4 times on average to get a comic to work in the reader) and if you try and contact marvel support you get an automated E-mail advising you to try a different reader and even that autoreply takes days.

The only way you actually get a real response is if you use twitter where lots of people can see your complaint and then they just try and get you to take your complaints to somewhere private where they can ignore them and nobody else will find out.

marder3 member

Why do all the issues now say "read sample" instead of "read now". This sucks ! If this has changed I'm dropping my subscription !

ApeLieUproar member

@marder3 Just a glitch, I think or maybe something to do with cookies. I've seen that a couple of times and was still able to read the whole issue.

COMIKnights member

Why aren't any of the issues appearing? It's completely blank underneath the series description. Is this happening to anyone else?

ryangm69 member

@COMIKnights yes, mine is blank too and it wasn't like that two weeks ago.  grrr.....

ryangm69 member

@COMIKnights I got it to work by searching for a particular issue number... ie Uncanny X-man #350.  I was taken to the right place and then could use the next/previous buttons to navigate VERY slowly... about a minute between issues.

ayodesign member

@COMIKnights It happened to me few days ago. Until today it still the same. :( So sad.

COMIKnights member

They have returned! Thanks for the tips anyways!

ryangm69 member

Please work with Amazon to make this compatible for Kindle!

SuperJasmin member

@ryangm69 I totally agree! Marvel needs to add marvel unlimited to the Amazon app store.

InsanityWeTrust member

So, if I read this on Google Chrome I can view in full screen, but I can't search. If I view on Explorer I can search, but I can't view in full screen...

OneTrueOverlord member

Issue 200 is not available here nor can be downloaded on the iPad app, very problematic considering the importance of it...

jackpwatson member

No matter how I sort the issues, there is no button taking me to the next batch.  For instance, if I max out the sort at 96 issues, there is no button to navigate to the next batch of 96, so I can only get to the first or last 96 issues.  Also, I wish you could switch a series to a list of titles (like on the ipad) instead of having to download thumbnails of every title in the sort. 

tlc2you member



If you hit the "Show More" button again, it will load the next 96 issues. Repeat until they are all there. I hope this helps.


Great comics on a great app.


I never have issues on my iphone or on my laptop...sorry you all are.

Warlock7 member

issue 200 thinks I am not signed in and stops 6 pages in.  this is seriously broken. Why can't we get some of the features here that the iPad app has?


Issue 165 will not load despite numerous attempts on both PC and Ipad. I havent found a problem with any issues in the surrounding area besides the one indicated.

andresantiago88 member

@Moaky It doesn't work with me neither. I will send an e-mail complaining, but I doubt they will fix it anytime soon.


Is it normal for access to Unlimited to take so long? Is it because of ComicCon? I paid for my Unlimited ($69), but I can't access any of the content, only the samples! It says that I'm not a member.


can someone tell me how i can read theses comics all i get is sample reads