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Strange Tales #126

Strange Tales (1951) #126

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

And thus, we have a new powerful foe for Doctor Strange: Dormmamu! And while the visuals still look amazing, I can't really see much imagination in how he defeats his foes...hopefully, this'll get better now. The woman fearing for his life is a bit...sudden, but not much has been done, so let's give her another chance. Dormmamu looks great, but so far we have seen nothing of his powers, so...yeah, generally very interested in Part 2. The first two-parter for Doctor Strange, and while I'm not completely satisfied, it looks promising!

As for Torch/Thing...it's the Pupper Master and Thinker show again. PM is kinda done with the idea of attacking the FF, but the Thinker convinces him. And this time, his plan is pretty much foolproof, and the Torch would've died, if no miracle happens. Or...let's say, a very, very stretched plot device. And yes: The pure strain of watching his friend fall to death, causes the Thing to spontaniously turn into Ben Grimm, turning the PMs control over him moot.

Of course. And the villains are all: "Meh, it happens. Now turn of the viewscreen, before we see, if he beats logic with a stick again by actually managing to catch the torch, even though he was falling for several seconds already." And of course, he catches him by parking the car a few meters above the ground, so instead of smashing onto the ground...he smashes into the car, only subtracting one or two meters of added velocity. The caption box say something about matching the speed, but that's not what's happening on-panel, so...yeah. The Thinker had a sure way of killing the Torch, if it weren't for the Things secondary ability to bend the world to bend logic to his liking. Oh, and in the end Reed Richards invents a device to reverse the control over a person back to the PM. Because that's logical.