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Fantastic Four (1961) #32 Cover

Fantastic Four (1961) #32

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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gwines member

#32 - 11/1964; ***; read 5/18/2015; "Death of a Hero!"; Sue and Johnny Storm's dad is booby-trapped by the Skrulls, and dies; continuation from last issue

JackStamper member

A great story...though kinda tainted by some stuff Stan just waved through to get stuff done. First of all: Yeah, those who read #18 would know pretty quickly, who the enemy really is, and it's kinda shocking the FF never got a clue...with the exception of Reed Richards, who this time earned his title of a genius, by not only immediately come to this conclusion, but keeping the brains to confirm it during the first encounter. His outburst, the others have to learn to follow him blindly is...outdated, to say the least (this was a time where authority figures could ask for just that). His decision not to tell the others was clumsy and insensitive (would't telling the Storms prevented them a lot of doubts and grieves?).

And his solution at the end, was...well...I completely see, that he can develop means to communicate with the Skrulls homeworld. But if the Skrulls can beam people from their planet and back...why not beam an army to earth? Why did they need spaceships before? Heck, why not beam the population of earth into their prisons or death traps little by little? And why giving back Dr. Storm anyway? They know the FF are do-gooders, and it would've been very out of character of them to bombard the Skrulls with atomic rays...especially, when Dr. Storm is still with them! Instead the Skrulls put a booby-trap on him, that doesn't kill the wearer, only the people he's facing? And...did they explain this to Dr. Storm, or was Reeds statement: "He would've lived, if he didn't shield us" just dramatic irony? Or did Reed say that, to turn his sacrifice even more into a heroic act?

With all that out of the way: Still a great story, with a heroic sacrifice from Dr. Storm, who kinda was the pinball in this battle, until he decides to end the game himself. I kinda wished they did more with him, though...