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Daredevil (1964) #4

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The Story
Killgrave, the unbelievable Purple Man with the power of people's minds is on a crime spree in New York City. Can the Man Without Fear stop him?
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

Ugh..."I guess I'm just a silly female." Stan, I know it's the sixties, but do you have cram stuff like that in everywhere?

Well, plottime: A...purple man appears, who can just tell people, what they have to do, and they do it. What sounds silly is actually an amazingly simplistic, yet effective idea. So, how does Dareevil resist? He...doesn't, it just doesn't work on him somehow. Because of his willpower? Wow, thanks for saying, no one else among the cast, the random crowds, the WRESTLERS and the police force has enough willpower to just say no.

Also: #4, and Daredevil already takes back a change in his costume: in #2 or #3 he introduced a hood to conceal his clothes. Now it's nearly ripped from the costume, and he realizes: Oh shoot, if it IS ripped from it, my enemies have a set of my street clothing and can figure out, who I am, while I lack clothes to switch back into!

The method to defeat Killgrave is also goofy. Let's think about it: He can tell people, what to do, and they do it. The effects wear off, if he's further away from them. What should he do? Well, logically, he should tape shut his mouth and take him for a little joyride around the town, until the effects on everybody wear off, right? No: Daredevil somehow concealed a chemically treated plastic blanket in his club, whihc he then let spring open and wrap around the Purple Man on its own. Boom, all his powers don't work. Because he read the comic in advance and knew, if his purple skin is concealed, he can't tell people, what to do.

A great concept, but Stan fumbled the ball all the way through. This could've used a few more rewrites. Still a fine story, though