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Fantastic Four Annual (1963) #3

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BigDBass member

Classic fun romp.  Features pretty much everyone in the entire Marvel Universe of the time!

JackStamper member

"Matt Murdock, you're our lawyer, tell everyone the ceremony is delayed" - "Why do you need a lawyer for that?" - "Just do it!" - "Okay, okay...Foggy, you say it, I'm under the weather."

"We're Hydra, and we're driving this big bomb right into the church, levelling half the city." - "Wait wait wait. Can't we detonate it now, seeing how the blast should take out the church anyway?" - "Nah, better play it safe. What's the worst that can happen?" - "Hi there, Daredevil here, I'll take this truck." - "Erm...we didn't want it anyway. We accidentally shot the bomb, so it will explode very shortly. ...aaaaany minute now." - "Well, better drive it away, then." - "...aaaaaany minute."

"Yeah, Attuma is in the house! I'm ready to join this battle royal with my big army of-" *Daredevil drives a big Hydra-bomb into the ocean, right atop of Attuma*

"Behold, I am the watcher!" - "I thought nyou weren't allowed to intervene?" - "Well, I am not. But if you so HAPPEN to step into this portal, and HAPPEN to pick up a little something on the other side..." - "You're cheating, you know that, right?" - "Let's refer to it as my wedding gift"

This battle is so grand, on page 21 we can even see Batman joining the...wait what? Oh, it's...probably the Melter, sorry. Batman is still sitting in the church, having overheard the call for battle.

"The Submariner would have been here, but as you know, he is on a little quest right now, so even if his character would have been quite important to this story, he's not here. Instead we have characters like Doctor Strange, who...also are...on a long quest...oops."

We also have Enchantress and Executioner together, even though she dumped him just recently in the Avengers, and the X-Men openly asking Professor X for advice (with him kinda catching it by saying, the ice-dude may be able to freeze the hole in the ground, not calling anyone by name).

"Phew, thank god everyone this machine transported back into the past will forget what happened. So they won't know, they already attacked, and will attack once more, leaving us in the past with double the amount of baddies to compete against. ...wait, WHAT? Oh my god, it even let's the one, who changed their mind to forget about it - somehow - so he doesn't know this plan failed, and will try again as soon as possible!"

In all fairness, this story is awesome, a big battle royal with pretty much every big and small name in Marvel. Spiderman only has a one-panel-appearance, and they kinda explain, why Hulk and Submariner are missing. Oh, and they do their best to ignore Hank Pym and Janet, but that should be obvious. They even have the leads of the romance mags appear or at least namedropped!

A classic, every marvel fan has to read this!