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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #200

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #200

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Print Issue Limited Availability

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Extended credits and info
  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Rating: T+
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: Free
Cover Information

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Griffin2121 member

@HudsonHouse keep sending tickets, they'll fix it eventually, they finally fixed 193 and 168

Phaelin plus member

Same as mikeith, I can view the first few pages then it tells me to subscribe to read the rest. Already a subscriber and signed in.

bellatrixferox plus member

Same thing for me, can't read on my tablet (Droid) or PC.....

tiocoy member

I've already sent two tickets and there is no answer...

SolomonThane member

Open a ticket issue as follows: 

1) Go to: http://marvel.com/help/contact

2) Select: Marvel Unlimited (wait for refresh)

3) Select in second menu: Reader/Issues

4) Fill out your subject and message (keep it polite)

Everyone do it and they should fix the load error.

It redirects on the web reader and it fails to load (no network connection & 404) on the App.

Good luck. :/

Agonni member

@SolomonThane I do this on every broken comic and also for every missing comic I would like to read. I had a compulsive reaction to comment on this particular one because it was like the 7th or 8th one I had problems with in the uncanny xmen run alone. And, that after waiting how many months staring at #154 with no digital copy? From there onwards just to get excited and hitting roadblocks trying to continue reading the series. I do encourage everyone to submit a ticket also, like you said.

SolomonThane member

Yes please fix this issue. It is a nuisance when you are on a roll going through the classics and you run into an impediment like this. Especially since stories are on-going and not really episodic.

Addikti member

Are we supposed to purchase this "special" issue separately? 

Agonni member

This is getting old... Not working for me either. Same as mikeith. Issue 196 doesn't load at all by the way. I'm already pissed I had to skip that one. I'm about to cancel my sub. Not getting what I payed for.

SolomonThane member

@Agonni Issues that load partly will load fully if you delete them both from your 12-issue local download AND from your Library. Once any remains are gone it will load just fine; don't add them back to those lists. This issue however is borked. Had one other issue in the past with the same "issue" (heh) which they fixed eventually.

Ev-Dawg member

You would think that a company that makes millions of dollars would be able to better manage their website, let alone one of their most popular comics. 


Still not working, it would be very kind of you if this issue could be fixed

sawdust4snoopy member

Still not working on ipad, please sort it out.

Bpepe65 member

Still not working, any word on what the problem is/when it will be resolved

YsharraNagorn member

Having the same problem as the folks below- I have been trying to read this issue since it was released on Unlimited, and it has never worked.

Ruler Bulon
Ruler Bulon

Clicking "Read Now" redirects to the issue page - book is not readable. #muBug

Zappo1980 member

Not working on PC. It's redirecting to the issue information page.

aegwynn member

Doesn't work!

Arekuxis member

Can't read in Android nor iPhone.


When trying to view it on PC it gives me the first five or so pages then tells me I need to subscribe for the rest. Yes, I do have a subscription and yes I am logged in at the time. Can read the others perfectly fine.

PMNiemeyer member

Can't view it from the iPad app either. :-/

BoostCreep plus member

Why would they use metal shackles on Magneto?

SSwainer member

Not available on MDCU Android app.


The cover artist for this issue was Johnny Romita JR. Not Sr.