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Tales to Astonish (1959) #70 Cover

Tales to Astonish (1959) #70

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

So, we got the Sub-Mariner as a main character. What can we do with him? Well, we barely have side characters, only Lady Dorma, one of the worst depictions of women in Marvel comics, and stereotypical warlord Krang. Maybe Attuma somewhere down the line. So Stan does something, that at the very least, buys him time: He starts a multipart adventure story, similar to the one with Doctor Strange at the moment. Namor on the search for Neptunes trident, so he can reacclaim his throne. And: It works, it's a great story, and fitting to Namors high speech, he goes toe to toe with legendary underwater beasts in a tale of valor and treachery. Great! If it weren't for Lady Dorma...

Here's an idea, Subby: Take two minutes out of your schedule, turn to her and say: "My dear Lady Dorma, I'm not sure, which of the following disappoints me more. Your intolerable act of treason to your king and the atlantean people, or you thinking, by causing me to loose my crown you could win my heart. It should be obvious, that Namor is meant to rule the sea, and everyone trying to take his royal duties from him earn no more than his disgust and hatred. If you are responsible for denying the king of Atlantis his rightful place, I wouldn't be able to face you, out of fear my anger would cloud my honor. So please, cease this behaviour. I know of the woes of the heart, but listen well: You can't win a mans heart, by denying him his own existence!"

After Stan put a lot of effort into the Namor-part, we get to the Hulk and...oh...god no. A change in the formula? The first run oif the Hulk was doomed by always changing around, how the Hulk works. This time, they gradually got, to a great formula in TtA, but now...suddenly they kinda pulled a Tony Stark: Banner actually died by a bullet to the head and Rick Jones somehow steals him under the nose of several army officialy, carrying him outside into a truck, driving sad truck to a secret laboratory of Banner, turning him into the Hulk with one of his gadgets usually used to turn him back into Banner earlier. He says, he has a faint chance, since people are said to be able to get to life, even after their heart stop breathing. Sure, only if they're braindead you should call it a day, and how can he already be braindead, if Talbot just shot him in...the head...

Anyway, he turns into the Hulk, survives...and retains Banners intelligence. Bull...feathers... Moreover: Since only the Hulk is able to survive, turning back into Banner means, he dies. So yeah: Tony Stark. My idea of Glen just saying, Bruce is dead is rebunked, and the leader ha another Android: After the smashing success of thousands of miniature helpers, he now makes one giant one. And nothing works against it. Somehow. Well, they manage to delay him, but that's it.

A major step backwards for the Hulk, but this issue is saved by the Sub-Mariner, who makes a great comeback to Solo-Comics!