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wordwaster member

oh look.  yet another important x title that marvel refuses to upload in entirety.     i wish i had remembered just how terrible this service was before paying for another month.   next time i have the urge to read some comics, ill remember that marvel doesn't give a damn about providing the issues that its PAID subscribers want.


I truly miss this age of the xmen, the story's were always exciting...the characters awesome....the art good...I don't know why marvel chose the path it did for my beloved mutants....and why it then chose to act like the mutants were coming back....but I wish they would get back to this! I even get that excitement in my belly reading these old issues that I had when I was a kid in the comic shop! 


Wish I hadnt subscribed for a whole year. Too many missing issues in this series and others meaning I cant read any of the crossovers.

millartom member

Keep signing up to this on free trials in the hope they've completed the gaps for this series and Wolverine. Oh well, will just have to cancel and try again in another year or so...

cyclone5uk member

At least fill in the #8-29 gap...

chickenboy101 member

Can you please put up more issues including Joe Kelly's work on the series because there are some really good stories that deserve more attention. 

jsmit476 member

Seriously they should have every comic available to read after 6 months to a year. No reason to not have them up for us that pay. 

Massey45 member

Okay, its time for more uploads!!!

ufaooo member


Ninjacorpse member

Trying to read x-cutioners song, a crossover suggested in the discover link and cannot thanks to missing issues.


Thanks for ignoring your X-Men fanbase, Marvel. I signed up to MU mainly to read this great series of X-Men books. How can you leave them out of the MU collection? Oh yeah, because politics, money, and feud with Fox.


I began collecting comics in the beginning 90's.

Around 1998's i think i quit collecting comics all together.

One of the reasons i quit was, just what Logan 694 said to many crossovers so you had to buy series you don't even like.

Also the quality of artist and the story lines what came in were at least to say quite terrible.

Today there are to much comics to choose out.

Like the X or Mutant tittels, reduce them to 3 maximum 4 and don't do to much crossovers, especially things like X men and Thor crossover, keep it with the X or Mutant numbers then, but you can do guest appearance in comics without buying a totally different comic, i think that's even better.

Also if you begin a X titel or Mutant titel with say John Byrne, don't finish it then with a totally different artist, choose then atleast an artist who can draw almost similar like Byrne, if you wanna continue a good Comic, so not, stop the comic for a while till you can find such a person, better than ruin a good serie.

What's with Wolverine, always keep it mysterious for years, for what?

Don't always think about the money making instead of quality, less is sometimes better.

If i go to a supermarket, i don't want to choose from a 100 different  kind of peanut butter for my bread, it's to much for the people, these days people get to much information, not good for the brains, i think people these days are prossesing at least 10 times more information then in the 80's.

Ask people or kids how they like it to choose from all those comics, if it's not to much to choose from, can it be less?

Marvel was one of the biggest in comics, but then the comic style changed into more realistic drawing like John Byrne, mc Farlane,Jim Lee and others a kind of good evolution.

Hopefully in the movies also no more Galactus clouds, come on guys, even if somebody got the rights, don't disappoint the real Fans, because of them you can make very nice Marvel Movies like Iron man and Guardians of the Galaxy and other great movies.

I can write much more, but this is it for today.

Greetings From The Netherlands Holland Amsterdam.

Logan694 member

WTH am I paying for if I can't read them all? With all the crossovers and story arcs it's impossible to keep a continuity with any X-titles. It really reduces my desire to buy in to the continued development of a boyhood pleasure.The jokes on us suckers as we'll assuredly keep pumping our hard earned $$ into this half-worth product. "With great power comes great responsibility"...."Marvel, you have failed this city". For shame, Marvel, for shame....

Kurdt_Strummer member

I used to own all of these issues...literally, I owned every issue from 1-113.  Unfortunately, I had to sell off my whole comic book collection and i turned to this as a substitute.  I want to reread this series and am quite annoyed, like many others here, by all of the missing issues.  Same with the New Mutants (I owned all the Claremont issues of that 1-54, Also owned assorted issues after, but i didn't much care for Simonson, but that's neither here nor there).  My point being, it would be nice to see these issues uploaded.


@Kurdt_Strummer They do it on purpose too. Same with any older issues, you cant buy them unless you want to pay a fortune.. 

CEChandler member

Please add the missing issues of this series, as it's difficult to follow the spreading story arc between the various X-titles with these significant gaps.  I've already been stopped with New Mutants and X-Factor

yozac member

Wow, there are comments going back almost a year, and this mess still isn't fixed. What, did Marvel accidentally burn all their copies of the missing issues?

russia1091 member

Why would you even put any of this series online if you can't even follow the whole thing! That is so stupid!


nth'ing the comments here. They really need to get their stuff together and put these on. There are still massive gaps from the last time i sub'd to MU, five years ago. Seems like they're more concerned about adding the more recent stuff and working backwards when they feel like it. Which is just utterly ridiculous.

sascape21 member

It's been three years since I waited for this series to be finished on Marvel Unlimited... as others have already said: Marvel Limited. I'm very disappointed!


I have not gotten into big series like these because there are so many issues missing. I am starting to regret signing up to this.

emmuje member

Seriously this is annoying, they need to fix these GAPS soon, I've been waiting!!!! 


Whenever I look in anything, I always run into this kinda issue. Huge gaps in series, incomplete, too...

It's not Unlimited when you can't even call it complete, okay?
Let's call it what it is. 
Marvel Limited.

dcgregorya member

@lespaulphoenix  I agree.  And I'd like to get some kind of comment on whether or not this will ever be fixed for this series.  This series is the most important series to me, personally, and I don't see any comments from Marvel about whether this is on the list of 'fixes' or whether this is all we're going to get.  I didn't mind so much when Gambit vol 3. was completely missing or many of the 'What If' issues - but having such a huge chunk of X-Men unavailable is kinda unacceptable.

dcgregorya member

This needs to get fixed...This is my favorite series and too much is missing.

LordDelCasa member

NEED more content for this series! This is legendary and this is all we get LOL!

Nightcrawler1010 member

Considering how unreadable uncanny is without this series, they really need to put it up on unlimited.

rj155500 member

This looks like a cool series.  The 90s cartoon is what first introduced me to the X-Men.  Please clean up this mess and get this series on M.U.


@rj155500 Seconded! Many, many readers came first to this series. In my case via the British reprints that built on the cartoon's success.


@redgears @mrbdog335 @rj155500  fourthded! I stick to the Astonishing X-Men series now but 90's X-men was the best. My first book ever was X-MEN vol. 2 #52 which first appeared Bastion after Nimrod and Master Mold went through the Siege Perilous but that show was amazing, even though it was a kids show so they changed alot of the truth around like Jean Grey surviving in the show when she really dies in the comics during the Phoenix saga. Not to mention they lied about Proteus' true father, in the comics he raped Proteus mom. I wish they just gave X-Men a real show like they're doing with S.H.I.E.L.D.,  instead of the animated kids stuff